How To Make Winning Videos For Facebook Ads (Psychological Tricks)

Today I want to talk to you about how to make successful video Facebook ads.
Here are 3 tips and strategies that can make a huge difference in what you’re doing. So that as you build on your Facebook ads, try to get downloads, as you market your app, you’re doing it in the most effective way. And also in a way that isn’t overwhelming and isn’t going to get people to stop in their tracks because video can sound a little daunting.

1. The first step is simply to take the creative that you already have and make a video out of it.

A lot of people, when they think of video ads, think that they have to make these very nice, well-produced videos. It seems like a big ordeal to make a trailer for your app. That is not the case at all.
When we say video vs. images in terms of advertising, the real key is just the format. One is the file of an image, a static file. And the other is a movie file.
What we’re seeing is that the movie files get a disproportionate CPM advantage than the image files.
What that means for you is that the first step is simply to take the creative that you already have and make a video out of it.
An example of this is you can put an image on your computer screen, do a Quicktime screen share, and literally move the image around in circles for 10 seconds. There’s a movie file of the exact same thing. And if you A/B tested that I would almost guarantee you that the video is going to perform better.
Don’t overthink it. Just make a video out of your creative. Do a screencast, videotape yourself. Make a video, a movie format, and it’ll work.

2. The most effective videos on Facebook advertising for apps have people in them.

Highlight the people that will be using your apps. Specifically, the reactions that they get and the benefits that they’re going to get. People buy and click on things when they see people like them in them.
If you’re making a video for Facebook advertising and there’s no people in it, I would encourage you to shoot something where you have somebody using your app or somebody benefitting from your app. Show people having fun with it, getting results, solving a problem.

3. In the first five seconds, you have to absolutely crush the emotional reaction that your app is going to give your users.

So if it’s fitness, you got to show in the first 5 seconds someone using your app and having an amazing workout.
In the first five seconds, you’ve got to nail it, hook people in. Otherwise, they’re not going to watch it. The best way to do that is to build an emotional connection by showing someone’s reaction to your app.
These three things are the formula for getting really powerful and successful video ads. These are the fundamentals. You do these three things, you will see better results.
People always respond to these kinds of things. They see other people, they see emotion. That’s what makes a connection when they don’t know who you are.  
See ya!


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