Repurposing Advice and Earning $50k A Month – With Anthony Hammond

If you want extraordinary results, you need extraordinary desire.
Anthony Hammond is not a developer, he’s not a programmer…he is an investor with an entrepreneurial spirit.  He’s gone from investing in cashflow properties, to investing in digital assets he can sell to small businesses.
Apps immediately sparked Anthony’s interest.  He liked the feeling of launching an app and waking up in the morning with money in his pocket.  In 6-7 months, he has been able to double his income and is on track to make over $40k a month.
Anthony focuses primarily on casino apps with his personal portfolio receiving around 80,000 downloads a month.  In addition, he produces apps with revenue generating systems investors can purchase.  Some of his projects have gone on to sell for over $20k.
His app business has allowed him to quit his day-job and travel the world.

“It was about not having a job.  I’ve been a professional for 20 years in a job that takes a lot out of you.  You work long days and long hours.
When you work in a particular industry where you get paid per hour, you don’t get paid on how much effort you put in.  After awhile it starts to get to you and you know that you’ve got so much to give and so much passion for things.” – Anthony

Now Anthony eats, breathes, and dreams apps all day.
In my interview with Anthony, we talk about, how to capture an investor, create systems for your business, and leave your day job.
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The Energy Of Getting Back What You Put In

For most developers, apps are not an hourly gig.  We get paid by our efforts, and the better we play the game, the higher the likelihood of more generated revenue.

“This stuff grows and grows, it’s like compound interest.”

There’s a clear difference between someone who is selling something they BELIEVE in, versus someone selling something just to make money.  When you sell something that you know is a winner, you have more confidence and can create a more valuable transaction.
The same goes for the investor.  In order for a successful transaction to take place, the investor needs to be passionate about the product and show interest to succeed.

How to Create an Appetizing Product for Investors

Code banks are places you can visit to purchase a source code, in some cases you can purchase the full rights to an app.  Just like a piece of property, you estimate the value, and make the purchase hoping it will pay off.

For example…you have an Instagram account with 100,000 followers.  The account posts pictures of casinos and poker players.  All you need is an app to share with your following to bring in some serious $$$ and potentially attract an investor.
After estimating the value of such an app and how much you can spend, you visit a code bank like and purchase the full rights to a poker app for $2k that is already developed and published in the store.
You hope the investment pays off and that you can attract a serious buyer to purchase your app or even whole portfolio.

In most cases, a developer will put their app or portfolio up for sale when things start to take a turn for the worse.  Downloads begin to plummet, revenue goes down, and the project as a whole is in a state of decline.  These are the projects you see go on the market for $20k and eventually sell for around $2k.  Sometimes even less.
Anthony takes a different approach and creates “Start-Up apps” – projects that are new, successful, and can take off once a client gets a hold of them.  This business model puts the buyer in a great position and leads to repeat customers.

The 4 guidelines to create appetizing investment opportunities:

1: target like minded investors
2: develop a relationship
3: create valuable products you believe in
4: put the client in a position to succeed

You’re selling a relationship that an investor can monetize long-term.  By targeting like minded investors, developing relationships, and putting them in a position to succeed, you will build a successful business with repeat customers.

Building A Business For Investors – The 4 Promises

While most developers put an app up for sell, Anthony will develop assets that come with training programs.  He builds proven repeatable systems, and THEN goes out to find investors to sell not only the assets, but also the business framework.
He has built a guarantee for investors. What they purchase will CONTINUE to make money two, three…months down the road.

Anthony’s “guarantee” comes with 4 promises to investors:

1. Details on how the app was made
2. Instructions of how to duplicate it
3. Steps to maintain the app’s success
4. Personal support

A few of the specifics his deals include:

  • Setting up an investor’s developer account
  • ASO strategies
  • A walkthrough of his optimized code
  • Marketing platforms and techniques

Click the link below to listen to the Bluecloud Podcast and get Anthony’s full story.
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In this 60 minute session, you’ll hear:

  • How to get back what you put in
  • Leaving your job
  • Capturing investors
  • Creating an appetizing product

Resources mentioned:

  • Flippa – marketplace to buy and sell websites and apps
  • Skype – video, audio, and messaging software
  • – Anthony’s premium App Development Company specializing in positive cashflow


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