BC5 – Why I Quit My Job at a Startup

Carter on business mindsetI had two great questions come in from Bluecloud Community members and I answer them in this podcast. These are very common questions, so I wanted to be sure to dedicate an entire episode to them.
The first question has to do with how I quit my job. Before I get started, I want to remind you that you are totally in control of your own life and what you do is completely up to you. If you need to take certain precautions because of your responsibilities, then that is your call.
That being said, I personally believe that sometimes you need to make the leap before your safety net appears. Most people think that they cannot quit their job because they need to have a certain amount of money saved or they need to have their next job lined up already.
While that is certainly one way to do it, that can also be an excuse not to leave your job. Before you know it, five years may pass and you will wonder where the time went.
So I share what I did when I wasn’t into my job and I hope that it inspires you to take the action that you need to take right now.
The second question has to do with mindset and how successful people think is different from how average people think. You can always pick out a beginner from a successful person by what they talk about.
I share my favorite book on mindset and how it can help set you up for success. There was one question in this book that helped me more than anything else and I highly recommend that you answer it right after listening to this episode.
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In This Episode

  • Why I quit my day job
  • How much money I had saved up before I quit
  • Why mindset trumps strategy
  • What I told people was going to do after I quit
  • Why you may have to jump before the path appears
  • And more!

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