How To Make An App Go Viral During The Holiday Season

It’s no secret that the holidays hold larger than usual search + download volume.
Many of us developers spend a lot of time trying to leverage the spike so that we can ride the wave of Q4 revenue like everyone else!
Historically, a lot of people would use Christmas and Hanukkah themed apps to nail it. Not only with designs but with keywords that could grab a few hundred new users each day.
But – times have changed. There are new rules and new ways to get results this holiday season.
In this video I talk about how this has changed and what you can do about it, specifically in terms on how to get an app to go viral.

What you should know:

  1. There are two ways for an app to go viral Рextreme sharing via social networks or getting each person to immediately have someone else near them download as well.
  2. During the holidays (especially in the USA) many people get together with family and friends to celebrate.
  3. When they download an app, it’s 10x easier to tell a group of people “Wow, check out this app” or “Hey you should download this so we can both use it”
  4. The¬†best way to get that to happen is to create an emotionally connected experience for the user. That’s the emotion people want to share most.

This is a very powerful strategy, especially when you use the App Business Strength blueprint of:

  1. Market Research
  2. Marketing Plan
  3. Conversion Optimization
  4. Retention / Growth

Hope to see some Bluecloud student apps going viral in the coming weeks!
See ya,

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