How To Make A Winning Emoji App (Part 1)

Evan Delaney had been running a successful mobile agency for over 6 years…and never built his own app.
In fact, he was pretty down on the idea of building a consumer app for the App Store.
Every time he saw one of his clients get positive results with an app, it was because they had some sort of edge – a broad user base, a special technology, etc. Being in the App Store was really just a place to download the app.
In April of 2016 Evan decided to take a trip to our Bluecloud Hawaii Event in Oahu.
He came in apprehensive (as most people do to any business event) and wondered:

  1. Is this going to be useful at all?
  2. How can I possibly help other people if I’ve never made an app before?

After the first few hours, however, it was clear that he was hooked. The community was killer and the possibilities finally seemed real.
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That summer Evan took on his first app project (for himself) with an Emoji style app. His customers were going to be swimmers, a lifestyle and sport that he knew very well.
Over the next few months he built an incredible product. He morphed the Fitojis source code (as seen on the Bluecloud site) into a much more robust product. It included new iMessage and sticker functionalities along with deeper monetization opportunities.
By all measures, this was a top tier app. Apple agreed – featuring it in the app store for months on end in the Sports section.
In November of 2016, Evan attended the San Francisco event with the goal of scaling the Swimoji app.
As you’ll hear on this podcast interview…he quickly realized that having a great product is only one piece of the puzzle.
Fast forward to February of 2017 and Evan is successfully minting cash off of a strategic traffic plan and constant testing. It wasn’t always a clear path but it certainly seems to be on the right track now.

In this episode you will learn:

  • 6:21 – How Evan knew he was not destined for the corporate world
  • 12:43 – How losing a massive contract and having a child changed everything
  • 17:20 – How the Bluecloud Hawaii Event drove Evan to action
  • 24:00 – How engineers deal with market research
  • 32:05 – How Evan used Facebook Ads to explode his results
  • 41:17 – How to mock up your app idea the right way
  • 47:58 – The turning point in the Emoji marketing (what made it profitable)
  • 1:03:00 – How to build an Emoji app business to sell
  • 1:14:00 – “What would your 2015 self think about your current success?”

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