Get Your Best App Customers With QR Codes

What happens when old school marketing and new school marketing collide?
The money pours in!

In the fast paced app business, we’re all looking to stay on top with the latest trends and marketing strategies.
But don’t sleep on old school marketing.  Things like:

  • Direct mail
  • Flyer handouts
  • Jingles & slogans
  • T-shirts & stickers

Just ask Color Switch developer, David Reichelt.  David lives, breathes, and even DRIVES his app business.
But for those of us who feel like we’ve exhausted our app’s marketing efforts, what can we do?

The #1 thing you can do to improve your app’s marketing is to build relationships with your target demographic.  The most powerful way to build relationships is to connect with people Face-To-Face.

If handing out flyers, printing stickers and t-shirts puts you in a better position to build relationships with your prospect customers, then do it.
Here’s a true story about old school marketing at it’s best:

After spending thousands of dollars on paid traffic campaigns, pulling teeth researching keywords, and spending countless hours trying to build a social media following…my friend and fellow app developer has one old school hack that significantly boosts his downloads.
He prints business cards with the URL to his app on the App Store and leaves them at locations his target audience frequently visits.
He leaves business cards on benches, billboards, tables…anywhere they will be seen.  And people find them and download his app.
The next day he checks his sales reports and sees a nice $$$ bonus for his efforts.
This simple strategy has brought in thousands of dollars and helped his digital app go viral through the physical world.

Surround yourself with your target audience and connect with them as much as you possibly can.  It may be uncomfortable, but I promise it is the BEST thing you can do for your business.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met New customers just by introducing myself and my app while on a run, at the gym, at the grocery store, or on the subway…
Every interaction you make is a new potential customer.
QR codes have jolted the mobile movement.
They’re not just for scanning tickets anymore.
These magical machine-readable barcodes have resurfaced as a trendy and engaging way to send information.
And big brands are taking advantage of their functionality in creative ways.

In our last post, we laid the steps to increase your app traffic, conversion rate and in-app purchase revenue with new “Smart” links.  In this post, you will learn how to use QR codes to get your best customers to download your app.

Use QR codes to make a lasting impression

Using QR codes to get app downloads is a non-traditional way to leave a lasting impression on your customer.
Now that iOS 11 supports QR codes, they’re even more powerful.
QR codes are still New & Mysterious to most mobile users. People don’t know WHAT is going to happen when they scan these scribbly black boxes. This mystery factor adds to the journey of getting the customer to your app.
Here’s all you have to say:

“Hi, my name is __________.  I’m an app developer and have an app you would love.  Would you mind downloading it right now and checking it out?”

(Impress them by showing them how to scan the QR code on their device.  Here comes the most important part…)

“Thank you so much for the feedback, it was extremely helpful!  But the best thing you can do to really help my business is to tell 3 friends about my app.  It would mean the world to me!”

(Hand your new friend 3 business cards)

Boom!  Game Over.

How to use QR Codes to get App Downloads

Just like smart links, QR codes can send the user to exactly where they need to be.

Just paste in your app’s URLs and download your QR code in seconds.

Here’s how it works…

  1. You create a QR code using Free tools like (takes less than 2 minutes)
  2. Download the QR code and slap it on a business card (or sticker, letterhead, etc)
  3. A prospect customer scans the code by opening the Camera app on their device and pointing it at the QR code
  4. The customer is sent to your app’s App Page

Like Smart-links, you can send users to multiple destinations depending on their device.  Android device users will be directed to the Google Play store while Apple users will scan and go to the App Store.

Next Moves…

Now that you know how to create QR codes for your apps — order some business cards with your app’s QR code printed on the back.
You can order 500 business cards for under $10 using services like Vistaprint and GotPrint.
Finally, write down 5 locations your target demographic visits regularly where you can meet them face-to-face.
This is the work that no one else wants to do but it WILL increase your app revenue and brand.  
Happy scanning,
PS: Leave a comment or question about your app’s marketing efforts and get a response from Carter or myself.  Or just say hi!


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