Build Winning Apps: Being First & Being The Best

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain

In business, you either want to be first or the best.
Of course, it’s never black or white – you can be ONE of the first or NEARLY the best and still have a lot of success. But you need to be one of the two – that’s how money is made.
Trying to be the first is riskier, trying to be the best is harder. That’s why 90% of entrepreneurs fail (and 10% make a lot of money) and why investment bankers work 100 hours a week…but have a virtually guaranteed path to riches.
When you’re building your apps and your business, you need to be able to clearly identify which you’re trying to be – the first to do something or the best at something.
This can apply to any app – source codes, custom built apps, or software produced apps – but you still need to think of how you’re the FIRST or the BEST.
Example for casino games:
– Being the FIRST to have a certain type of bonus game
– Being the FIRST to do 30 line payout slots
– Being the FIRST to include Solitaire and Roulette in a new, cool way
– Being the BEST at updating with fresh new levels every 2 weeks
– Having the BEST support and helping people play the app
– Having the BEST payouts and odds structure
The list is endless.
When you look at apps, you’re going to start to realize how true these business truths are, especially as the store gets a stronger algorithm. More importantly, when you look at YOUR apps, you’ll start to realize why certain apps kick ass and others don’t.
When you remove all the “tricks” and “hacks” that might have worked in some cases, it always comes back to business fundamentals. It’s worked for 100 years and will continue to work for another 100.
That’s why people can still build websites and make money. They do something that’s never been done or they make something that kicks everyone else’s ass.
Use this strategy to hone your focus. Do not spend time on anything in your business except what will make you the first or the best at something.
See ya!


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