Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Developer

mobile app marketingA product launch, a new offer, or an enhanced service—every company dedicates a substantial amount of resources and budget for every new product or service that they offer. The company’s marketing arm may be equipped with everything that a traditional marketing plan needs to have. However, today’s market has evolved from using traditional platforms to the digital avenues.

More opportunities have been discovered, more doors have been opened, and more ways have been paved. If you have a business and you are in the middle of transferring funds for your next print advertisement, you better check out first what is happening in the digital sphere.

On top of everyone going digital, consumers have also been living a hectic lifestyle—they are always on the go, always moving, always in progress. If you will not be able to keep up with their lifestyle and with their demands, you will not be able to tap your market, thus, you are limiting your chance to grow. People nowadays barely have time to go on shopping in traditional malls, thus, entrepreneurs have started bringing malls to their market via online shopping. People barely have time to go to banks for their important transactions, thus, banking institutions have brought the counters to their clients via online banking.

Are you ready to go mobile?

business mobile appWhile everyone and everything is going mobile, this is high time to think if your business needs a mobile app. Will this help your business grow and reach more customers? Will this make your business a household name? There are a lot of things to consider before investing in the development of your mobile app, but one thing is for sure—you need to cope with your market’s changing demands, needs, and lifestyle.

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So you need a mobile app developer…

Once you have already decided that a mobile app is a good investment for your company, it is now time to look for the best mobile app developer who can create the mobile app that will best suit your needs and will be able to communicate your messaging as a company. While there is an overwhelming pool of mobile app developers that is highly competitive and competent, you still want to get the developer who will be the best fit for your needs.

Here are the most significant questions that you need to ask before hiring your mobile app developer:

Can I see previous projects that you created?

developer portfolioA competent candidate is always confident to show his potential clients his previous successful projects with other clients. He would usually share with you a list of apps that they have created. Whether he was the one who created it or he played a significant role in the app development, he will still share his work with you. By viewing and experiencing the apps he has created, you will get a feel for his skills, his style, his vision, and his ability to produce a mobile app. You will be able to determine if he is capable of delivering the results that you want.

Can you share with me a list of your current and past clients?

Similar to a job interview, you need to get references from the candidate to ensure that he is of good background and that he has performed well in his previous jobs. Finding out the developer’s clients will help you verify if they actually created the apps that they claim to have worked on. It may be easy to claim to have worked on an app, but getting in touch with the clients themselves will help you decide if the person you are hiring is a reliable one. Apart from getting verification, checking references also give you an opportunity to ask how reliable, responsive, and results-oriented the candidate is. The most important thing you want to know is if that he can work within the budget, if he can deliver based on agreed timelines, and if he can work under pressure.

What smartphone are you using?

developer smartphoneIt may sound so simple, but this question will help you assess if he can create a mobile app that will suit the mobile platform that you wish to work on. If you need someone who can build an app for iPhone, the candidate must have an iPhone. His knowledge about specific mobile platforms will also show.

How can we maximize the potential of my app?

You need to be clear with the developer. If you aim to create more revenues through the mobile app, he should have a concrete plan on how to make the app productive. He should be able to recommend features that will help you achieve your goal. However, if you do not intend to make money out of this app, the candidate must be knowledgeable in other features on how to make the app more engaging and interesting.

What will be our means of communication?

developer communicationIt is very important that you, as a client, communicate effectively and clearly with your developer all the details and requirements of your app and business. You cannot simply leave your developer during the process and let him do his plans. Whether it is via Skype, phone, or email, you need to constantly communicate with him and let him know your comments right away.

What special features can you create?

You surely want to create an app that will capture interest. You don't want your app to be ignored by your target market. Your developer should be highly skilled and should be able to provide you with ideas on innovative and useful features. He should also be able to execute these ideas and turn them into actual features to ensure your app’s success. He should be able to add elements to your app—elements that will surely make your app exciting, engaging, and interesting.


  • Sicily June 26, 2014

    With iPhone and Android apps flooding the market, I was wondering whether the major players in this realm were known to me. It took me surprisingly a bit of time to skim through what’s out there, to get to these prized possessions. I enjoyed scouting them out and hope you would enjoy going through the list.

    1. Mobomo, a brain child of Barg Upender has gone out to bag clients like NASA, U.S. NAVY, and GSA. They are known to specialize in crafting innovative apps out of niche ideas.

    2. QBurst has been around since 2004 and is slowly overtaking the world of young IT companies as a silent victor. Be it developing apps for National Geographic, Rosetta Stone or Dell, QBurst has created ripples in the field of mobile development.

    3. Read Complete list of Top 10 iPhone, iPad & iOS App Developers and Development Companies on Quora

  • Youssef October 29, 2014

    Hi Carter, I have three questions that I hope you will take the time to answer.
    I have an idea for a social media platform geared towards a specific community (not going toe-to-toe with giants like Facebook, Tumblr, etc.) and I think that this idea will blowup.
    It isnt an app and it isnt intended to become an app, yet. My first and second questions are these;
    How can I get my hands on NDA’s that are respected internationally and make sure that my outsource programmer doesn’t take my idea?
    Also, is there a resource you would share with me for outsourcing website development/programming, that isnt for apps?
    One that is specifically geared towards developing sites like facebook/twitter with mass users, profiles, interactions.
    I have no doubt that my idea has the potential to make hundreds of millions of dollars and I am not joking. With a one million user base (worst case scenario) of minimally active users,(also worst case scenario) everyday I would make $50,000. That is without ad banners. I can’t go explaining it in public, but having no programming/tech skills whatsoever, how can I pursue this? I also dont have unlimited funds, you know? Just what I will be able to save up from my work as I develop this concept further.

    I basically have a notebook, an idea, and an internet connection, and not much else.
    Hopefully you can respond to me on here or via email?
    Thanks Carter,

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