3 Ways To Increase App Downloads With Search Rankings

Looking to push your app to the Top Charts?
Wondering how many downloads you need for your app to hit #1?
If you’re looking for consistent downloads and revenue, you will be far better served improving your app’s Search Rankings than focusing on hitting the Top Charts.
Here’s why…

Browsing the Top Charts to download apps is not as popular of a discovery method as it used to be.

Before iOS 11, getting ranked on the Top Charts meant EVERYTHING! Developers would use services like Tapjoy to deliver high impact downloads to apps for the sole purpose of hitting the Top Charts.
But why is hitting the Top Charts such a big deal?
Browsing the Top Charts USED to be the most popular method to find apps.  Hitting the Top Charts brought tons of exposure to your app and cash in the bank.
But it’s not the best method anymore.
With the NEW iPhone and App Store, Search Rankings is CRUCIAL to your app’s success.  Keep reading to learn how to increase your app’s downloads in a matter of days.

App Search Indexing

With the new iPhone and App Store comes more powerful ways to be discovered.
The #1 discovery method for your app is Search Indexing.
“Search Indexing” refers to your app’s ranking in the search results.
If you look at your phone and the App Store you’ll see why.
There are MORE categories, MORE apps, and MORE content on the App Store then ever before.
That means LESS Top Charts, LESS Categories, and the RETIREMENT of the Top Grossing charts.
Apple’s new mission is to keep us in the App Store as long as possible and to reward developers who optimize their app for search.

3 Ways To Increase Search Rankings

Optimizing your app’s search ranking is not easy and does require some effort.  Start with testing your app’s ASO by publishing updates at least every 2 weeks.  This is a trial and error process, but finding the right formula to your app will lead to BIG results.
The top 3 ways to increase your app’s search results are:

#1 – Increase your app installs and generated income

#2 – Convert app store visitors to app users

Here are 2 Conversion Metrics you should constantly be improving:

(Impression Conversion Rate = Impressions/App Units)

(Page Views Conversion Rate = Page Views/App Units)

#3 – Incentivize people to search for your app using specific keywords

BONUS Tip: In-App Purchases can appear in the new iOS 11 App Store search results.

Want to learn more about ASO and the new iOS 11 App Store?  Check out our new ASO insider tips post to help explode your app’s results.

Next Steps…

Think of the “App Algorithm” in terms of Search Rankings and not in terms of Chart Rankings. Apple will reward apps based on what people are searching for.
The first goal of app search optimization is to increase app installs. To this end, the app details page has to be persuasive enough to convert the App Store page visitors to app users.
Example: If people are searching for “Hot Dog Eating App” and your app is called Hot Dog Eating App and has all the icon, screenshot, description…ASO ingredients + people download the app and use it all the time because it’s EXACTLY what they’re looking for – the algorithm will help the app rank higher in the search listings.
Have a question about ASO and Search Optimization?  Drop a line in the comments section and get a response from the Bluecloud Team.
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