BC7 – When to Quit and What to do When You Hit the Wall

Quit appsHey there, I hope you are enjoying the podcast so far. The last couple of episodes were focused solely on mindset, so I want to bring it back to apps.
Today I talk about what happened after I hit the wall and more importantly, what I did to get past it.
I actually decided to quit at one point.
Then one phone call changed the game for me. A buddy of mine gave it to me straight and talked me into not quitting.
So I decided to give it one more month…and that is when things really started to fall into place. History is full of stories of people who quit just before they would have succeeded.
That would have been me, if I gave up. I learned from this experience and I believe that there is basically only one reason that you should quit.
You should quit if it is a bad opportunity. I get into how to determine if it is bad opportunity or not, in the podcast. But if other people are not successful at what you are trying to do, then that is most likely a big warning that you probably barking up the wrong tree.
There are situations that you should quit and I get into that also.
If you are wondering when to quit, I hope that this episode helps you.
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In This Episode

  • How well my first apps did
  • The point where I actually decided to quit apps
  • One phone call that got me back into apps
  • Exactly how you should decide to quit or not
  • The difference between successful app entrepreneurs and people who quit
  • And more!

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