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Check out today’s app audit! In this video I discuss:
– Being clear about your customer
– Cleaning up the description
– Screenshot improvements
– Pricing improvements
– Content improvements
– Much more!

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All right, what’s going on, everybody? Carter here and we’re doing another app audit in the Bluecloud Select group. I should say the Members’ group. This is sweet. We’ve got a lot of awesome suggestions and it’s gonna take me a long time to get through all these, but I thought I’d just pick a few. Mia, I saw this and I saw your message and I thought it’d be really cool to take a look at this one.
I have not looked at the app yet. Like I said, I don’t do…I’m not, I’m gonna try to do these app audits completely as native or I should say a new user so that I don’t bring in too much bias to begin with, right? Okay. So click on the link, so let’s do this. All right, Frame-it PIP Photo in Photo frame Scrapbook Maker. Funky iPhone Apps. Side note: there’s gonna be a little noise, a couple of conference calls going on.
But bear with me, I think my microphone’s gonna be good. So I’m going down here. Updated recently, that’s awesome. Compatibility, great. Customer ratings, we’ve got 4 star ratings, 63 ratings, some In-App purchases. Cool. All right, see this, some other collage apps in there. Great.
Okay, so the first thing I would wonder is what does this mean? I mean, I guess Frame-it makes sense. I have no idea what PIP is and maybe that’s some sort of niche thing that I just don’t know about, but that to me makes no sense. It’s like…unless I’m missing something completely. Maybe it’s a keyword or whatever. So the first thing I would think about doing is making this a little more clear, like Photo in Photo frame Maker, right?
I guess the Frame-it might be their brand name, but I like this idea of, like, the Photo in Photo framing because I believe, “It’s been out there a few…I changed the title…It’s different from other apps because it uses real photos as frames,” right? So that’s your unique selling proposition. I get it. So I would think about doing that. I know you’ve named it a few different titles, but I would start with that.
“Transform your selfies and portraits into amazing photos with Frame-it’s unique real life frames.” Okay, that’s good, right? But, “Transforming selfies into amazing photos using real life frames,” I think I would try to make this a little bit more specific. So what about real life frames makes photos amazing? Why would I use a real life frame and not a killer frame from another framing app? Maybe something like, “Real life frames transform selfies and portraits into amazing photos by blending the best saturation levels, blah, blah,”
I don’t know, like, whatever. Just show…make it a little bit more convincing, right? A little more specific so that I believe it and it’s not just some general conceptual thing. “Choose your favorite frame-photo background.” So again this is all about how to use the app, which is fine. I would talk about why this is so different, why you’re an idiot for using regular frames. Like, if you ever use a regular frame again, you’re completely crazy.
You gotta show me exactly why that’s possible. And then everything else in the description I think just comes down to…I would probably really try to push how big your community is. I think having a killer Instagram account would be really powerful. Say not only are you gonna show it, “If you wanna see examples, go check out our Instagram.
If you wanna be a part of our community, go check our Instagram, blah, blah, blah,” as opposed to trying to explain it because think about the psychology, right? If you’re gonna use a photography app, typically you’re not the kind of person who reads a lot. If you like photos and visual, you don’t like to see this. This gives people who like photos a panic attack. So you might think about consolidating that a long way, right?
Okay, so first thing I see: one, this is very, very difficult to read. “Fun real life frames for creative pictures.” You need to get a designer to overhaul these screenshots. The way that this, first of all, Comic Sans, that font should be taken to the back of the barn and buried for years. It should’ve been done years ago. I don’t know why people, why it’s still used. But change this font.
Use something like Open Sans or Source Sans Pro. Those are new fonts. If you need any good ideas, go to Google Fonts and just look for the most popular fonts. That is always the best way to look most up to date. It’s like the easiest hack you can do. And then I would take this, this screenshot, I would definitely put this on an iPhone and I would focus on one picture and I would focus on the picture of the demographic that you want the most, right?
Because someone who’s interested in Big Ben or…is that what it’s called, Big Ben…and someone who’s interested in hotels might not be apparent, right? Like, they might not wanna have kids. Like, if they’re hiking, maybe they don’t have kids or if they’re a family, maybe they do have kids. I don’t know. They’re a single guy, maybe they don’t.
But I would really get clear about who are you trying to talk to here and that really begs the bigger question of the market itself. Who is the person that you are making frames for? Because I think once you really define that customer avatar, all of this starts to make a lot more sense, okay?
So the first thing you’ve gotta do is change that font, make this design a lot more clear and really cater to one specific person, okay? You might have a big audience. You might have the whole world interested in your app, interested in a photo frame, but you have to pick somebody. The reason why you’re updating this and the downloads are going down is because it’s like that quote, “He who is friends with everyone is friends with no one,” right?
You gotta just pick somebody that is gonna love this and so maybe that means you gotta double down on…I mean, I always keep coming back to this one because this is kind of where your eye goes in the image. But just pick a demographic and cater to them, right? “Real life frames work best for baby pictures because blank,” whatever it may be. So from a design standpoint, I think that’s the big thing. I think from the actual copy itself, I think you need to really drill in this idea of why real life frames are better.
What about them is so different that you have to have them and what is an example that you can show where someone realizes, “Wow, that frame is so much better than anything I’ve ever used before.” So then you get to this one. This looks like it was a different designer and it may well have been. But it looks like it just got bolted on which, you know, whatever, but you need to get a consistent design so that all five of these all look the same. I think that you could really benefit from a preview video. I know some people are on the fence about preview videos. I personally think preview videos are amazing because it disqualifies all the people that are gonna download your app and then uninstall it immediately.
I think that if you can get someone who watches a preview video, you’re gonna get a much, much better user and they’re gonna know what they’re getting themselves into. So that’s something to think about.
“Ultra flexible frames, add as many photos as you want, pan and rotate size.” Again, I think it really just comes down to a brand, right? Like, who exactly are you speaking to? I get the sense that you’re kind of speaking to women, right? Maybe moms, maybe young moms who take a lot of pictures who want the scrapbook.
And if that’s the case, all this…they care less about the functions that they’re gonna get and they care a lot more about why, like how amazing it’s gonna make their Instagram picture look, right? Like, “You’re gonna get so many likes because this is such a unique and beautiful picture,” you know? Something like, “Make a picture look like it took you two hours to do in Photoshop. Make it in five seconds,” or whatever it may be, right? Like, “Save all this time.” That’s what I think about that.
Now let’s get into the app itself. All right, Frame-it PIP photo. Okay, all right, I’m gonna take that off, open this up, App Store, search Frame-it. Okay, cool. So we’ve got a couple different options. I’m just gonna scroll back real quick because I think this is also a really good exercise, is to think about the psychology of the user, right?
We always come back to the user. How do we really dial it in for the user? “Frames for photos, frames for pictures, frames, frametastic, frame magic, frame cast.” So what’s interesting here is that you’ve got some pretty broad keywords, these “frame for photos,” this “frames for pictures, frames,” like, these are all very broad keywords to people that are browsing. But then you also get people that are looking very specifically for, all right, “frame magic, frame your life, framecast, framed, frametastic.” What I would be interested in is, like, “frametastic app.”
How are these people getting so much brand recognition when their app is, you know, this? Right? Like, it’s only getting three star ratings, I guess all versions. It looks like the latest iteration just doesn’t work with iOS 10. But it looks like the previous version was absolutely killing it. Okay, so let’s go just look at what the website looks like for Frametastic.
Now maybe if these guys were just one of the first to get into the store…I don’t know why the website’s not loading…and that’s why they’ve got so much brand recognition and all that good stuff. But that’s really interesting to me, right, is that in this, when I type in frame, that’s the first one.
All right, let’s just see what FrameMagic looks like. FrameMagic app. So let’s see what this one looks like. Okay, mobile app, same thing. It looks like they’ve been around, they’ve got all this sort of thing. Let’s see what their website looks like or their support.
So it looks like they’re not really doing a whole lot on the support side. It looks like they’ve been around for a while. All right, but that’s interesting, right? I’m always just so interested to see who are you competing with, right? Like, look at…these images are clearly catering to children, young people, nature. I think that these are just a really great place to start in terms of understanding who exactly you’re going after, right? So I’m gonna “frame-it,” and there you are. Okay, wow. Okay, so look. So someone else is bidding on your keyword.
Look at that. They’re bidding with a $5.99 app. Now they’re obviously bidding on a broad match, which I’ll talk about on the webinar on Friday, what that all means. But Unfade…so let’s just for giggles, I’m just gonna click on Unfade, see what they’re doing, right? So it’s a scanner. Well, that’s just bad targeting on their side, but anyway. So here’s your app right here. I’m gonna click “Get,” I’m gonna install it.
We’re gonna rock and roll here. Touch ID. And it’s gonna download. Frametastic never showed up, huh? That’s interesting. Get rid of that. Okay, so while that’s loading, so I think that this is really interesting, right?
I think one thing we can do is I’m gonna view this in iTunes. What I wanna see is these reviews, okay? So all versions. I’m gonna type in most recent. “Why do I need to pay every single time? It’s insane, horrible.” “I adore the frames, especially single pic frames on the bottom. It’s so quick…frames in the top rows…” “Awesome.” “Of all the apps I purchased this is by far…” Wow. Tough crowd. So it sounds like the ones that are giving you, like, “Neat app, easy to use…just wish initially free…”
So it sounds like the complaints that you’re getting is that you’re trying to make money too quickly. Like, you’re not giving people enough opportunity to use the app and I haven’t even downloaded the app yet, right? And this is just what people are saying. “After each save, comes with a new ad.” All right, well, let’s see for ourselves, right? Let’s see if we agree with these people. So I’m gonna open that. All right, so Frame-it. I opened this up and I’m dropped on this screen.
What do I do? What is the first thing I do? Well, the first thing I’m gonna do is click info. Okay, tap on the info…Oh, “Tap on the photo-frame area to add or change a photo. Touch the photo with two fingers to rotate it. Touch the photo with one finger to move it. Delete the photo,” okay so with this…I think that this is great. This should be a video though, okay?
This should be…when you click on that “i” button, a video, like a YouTube video, should pop up and start playing automatically that shows somebody using this app, like a screencast, just like what I’m doing right now with my iPhone. And you should show them exactly what you’re doing with this. It should not be this black and white list that nobody’s gonna read or remember, I can guarantee that. Like, I mean…Right. Let’s go.
So even now…okay, now what do I do, right? So even after they click on that, let’s go, there should be like an arrow pointing, like a bobbing arrow saying doot-doot-doot, “Click there” or whatever, right? I’m gonna click on this one. Click on that. Okay. Moments, my great concert I was at. I went to an epic concert last weekend. I’m gonna click that which is one of my slot machine games. I’m gonna frame. What am I gonna do with a frame?
I guess I’m gonna do this as the frame. Well, don’t I…how do I…Wait a second. Okay, so the frame is like actual pictures. Okay, I wasn’t even clear on that. And then you type in…you wanna add text, you’ve got to unlock this. Copy, Share, Save to Gallery, Share on Instagram. Okay, I’m gonna go back to this, “…frame is locked.” So yeah, I think the…so everything in here is locked except for, like, the very, very basics.
It’s really hard for people to have a really amazing experience if everything is locked. I guess not everything is locked, but what you should think about doing is make the first page all free stuff. Like, frontload all the free stuff onto this page so that they’re scrolling and they’re like, “Oh, wow, look at all this free stuff,” and then it starts to get locked in. But I think that’s what you wanna do.
I think you’ve gotta make it a lot more clear as to how to use this. I think you’re expecting people to be able to…like, they’re gonna know how to use this very, very easily and I don’t think people will know how to use this very easily. More free games. Yeah, I think that that’s the biggest thing. I think that I would agree with the reviews.
I think that you really need to frontload this with more free stuff. I think that you definitely need to make it much more clear about how to use this. And then I think you also need to make these frames better. I think that once you pick that core demographic, whether it’s young moms, whether it’s nature lovers, whether it’s photographers, whatever, these frames need to reflect that, right? Like, if you’re gonna go after…like, who is this appealing to? Who cares? Who’s this meaningful to? This picture? Why does this frame matter to anybody?
I shouldn’t say that in a negative way. I’m not saying that in a negative way. I mean that in the sense of, all of these frames should appeal to somebody, right? Like, this frame should matter to somebody why? Right? Like, if you’re appealing to young moms, maybe it’s like in a kitchen somewhere or there’s something that, it’s share-worthy.
I think that that’s the biggest thing where these frames just need to really connect with the person or the people that you are really marketing to. So the biggest thing, yeah, you’ve gotta show people how to use it. You gotta make it a lot more clear that it’s free. And third, I think you need to update and improve the frames to appeal to a specific person.
I think you just need to commit to saying, “All right, these are…I’m gonna target moms between the age of 28 and 40 who like to do XYZ for fun,” and that’s what all these pictures are gonna be and everything is about those people. And I think you’ll see a big increase in everything. All right, cool. Well, I hope that was helpful. Right on. I will catch you guys at the next one.

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