16 App Landing Page Hacks For Profitable Conversions

Turn web traffic into app downloads with an unstoppable landing page.
Unfortunately, most app developers overlook landing pages or create pages that are just plain ugly.
But not you!
An app page can make a big difference to your app’s downloads.

On average, website visits account for 20% of app customers from our app network.

Don’t miss out on MORE revenue!
Examples of high converting app pages:

In this post, you will learn how to create and optimize your app product page on the cheap.

Create An App Landing Page With 3 Easy Steps

Here are the steps to create your own app landing page:

STEP 1) Get a domain 

You can publish a landing page without a domain, but domains do add to the branding and professionalism of your product.
Hosting services like GoDaddy offer domains for less than $10 a year.  If your desired domain name is already taken, add “app” to the end of it.
NOTE: Many app companies use a master domain to pile their apps under (example: www.myappcompany.com/myappname).

STEP 2) Get your app links

Make sure to track links and conversions using smart links or other tracking services.

STEP 3) Build the App Page

Because app landing pages are relatively simple, there are free and simple options for building out your page.
WordPress is a popular option.  It’s an online, open source website creation tool used to build and publish websites.  It’s free to use with thousands of templates including app landing pages. SingleApp is one of my fav WordPress app landing page themes.:
You don’t need to be a programmer to use WordPress or the SingleApp template, but you may need help depending on how customized you want the page to be.  Click here for an easy walkthrough of WordPress.  If WordPress proves to be too challenging for you, there are other free options:

And if all else fails, creating a Facebook App Page is better than nothing (and you should have one anyway).

16 Simple Tips To Maximize App Landing Page Conversions

An effective landing page should grab the attention of visitors and convert them to download the app.  Make sure your landing page is worth the click with these tips:

TIP #1: Keep It Simple

We’re not selling million dollar real estate opportunities, we’re selling apps.  Get to the point so visitors get to the App Store and  download your app.
Remember, less is more.

TIP #2: Don’t Distract Your Traffic

Define your page’s visual hierarchy to keep eye flow where it’s supposed to be.
Remove main navigation menus and miscellaneous buttons to eliminate possible ‘escapes.’

TIP #3: Make Your Landing Page Mobile Friendly (duh)

This one goes without saying.

TIP #4: Hammer The App’s Value

Make it clear WHAT your app does and WHY your visitor needs it.
Include your app’s core values in the title and subtitle and make sure it captures visitors attention.

TIP #5: Create A Killer Call-To-Action

If you’re still using “Download Now” as you’re CTA, you need to up your game.
Use text that is tangible to your app.
To create a powerful CTA, finish the sentence “I want to…”
CTA examples – I Want To:

  • …wow friends with selfies (Facetune)
  • …save documents to PDF or JPG (iScanner)
  • …identify plants with an app (PlantSnap)
  • …meet new and interesting people nearby (Tinder)
  • …pay bills to can avoid late fees (BillMinder 4)
  • …get the latest news and stories before everyone else (5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner)

Most importantly, make sure your button colors contrast your background color.
So if you’re using either of these buttons…

…make sure your page background and background color highlight your buttons.  Your visitors eyes should be drawn naturally to the download button.

TIP #6: Include the Word “App” In Your Page Title

Remember, we’re targeting people outside the App Store.
Include the word “app” in your Landing Page title, domain, and page text so it indexes when people search on Google.

TIP #7: Add A Video Preview

Videos can increase conversions by 80%.
Embed a YouTube video or animated GIF to demonstrate the functionality of your app + the emotional response people will have from using it.

TIP #8: Include Features & Instructions If Needed

Don’t risk negative reviews.  If someone has a question about your app, one of the first things they’ll do is Google your app name for help.
Make sure to hook them up with support BEFORE giving them a chance to leave snotty remarks on your app’s review section.

TIP #9: Privacy Policies

Better safe than sorry.  I am not a legal expert and recommend asking a legal professional to help you with publishing a Privacy Policy.  There are also services like iUbenda.com that I’ve used in the past.

TIP #10: Include Merch

Maximize your revenue and brand by promoting more products to your customers.  Just make sure they’re relevant and not spammy.

TIP #11: Include Reviews + Press

Customer testimonials help leverage your app’s use and are HUGE trust factors people take into consideration before downloading.
Plus they’re fun to read…
Include all trust signals including critic reviews, press releases, awards, rankings, etc.

TIP #12: Use Visual Cues & Symbols to Highlight Important Areas

Help navigate focal points on your page with arrows and symbols.
These cues are often subtle, but they have a critical job to direct eyeballs to the most important parts of your landing page.

TIP #13: Track & Optimize

Metrics your landing page should track:

  • Views
  • Source of traffic
  • Clicks
  • Conversions (installs)
  • Bounce rate
  • Session duration

Also include the Facebook Pixel to help track and remarket your app.  It takes 2 minutes to integrate and is one of the most crucial steps to learn about your customers and create lookalike audiences.  To learn more about the Facebook Pixel, lookalike audiences, and Facebook Ads – check out our Facebook Traffic Workshop.

TIP #14: Create More App Product Pages For More Reach

The more content you create around your app the better!

If you’re not putting out relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist. – Gary Vaynerchuk

This includes:

  • App landing page
  • App cheat page (for games)
  • Support page
  • YouTube video and channel + videos
  • Facebook app page
  • App press release
  • Storytelling your app and app brand
  • Writing content for your app users
  • Wikipedia page

TIP #15: Collect Emails

Start your backend marketing plan now!  Collecting emails on your landing page will put you one step ahead.

TIP #16: Make Your Page Fun & Unique

Reward your visitors with a unique experience that captures their attention.
Wow them!
You don’t need to spend a $1,000 on your app page to wow visitors.  You can make a lasting impression with one video, one pic, or even one word.

Next Steps…

Your primary focus for app exposure should be ASO, but a dialed landing page is crucial for converting web visits to app customers.  Take advantage of huge benefits like collecting emails, retargeting, selling merch, and much more.
Follow the 3 steps and 16 tips above to create your app’s landing page.

The average conversion rate for landing pages is around 2.35%. For app landing pages you should shoot for 20% or higher with mobile devices.

Plan your attack.  Create an app landing page then optimize it by changing one item at a time and measure.
Never fear, landing pages are here!


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