Creating a Multimillion Dollar Mobile Platform With Matt Clark

How do you run a big BIG multi-million dollar business through an app?
Matt Clark is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs out there and is dedicated to marrying the web and mobile worlds. He started his first multi-million dollar business at the age of 22. Over the next 4 years, he launched and grew 3 more multi-million dollar businesses focusing on bottom line profitability.
Matt owns, one of the leaders of the online education space. They teach people how to do anything from sell products on Amazon, build sales funnels, how to invest, or even how to make an app. also just released their app (will provide link shortly) and Matt shares why this app was essential for driving growth and profitability to his business and how he created it.
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Together, Matt and I talk about his unique business platform, his new mobile application, and how he monetizes his business through the app.
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Selling Online Products to Meet Demands

Matt started his empire by selling health supplements online that were previously only available at a doctor’s office. He found the demand, creatively matched it with the supply, and made a ton of money.

“There’s always somebody who wants to invent something just because they think it will be cool and fun, but those are the people years down the road who are still struggling trying to make sales VS finding a demand that already exists.”

Amazon opened the doors to a lot of opportunity for Matt and he quickly moved his eCommerce stores and products to Amazon.

Creating an Education Platform Online

While continuing to successfully market and sell products online, Matt also noticed a huge demand in education. He wanted to create a course structure that presents information AND forces students to take action on the material taught in the lessons.
Traditionally, a student signs up for an online course, watches the modules, and goes on with their life never taking any additional steps.
This course format produces little results.
Matt stepped in and created to not just host video-based training courses, but also push students to take action and get results.

“It’s almost like you have a coach sitting there telling you what to do – Now go do it and come back to me after.”

His platform and course structure have helped students build million dollar businesses with no prior experience.  Now hosts hundreds of courses and thousands of students.

Moving an Online Platform into a Mobile Experience

Matt realized it was time for to create a mobile experience, and having an app would reach a wider audience.  In September of 2016, the app was released.
Below are the main reasons went mobile:

1. Attract a larger audience

Mobile phone usage is greater in a certain places in the world than using a desktop or laptop. Hosting courses on a different platform attracts new customers.

2. The ability to watch courses offline

Being able to watch training videos offline and without a computer gives students more freedom and access to content.

Now students can download multiple courses and watch them on the subway or on an international flight. This motivates customers to stick with the brand and keep purchasing training courses.

3. A more fluid experience integrated mobile phone features like swiping to create a smoother experience.

To achieve this, it was essential that the app pull from the same central database as the web based platform.

The App UX

The app has 2 groups of users: Members and Non-Members.
Members can download the app, log in, access courses they’ve recently viewed on a different platform and pickup where they left off.
Non-Members can download the app, explore high ranking courses or find courses by a specific category. You can see ratings, reviews and how many people have taken a course.
Monetizing the app was a challenge. The app uses the subscription model – users get a free 30 day trial, and are charged monthly thereafter.
A lot of big brand companies like Spotify force users to leave the app in order to sign up for their services. In order to sign up to an app like Spotify, the user must:

  • Exit the app
  • Visit a website to create an account
  • Checkout
  • And then sign in through the app

The reason being, Apple takes a percentage of all revenue generated within an app. Revenue generated outside an app goes 100% to the developer.
Matt decided to focus on the User Experience and the ease of purchase instead of forcing his users to leave the app.

The 7 Steps to Market an App

The goal with any product is to launch with every traffic source you can get your hands on.  Here are the 7 marketing hooks used to promote their app:

1: Marketing on the website

2: Emailing the list which has hundreds of thousands of warm leads.  They mailed before the app is even released to build excitement

3: Promote exclusive content only available on the app

4: Incentivize people to share the app

5: Bringing affiliates onboard to promote the app for a commission

6: Buying app installs through Facebook Ads

7: Running contests for both potential users and affiliates

To learn Matt’s full marketing strategy, sign up to and download his app on the App Store.
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Click the link above to listen to the Bluecloud Podcast and learn more about Matt’s story and

In this 60 minute session, you’ll hear:

  • Creating products to match the demand
  • Using apps as a lead acquisition platform
  • Creating actionable courses
  • Purchasing the domain name
  • Selling online products to create a demand
  • Creating an education platform online
  • The 7 steps to market an app
  • The UX
  • Moving an online platform to a mobile app

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