Which Ad Networks Should You Use to Advertise Your App?

Today I want to talk to you about what’s the best way to advertise your app.  
It’s 2017, there’s a lot of people who are starting to think about advertising. What is the best way to do so? So what I want to do is run through 3 separate ways you can advertise your app.

1. Traditional ad networks

Many of us have used advertising networks in the past to monetize our apps. Now we’re thinking about using it on the advertising side. Going out and getting installs for our own app.
This is probably one of the least cost-effective strategies for 99% of you out there. The installs that you get are not going to be that well-targeted, and they’re going to be relatively expensive.

3. Facebook advertising

I’d say this is the best option. The people who’ve had the most success in the app business right now with advertising, across the board, all use Facebook ads.
Facebook advertising is unparalleled. There have never been more targeting possibilities in anything related to advertising than what’s available on Facebook, and it’s just getting better.
For someone who either has an app, thinking about making an app, or in the process of making an app, Facebook advertising is the best way to pay for advertising in terms of getting the biggest bang for your buck.
If you want to take that a step further, use Facebook video ads. Video on average beats everything else in terms of getting really low installs. If you have no idea what to make a video about, you can just do a screencast of your app being used on your computer.
Using video on Facebook ads is the number one way to advertise your app. You can target so well, there’s a ton of volume out there, you can go country by country, get detail down to the age and the gender of people.

3. The Moonshot bucket

The moonshot bucket is about the new marketplaces, ad networks, and ad strategies that are coming up.
There are some ad networks out there that are up and coming, and if you are an early adopter, could end up being extremely lucrative.
Those entrepreneurs who’ve built real wealth off of advertising, one of their common themes is that they got into an ad platform earlier than the masses did. They got disproportionately lower costs per install on their ad spend.
For anyone out there thinking about advertising your app, realize that there are new ad networks coming out. And the two that I would encourage you to look at are Quora and Snapchat.


Quora is kind of like a massive Q&A site. People post questions and then they get answers. They get 50 to 60 million people a month to their website, and they can run ads to your app. It’s just been released to the public. That can be a good one to test.
Know that it’s not going to work for everything. I don’t know exactly what the criteria is, but it’s more of a male audience, more of a left brain audience. So it would work really well maybe if you have a finance app, fitness app, or something like that.


Snapchat will be rolling out their mobile ad platform over the coming year. They’ll also be giving out lots of different incentives to get people to join and spend money on their platform.
This is going to be a big opportunity and they’re focusing on mobile installs.
I’m bringing this up for many of you out there who are going to start advertising or maybe you are advertising. Definitely, go to Facebook Ads and test some videos, because I would be willing to bet that you’re going to see really good results with that in itself.  
But I would also encourage anyone out there to start thinking about these new ad networks. Aside from Quora and Snapchat, there are others that keep popping up. Keep your ear out for these new ones. Being one of the first people to test, to spend money, and to figure out how to hack the system can pay huge dividends down the road.
I really think that somebody out there is going to go in and test a bunch of stuff.  And they’re going to find some of these hidden gem pockets and get incredible results, because nobody else is willing to be one of the first.
So go, just try this out. Spend 5 bucks on them and see what happens. This is not a kind of endorsement. This is just what I’ve seen. Every time I’ve seen people have huge results in marketing and advertising is because they’re early, they’re one of the first people to try it. So, go give it a shot, and just see what happens.
See ya!

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