How To Make An App That Gets 30 Million Downloads In 2.5 Months

Stories like this come around once every few years.
Meet David Reichelt.
David is the mobile game developer behind Color Switch, one of the most popular games in the history of the app store and has ranked #1 for over 40 days total and has been downloaded over 30 Million times in 2.5 months.
David was fascinated by computers as a child, had his first Nintendo at 7, loved the TRON movie, was a high school dropout and after the Army went back to school to achieve a Bachelors Degree in performance. He’s an accomplished magician and Member of The Magic Castle in Hollywood. Prior to Color Switch he confesses he invented over 40 very bad games and has become a student of graphic design, game experience and the app business.

“I went from almost having my car repo-ed and having that on my credit for 7 years to next month paying it off in one payment…it’s amazing how you can go from such desperate times to the complete opposite if you just stick to the game plan for your dream.”

I was luck enough to chat with David and hear about his rise to success. This “overnight success” actually started a little less than 3 years ago with David seeing a buddy modifying a Bluecloud app template on his computer and working relentlessly to reach the top.

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In this 60 minute episode, you’ll hear:

  • How David went from Theater major to Game developer
  • How passive income changed David’s mindset
  • The 3 Phases of progress David went through before Color Switch
  • How an accidental software purchase changed his entire life
  • How to include “Flow State” into apps to drive incredible engagement
  • Partnering and getting published strategies
  • The  importance of Game Design Principles
  • The simple rule David would tell all entrepreneurs out there who want to reach the top
  • What David is doing next

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