How Filling A Need Found Jonathan Georger Great Success

Say hello to Jonathan Georger.  Jon is an internet marketer and really good friend I met in Aspen, Colorado.
Hear his story on taking a different path to reach success and being able to balance his love of the outdoors with his entrepreneurial business.
Jon started out as an internet marketer and is now Co-Founder at Black Dog Digital, a multi-channel solution to connect lifestyle brands with customers.
Through Jon’s journey, he has worked across multiple mediums of marketing.  From Climbing Magazine and web SEO, to Snocru, an award winning ski and snowboarding tracking app that has acquired 100k+ users.

“These outdoor brands that might be looked at as being small and not having huge budgets, are also the ones creating the content and the experience that people are spending the most time with.”

Jon is testament to the riches in the niches strategy of taking a winning model and applying it to a niche brand and community to create a sustainable business.  Whether it’s hiking, running, mountain biking…Jon has created a business to boost brands and help them connect with their customers.
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In this 60 minute session, you’ll hear:

  • All about the Aspen lifestyle
  • How Jon was able to make the jump and quit is day job to follow his dream
  • What it takes to build and establish a business Partnerships with close friends
  • Internet marketing, monetization and growth
  • How data can influence consumption and performance in the startup world
  • Strategies to better serve your customers (B2C)
  • The collision of the internet and mobile
  • Engaging customers and branding through email, blogging, product and apparel
  • What Jon is doing next

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