Free Chartboost Frames – Pump up Your Click Through Rates!

It’s been a while since I’ve given away free stuff. We can’t have that, can we?
The other day I released this new source code that kills it with these gold coin Chartboost frames that I’ve been using on my casino games. With some of the support emails, a handful of people emailed me asking if they could buy these frames from me. I’m not kidding – check out the screenshot:
After a few of these, I realized I should hook up everyone. I had these Chartboost frames designed a while back and they’ve directly led to increases in my click through rates, specifically in my casino games.
If I can help you make more money, why not?
So, here is a dropbox link to the frames:
Just click the link and download to your computer. BOOM!
This will work for iOS, Google, and Amazon. Just upload to your Chartboost account and it’s biz as usual.
I even did a quick walkthrough to show you exactly how to upload these:

So – I hope this gives you guys an edge in your pursuit of greatness!
These frames CRUSH it when used in casino games (as you can imagine). I use them in virtually all of my apps.  Combine that with a brand new, never released casino source code and you have a deadly combination. Check out the code I built using these frames to understand what I mean by clicking here
Good luck and keep rocking!


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