BC6 – How My Swimming Coach Influenced My Success

My swim coach
There are some people that deeply impact us for life. Sometimes these people come along early in life or sometimes they come along later.
But their influence on the rest of our lives is clear. I love hearing about these real life inspirational stories, so I thought that I would share my story.
I was fortunate enough to come across just such a person in high school. He was my swimming coach and he gave me confidence in myself that has lasted all the way up until today.
Just before I joined the swim team, I just got cut from the basketball team, so I didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself. As a result, my swimming wasn’t off to a great start either.
But my coach pulled me aside and told me something that was a game changer. After his talk, I went on to the state championships and became a great swimmer.
To find out exactly what he told me, give this episode  listen. More importantly, this story gives you the blueprint for finding people who inspire you and drive you to be the best version of yourself.
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In This Episode

  • Why a community is vital to your success
  • How I went from worst on the team to one of the best
  • Why success in any area of your life can translate to other areas
  • How I overcame my fears
  • And more!

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