3 Ways To Get Massive Downloads Without A Big Marketing Investment

In the first of this video series, I’m going to explore the #1 requested topic from our private FB group:
If you can’t read that, it says “App marketing technique (without investment)”
That roughly translates to “How do I get the biggest output from the the least amount of effort and/or money?”
Here’s a video that addresses this.

There are three major ways to get huge results without spending time/money/effort on marketing in the app business:

  1. Be the first to do something. This could be related to development, a trend or a topic.
  2. Shift the focus from the investment to the return. People who want free marketing tend to have crappy products.
  3. Move the time/money/energy into another part of your business that will leverage word of mouth marketing (free). This could be the product, the customer support, the brand, the market research, anything.

The bottom line is this – tactics won’t build a business. Even if a tactic does make you money, you’ll end up spending it all when you chase the next one. Agonizing over a title change based on keyword volume is NOT going to move you forward the way focusing on fundamentals will.
In the next 29 videos, I will do my best to show you what actually DOES work over the long term, assuming your goal is to build a real, sustainable and profitable business ($1,000/month or more).
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