Who Are Your Target Users? The Secret To Getting App Downloads

Today I’m going to talk about the number one reason why most app developers are not getting many downloads.
I’ve been getting lots of emails from app developers, the people who’ve built a few apps and are having a hard time getting downloads.
It’s clear that there’s one principle that isn’t being widely used yet in the app business, but is the foundation for every other type of business. It’s Market Research. Specifically, it’s all about understanding who your users are.
Developers are assuming that if they build an app, get it out there, and use the right keywords, people will just download it.
Keyword targeting is not enough. You have to know the actual people you’re targeting.

This is why the idea of “riches in the niches” works. The more specific your app’s niche is, the more specific the problem it solves, then the easier it is to know the person you’re getting in front of, and the easier it is to pitch them and say this is why you should download this app.
So if you’re having a hard time getting downloads, ask yourself: Who exactly am I trying to get in front of? Who exactly is downloading my app?
In the Facebook community that I belong to, the most successful ones are those who know who they’re marketing their app to.
It’s the next big thing in the app business: understanding who your market is and creating the app for that person and then getting the app right in front of them through Facebook ads, publishers, influencers, targeted advertising or whatever else is there.
For developers having a hard time getting downloads, take time to find out who your users are.
And if you have no clue about that, here’s how to get the data you need:
Install Facebook analytics or Facebook SDK in your apps and get the analytics
Install Google analytics
Remember, it’s all about the users.
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