How To Get Results From Influencer Marketing

Today, I want to talk to you about Influencer Marketing and how to have an effective campaign with an influencer.  
Influencer Marketing is where you will partner with an influencer, somebody typically on social media with a big following that can push lots of eyeballs to your app store page that hopefully convert into downloads. Then you either pay them for their promotion or you split the revenue with them. Those are the two real ways that you could work with influencers.
What I want to talk about specifically is what is going to make a good partnership work.
For most of you, you don’t want to pay the influencer, you want to partner with them. Now here’s what’s happening. Some people make these partnerships and then absolutely crush it. They’ll make tons of money. Now, other people will have a partnership with an influencer, and won’t do well at all.   
Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you go into Influencer Marketing, that’s going to really guarantee that you have a much better experience, and hopefully will result in a much larger impact, much more downloads, and eventually much more revenue for everyone.  

1. Your interests and your incentives have to be aligned

Both of you, the developer and the influencer, have to be going all out to make this thing a success. If you guys are not on the same page about how much work and effort, or how much drive you’re going to put into this marketing launch, it’s obviously not going to be successful.
So the first thing you need to do is get super clear with the influencer. You only want to partner with people who show a lot of enthusiasm, and who are proactively telling you how much they’re going to promote this.  You cannot partner with influencers who are not excited about promoting your product.  They will not go the extra mile, and the extra mile is where you make all your money.

2. Believe that your app has potential to be huge

You, the developer, have to believe that this thing could go big. People just know when someone believes in something.  If you don’t believe that this thing is going to make 10, 15, 20 thousand dollars, the influencer is going to know that.  
So the second thing I’m really recommending for you is don’t get into a partnership unless you firmly believe that your app has potential to be huge.  Not only huge, but big enough to make it worth everybody’s time—to make 10 thousand, 20 thousand dollars.  
If you do not believe that you could do that on your own, even without the influencer, if you don’t think that this app could make that money on its own, you are going to have a very hard time selling the idea to somebody else. You’ve got to believe you have a product that is great and that can make a big impact.

3. Have a very clear plan, and you need to be able to help the marketer execute that

A lot of people confuse influencer with marketer.  They just assume that influencers know how to market stuff.  What they forget is that a majority of influencers are actually content creators, not marketers. They don’t know how to launch products, don’t know how to push products out in the marketplace to get people to do stuff.
Because of that, you as the entrepreneur, as the developer, need to come in with a plan, and a marketing strategy that you can hand to the influencer and say: “Listen, this is the blueprint for getting more downloads. You need to follow this marketing strategy so that we are both successful.” And then you need to follow up with them.
You can’t assume that anybody knows how to do this marketing strategy. So as a developer, you need to realize that that person probably needs some training or some guidance on how to really launch the app.
Now if you’re interested in something like this, we have a full Influencer Marketing blueprint in our Emoji Courses. It gives you all the scripts, the templates.  If it’s something you’re interested in, go check it out.
So, with these three things included in the partnerships, you can see some pretty big results, and potentially you get to the top of the charts.  
See ya!

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