How To Beat The Facebook Algorithm For Cheaper App Installs

App developers have made MILLIONS advertising on Facebook.
Are Facebook Ads as effective as they used to be?
The short answer is – No.
The great news is, you’re going to see a major price drop on your campaigns come January 1st once Q4 is over.
Keep reading to learn why Facebook Ads are getting more expensive and what advertising platform is best right now.

Why Is It Getting Harder To Reach Customers With Ads?

From a direct response standpoint, Facebook Ads are getting more expensive.
Advertisers are paying way more and getting way less.
Why now?
3 reasons why it’s getting harder to reach customers using ads:

  1. Same old networks – there are no new networks coming out. No new ad platforms means there is no new cheap ad space.
  2. Only so much real estate – There is an over saturation of direct response ads and we’re competing with more ads then ever before.
  3. Consumer behavior – There is a lack of Trust for brands.  People are getting sick and tired of ads and in return are ignoring them.

By the end of 2018 the price for impressions, clicks and conversions will be so high that it will be difficult to scale your products and business solely through ads.
The good news is, running mobile ad campaigns on Facebook is still the best option for paid advertising right now.
Feel free to explore the list of best ad networks and try to beat Facebook.  It’s hard to do.  As of 2017, Facebook is still the #1 ranked ad network on both iOS and Android.

What’s The Answer To Increased Ad Spend?

The answer is organic content.
I cannot stress enough how powerful organic content is and how big of an empire you can build by putting out content consistently.
A lot of people resist and don’t like doing this.
If creating content is not your thing, that’s OK.
But you need to find somebody who IS willing to do it.

If you have a fitness app and you don’t want to put out daily videos, that’s totally fine.  But you need to give 20% of your company to somebody who is willing to do it.

Creating content is THE ANSWER.  It will be the best Marketing strategy over the next 10 years.
If you’re interested in learning how to partner with a content curator or influencer, read this post.

Next Steps…

There will always be direct response advertising, but until the next big network comes out and there’s an arbitrage opportunity, be prepared to pay more.
The answer is organic content.  The affinity between an audience and well made content is so strong, it will crush the conversions and costs of any paid campaign.
If you’re spending $500 a month on Facebook Ads, the question is how do I spend $500 a month on something organic?

1. How do I spend $500 on making 10 REALLY awesome videos?

(Or 10 blog posts, or Tweets or wherever your customer hangs out…)

2. How do I spend $500 on creating something really great that my customer is going to absolutely love?

3. How do I convert people who don’t even know me into becoming an affiliate so I can get unlimited free downloads?

You need to build trust between your audience and your brand, THEN sell your app.  The results will be an ongoing supply of massive conversions.
Arbitraging traffic by building trust through organic content is not as fast as running paid traffic campaigns.
It’s a lot more work.
But it’s a lot cheaper and the possibilities are endless.
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