Simon Crack And The Art Of The Publishing Deal

What do you do when things get bad?  When you lose a job and get pushed into something where you have todo something different and new?  Meet Simon Crack.  Simon took a chance on something new to stay ahead of the curve and you won’t believe what happened.
Along with being a longtime Bluecloud member, Simon has been featured 8 times, generated more than 10 million downloads with 200+ apps in the store.
If you want to learn more about Simon and ask him a question (in person), click here to register for his keynote presentation on publishing deals and being featured 8 times.
Hear all about Simon’s story and how he’s able to hit the top charts repeatedly with game maker tools and publishing partnerships.
Simon leveraged his skills as a graphic designer with game builder softwares like Buildbox to make low cost games and turn a profit within days.

“If you put out good stuff, good stuff comes back to you”

One app development theme that has not changed over time is quality.  Simon and his small team know what it’s like to create hundreds of versions of a game before releasing a masterpiece.  You will not see junk in DeadCool’s app portfolio, or “rubbish” as Simon refers to it.


Click here to register for Simon’s live Keynote. You’re not going to want to miss his live presentation on publishing deals and being featured 8 times

Even with all his success, Simon has a big hand in the app creation process.  He’s not on the sidelines while his team does the grunt of the work.  He has a true love for games.  You will find him in the trenches utilizing his skills and experience to create and tweak apps to perfection.
When it comes to driving massive traffic to his apps, Simon has teamed up with heavy hitting publishers like Ketchapp who have millions of followers they send to his apps.
Click the link below to hear how he approaches and negotiates with publishers.

In this 60 minute session, you’ll hear:

  • Losing employment and making money on your own
  • The impact of online marketers and digital courses
  • How Jon was able to make the jump and quit is day job to follow his dream
  • App strategies that have lead to repeated success
  • Purchasing assets
  • Using game builder softwares
  • The importance of quality in the app store
  • Publishing deals; how to approach and negotiate them
  • The ecosystem of the Google Play store
  • Paid traffic and Facebook ads
  • Trying new things until you find the sweet spot
  • Building and maintaining a team
  • Simon’s next goal is to hit the #1 spot on the game charts and create a publishing company

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