Where Do You Find Good App Templates?

A great way to get started on any new app business or project is to use templates. Instead of building apps from scratch, you start with a framework. It’s a prebuilt template that doesn’t have any of the designs. It’s just the guts. If you start with a template, it’s a lot easier than if you build an app from scratch.
Here are 3 ways that you can get app templates:

1. Go to marketplaces

Go to Google and type iPhone app template or iPhone app source code. You will find different marketplaces out there. There are dozens out there where you can buy a source code from a developer through a marketplace. Here you’ll see different prices and different types of apps.
The good side of this is that you can just go and browse, and if you like one, press buy, you download the app and you’re good to go.
The downside is that you don’t always know who the developer is. Sometimes you get code that might be old. You get a template that hasn’t been updated for a while. They may never provide any customer service.
Like in any marketplace, you’re never 100% sure what you’ll get. But it’s an easy way to get started. You can get templates for $5, $10 for games and other simple apps.

2. Buy courses that include templates

There are app courses that will include the templates with the courses.
At Bluecloud, you can buy courses that include templates. But there are also other programs. There’s game building software like Buildbox.
This is a terrific way to start because it gives you proven templates, and also an education that goes along with the template. And you know that the templates are always going to be updated by the developer teams.

3. Ask people for a copy of their app

This is the one that people do the least often but is the most effective way.
Back in May 2011 when I first started, I emailed app developers in the App Store. These were cold emails: “Hey, I noticed your app (or your game). I think it’s really cool. Would you be interested in selling me a license of this template, of this source code of the game you built for $500 (or $100 or whatever).”
You go through the app store, go into any category and just email any of these developers. Then you negotiate and tell them you’re not going to compete with them. You’re going to create something new and you’ve got a whole new system.
This way, the developers get to keep their app and their game stays in the store. But now I get the rights to create my own version. I get to redesign it, I get to make a new version. But at least I don’t start from scratch.
You’d be surprised that on average, about 10% of the people you email are very interested. And about half of them will say, “Yes, I want to do a deal.” Because many developers out there are programmers. They don’t know how to get downloads. They’re not making any money. So you come to them and offer them a little bit of money.
This third one is one of the best ways to break through the system because realistically, nobody else is going to do this.
See ya!

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