Using Facebook Messenger To Get App Installs

Today I want to talk to you about using Facebook Messenger for getting app downloads.

What’s Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is the messaging platform within Facebook, and has about a billion users.
What’s happening now is there’s this thing called bots, which allow you to create marketing automation and broadcasts within your Facebook page. Meaning, people will message your Facebook page and then you can communicate to them, kind of like an email autoresponder sequence. They can comment on your ads, automatically send email, and you can have this segmentation, and lots of other stuff going on.
This is an evolving market, lots of new things coming out each day. Every time there’s some new marketing strategy out there, it always gets everyone’s attention. I think it’s important to discuss what this means for you, the app developer, the app entrepreneur, somebody who’s interested in getting into the app business.

Using Messenger for Marketing and Selling Apps

Here’s what I want to tell you about Facebook Messenger: It can be very, very effective at converting and selling products. What it is not that good at is marketing products. That’s an important distinction.
Marketing your app means you get your app out to hundreds, maybe thousands of people. Facebook advertising is amazing for this because it helps you distribute your app very far. What Messenger is very good at is once they come in, and they can learn about your product, it allows them to ask questions, to get more information, to contact some of the support team before you make a decision, things like that. That is where Facebook Messenger excels at.
And if you’re selling a $.99 or even a free app, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to be converting people or selling people on why they should be downloading your app. That’s a very unsustainable business model.
We use Facebook Messenger on Bluecloud a little bit, I use this on a bunch of websites and brands that I own, and I’ve tried it on some app stuff. Messenger is really only helpful when it comes to support for your apps. It does not help that much with making more money or with getting more people.
However, there are a few examples where it does work, like when you’re selling a product that has a high price point. Messenger can then be very powerful.  Because it makes sense to use a sales process to convert, like leads. Because you’re making a good amount of money off that, and it’s a bigger buying decision. So if you do have a product that has a higher price point, like $10 or more, then Messenger can be effective because it’s a communication, marketing, support, and sales channel.
But if you have an app that’s $1.99, $.99 or free, Messenger, for the most part, will be a waste of your time for marketing. You don’t want to rely on it for marketing to get new people to hear about your app.
I thought this would be helpful for anyone in the app business mostly because we hear so much buzz about Messenger. What I can tell you is that part of Bluecloud and especially our community is that I’m always testing this stuff on my apps, my companies. I’m finding out everything I can and relaying them to you. The community we have, the private groups, the masterminds, the webinars, that’s where you get the really good insider stuff, like case studies.
So if you want to get more of this inside information, you should join our community, Bluecloud Select. There’s a free trial going on right now, so go check it out.
See ya!

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