Source Code Contest (We’re Giving Away KILLER Code)

As many of you may know, I am deep into the app flipping business. It is pretty sweet – fast, cheap, it works, etc. You also may have noticed that I started connecting people with source codes so that they could find high quality and proven assets. I was so sick of searching through the BS around the web, only to find after the fact that the code I purchased:

a) Wasn't good
b) Didn't make any money
c) Offered an awful ROI

This process continued and the source code world is becoming a great one to be in.

But this is just the beginning. More specifically, the opportunities to dominate with source codes are starting to become realities.

Making History

When I first started the source code side of Bluecloud, my goal was to provide a solution to anyone. If someone wanted to get into apps, make money, and start their path towards living the dream, I wanted to facilitate. I found really good codes and negotiated prices with developers to give you guys the absolute best prices on the market. Almost anyone could afford one of the codes I put up and take a shot.


But as this has evolved, so too has the marketplace. Many of you started looking around saying “Yeah, cool, I know these codes are good….but I want something AWESOME.” The kind of codes that you see in the top grossing charts. The monsters that have huge retention, incredible physics, and spew out money. You're ready for the big leagues and it is super difficult to find anything that matches that criteria.

That is, until now.

I recently talked to my buddy JC and asked him about his absolute bombshell of a game Ninja Revinja. What he told me was pretty exciting – top 150 free games overall, insane metrics across the board, and everything in between. In case you haven't played it, download it and check it out. It's a great Unity3D version of the Temple Run engine….but with way more perks.

Even more exciting was that JC said he was thinking about selling the source code – he's about to launch some new, epic games and is looking to share the love with Ninja Revinja with the app community. YES.

Without getting into too many details, this game is the first I've seen, maybe ever, that has been offered on it's on as a source code. I've literally never seen anything of this caliber being offered ANYWHERE on the web other than through big bulk packages. The reason? Because it's so sick that most people would just keep it to themselves. It's almost unheard of to see someone sharing something like this with the world, a game that has crazy success (wait until you see the numbers) and has over 400 hours of development work already built in.

This is big.

Taking It A Step Further

If offering this code wasn't enough, JC is teaming up with the guys over at FlipSourceCode to do a monster of a deal.

They're going to give away the code to one lucky person. For free. 

I am honestly writing this post right now just because I am fired up and wanted to let everyone know this is coming, but get ready for it – this is the new revolution in source code sales. Premier quality. Incredible prices. Awesome games that will put your app efforts into the stratosphere.

People often ask me where they think the app market is going and this is it. Working together we will start to produce and market apps that are in the top 5% of the entire store, apps that can easily skyrocket to the top of the charts and never look back.

Once I calm down I'm going to write a follow up to this with all the details – why this code is so sick, what you get, how to create a powerful ROI machine, everything.

….There is One More Thing.

I'll buy this code for one lucky person, in addition to the giveaway on Flip Source Code.  However, in order to qualify, you have to do the following:

In the comments below, write down how you will use this source code and what you will accomplish with it in the next 16 weeks.




  • Martin C. November 6, 2013


  • Dustin McKay November 6, 2013

    Is this the same membership we signed up for with the app reskinning course?

  • Dimitris November 6, 2013

    How can we participate in the contest ?

  • Jason November 6, 2013

    Sounds great carter! Me wants now = )

    Yes Dustin I think it is.



  • Josh Crocker November 6, 2013

    Looking forward to it Carter! Thanks!

    – JC

  • Kathy Nielsen November 6, 2013


  • Ryan November 6, 2013

    Plz u need 2 info me more an get me down 2 bussiness cos ul need my help an I need urs big tym I need 2 make money an ill help u a lot I’m using my blackberry so if I get money I’ll buy a laptop 2 use 4 my work

  • Johannes Strydom November 6, 2013

    Wow, this is getting even better?

  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas November 6, 2013

    @Dustin – yes
    @Dimitris – we’ll be posting about that in the next few days

  • Jana November 6, 2013

    Hope you’ll be offering the code Carter for the rest of us!

  • Samuel November 6, 2013

    Hey Carter,

    Is Flip Source a membership site where you send out 1 source code a month for members to purchase at a discount price ? Or does the cost of membership include the source code that will be sent out to members monthly? Just unclear on how it works.

    Thanks !

  • najwa moses November 6, 2013

    Will this be offered to those of us who signed up with the App Flipping course and are part of the monthly membership?

  • Johannes Strydom November 6, 2013

    I must have it!!! Please let us have it!!!

  • Dennis November 6, 2013

    How I’d use the code over 16 weeks? Simple! I reskin, flip, pivot, alter, oberhaul, change and reproduce (getting a bit redundant there) the code over and over again to really boost up my app portfolio and use that profit to expand into automating the process with a small team and build a monster app business that would even make you, Carter, feel insignificant! lol

    and then I’d sit back and enjoy my freedom!

    That’s the idea anyway…

  • David November 6, 2013

    In 16 weeks I will produce at least 9 different reskins of the code with different themes using a ninja graphic designers, and release free and paid versions of each reskins across three different developer accounts.
    i may do a few changes to the code to create a bit of variety and originality for all games.

  • Jayson November 7, 2013

    This code would be awesome , I would reskin it 6 times ,3 paid 3 free , All the games would have minor modifications and be unique to each other , Set up different In App Purchases , Connect to Revmob , Chartboost and gamecentre . The money i made from it i’d put back into my App portfolio to buy more codes to build my portfolio Ultimately i want to build a small team and release some indie style games . Keep your eye out for Oblivion Corporation

  • Mo & Katinka November 7, 2013

    Great post, Carter! If we are lucky enough to win the code, we’d use it to kick-start our small app business into gear. We’d like to do at least six re-skins in the next 16 weeks, perhaps one with a holiday theme. What we will accomplish is this: create a business that can pay your generosity and success forward by mentoring a young student entrepreneur, as well as buy more of your top-quality source code!

  • Mo & Katinka November 7, 2013

    Love it!

  • Johny Rockets November 7, 2013

    Is this code going to be avalible for sale? I am ready to purchase today.

  • David V. November 7, 2013

    I personally would love to have this code and will probably buy it if it is offered if I do not win. I bought the Jokes source code from Austin and love the idea of reskinning games, it is genius. I am very close to publishing my first few apps because of reskinning and I am not sure if I would be able to get in to apps without it. I first started reading Tim Ferriss 4HWW, amazing book. Then I came across Chad Mureta and through him I cam across Carter and since then I have been FIRED up. I have been wanting to create a game like this forever, it would absolutely KILL it.

    I would first probably reskin the graphics by outsourcing them and likely to be a fantasy type game. Dragons? Monsters? Little creature? Seem to be BIG right now. I would then reskin it over and over again, modifying a few graphics each time to keep them unique but still keep my costs down to have killer ROI. Not too much to over saturate and drain the excitement out of the game, can get a little redundant after awhile (unless each reskin performs exceptionally well).The possibilities are endless. Depending on how it’s set up, maybe modify a few IAPs and maximize the use of Revmob, Chartboost etc. You know the deal. Experiment and tweak like a freak. Again depending on how it is set up, iPhone/iPad and do a free (freemium)/ paid version and A/B test until I absolutely CRUSH it. Like the old infomercials, set it and forget it. Build it up for 30-60 days (8 weeks) and then slowly back away and let it do its thing, updating it every now and then. By week 16 the few reskins that I have will be making me even more every month then I make in 6 months at my current job and will also be giving a great experience and entertainment to the ones who download it.

    Then I can quit my day job and absolutely destroy the app marketplace. Escape the rat race, travel the world and give back to the Indie community, all while STILL making sweet passive income 🙂 Oh yeah, and finally start trying for kids with my beautiful wife and never worry about DEBT again. That’s what I call the life.

  • Lat November 7, 2013

    I would resin it 10 times with various themes and put it to full use to push my app portfolio further forward

  • Garry November 7, 2013

    hmmm…. getting better and better…. I’d look at it -re-skin it 5 times with all new art for each, then re-skin it again 5 times. Then while taking a break while visiting the North Shore I’d tweak those 10 and adjust or add to the source code and then repeat…. Thanks for the post Carter – your makin it hard to stay away…

  • Stephen November 7, 2013

    Ha, Carter you continue to amaze me with your abundance of energy and knowledge of the App business! I haven’t seen any business with this kind of potential ever! For those who invest NOW, I think the sky’s the limit. I would use a code like this to hit a “home run” and show all the nay say’ers that I CAN build an APP EMPIRE! Give me the code and I truly believe it will create a ripple effect that will help thousands of other people.

  • Marty P November 7, 2013

    Hey Carter

    You’re smashing it mate, love your work and thanks for the LinkedIn connection recently.

    Addressing your point above, in the next 16 weeks (if you elect to send the code my way!), i’ll work with a developer and designer to flip this into a game targeting a younger audience, playing to the knowledge that parents will easily drop some coin to keep their kids entertained. That’s exactly what I do for my young kids and I know others do it too.

    I’ve got a couple of kid friendly themes in mind that would work well with this code, and i’m sure we could smash it up the charts and get a really good ROI… perhaps with some marketing on relevant websites that hit the target audience.

    I’d be keen to chat more about how to make this happen with you and hope my response fits the bill to take out the code!

    Cheers mate, chat soon!

  • James November 7, 2013

    Well, that game is awesome I suppose I would make a living from it.


  • William Nole November 7, 2013

    THAT is SICK!!!
    I am all fired up too and can’t wait to reskin this code 5-6 time to get the most out of it if I win. To maximize it’s return I would also make sure to hit different demographics and niches that would accomodate it.
    Love your ideas

  • Charlena November 7, 2013

    I. need. this….

    With this code I would change the layout and allow the user to connect to the Google products as well as connect to social media.

    First I need to put together a team (PA,TA,PM). Establish advertising through many outlets (social media,app/tech bloggers,tech magazines,inside app ads)
    I’d need to pick the best app keyword for ASO.
    Let’s partner up with other established developers that make similar app genre.
    Expand upon the app as it gains popularity (Manga mags,cartoons,toys,DIY books)
    We will capitalize on the trends of the season to bring in extra cash to be used for advertising.
    Flip the app code to save money and make improvements.

    How’s that Mr.Carter???

  • Andy D November 7, 2013

    This is an awesome gift for Christmas. I would reskin the app in time for the Christmas holidays and make it with an Elf running away from monsters in order to reach Santa. On the way the Elf will collect gifts. A Christmas runner game in time for the holidays, nothing like it to make anyone some money!
    Pass it on to me…..

  • Brent November 7, 2013

    I am new to app-flipping and cannot wait to get started. I have been doing a lot of research in the past few days about the process and am really worried about start-up costs. So, to be honest, if I got access to this source code I would need to work out the next sixteen weeks really starting up my app business. Based on the money I have access to right now, I would probably only be able to do one re-skin for a Valentine’s Day type theme: a runner in which a boy is running away from a swarm of girls on Valentine’s Day. The reskin would probably take about 14 days, I would need to make some slight game edits, and create a Facebook page and other small marketing details for advertising. Then, I would submit the game to the app store as fast as possible and wait for them to respond to me. After all of this, it has probably been about 4-6 weeks. Then, I release the app, which will gets some immediate hits from the marketing done previously. These hits should give me some instant revenue, which I will use to begin investigating more reskin options and addons for this source code. By the time I reach enough money for a new reskin, I would have probably reached the 9-10 week mark. So, I would reskin it with a new theme (maybe based on current events, or maybe based on popular trends such as zombies but with a dash of creativity, like you are a zombie running from humans who want to kill you before the disease spreads). I would repeat the process that I went through for the first game and, by the 16th week I would have my first two apps out and on the market and would be on my way to collecting money to reinvest in some more reskins and, eventually, some more app source codes. Also, adding to this plan, I have found a few people willing to go into the app market with me so, with their added investment and advice, I would be able to make the app even better. But, I would definitely make sure to focus on my first reskin before I made 8 others. I need people to download, play, and share my game so that the money can start rolling in and I can start reinvesting to make even more.

  • Kaylyn & Roy November 7, 2013

    Hey Carter, my partner & I have already thought of some really incredible ideas for reskins of this app. Right now, we think we can pull off 8 reskins (one every two weeks,), and maybe double that if we do both paid & free versions. If we play our cards right, the monetization could be real sweet! And, if we get the source code soon enough, we may be able to crank out a holiday themed one as well. Let’s Rock ‘n Roll!

  • Alda November 7, 2013

    If you decide to give me the code, there’s 2 possible outcomes for the end of the 16 weeks. Either i will become a very big fan of yours OR i will see the whole “app flipping”-hype as a big money making machine for its creators.

  • Matthew Grant November 7, 2013

    If you were to give me the source code for Ninja Revinja, I would be sure to flip the crap out of it with my sister and friend who are both app flipper enthusiasts plus myself. My sister and my friend both have experience in graphics design, and I’m a hobbyist programmer, which will allow us to flip this code as many times as we want (which will be a lot).

    Us 3 will also have the next 4 months literally free, as we will be finishing our high school exams next week (Australia), and are going to dedicate a large majority of our time to learning how to re-skin apps. so that we can have a steady flow of passive income during university studies which start in March next year.

    Whilst we are still learning the in’s and outs of re-skinning apps, if you were to privilege me and my colleagues with that mega sweet Ninja Revinja, you can be assured that I and my partners will re-skin that source code as much as humanely possible over the next 16 weeks. You would also greatly help us grow a passive income, which most of will go to funding our university fees.

    I hope I have convinced you of my deep dedication to the app-reskinning business.

    Matthew Grant

  • John Higgins November 7, 2013

    Hi Carter,

    Great, awesome stuff.It’s just a great, brilliant idea Carter. Hat’s off to you.

    I am a stay at home dad. The kids are both at school now meaning that I can build my app business. I’ve had a little success with android (was hard work when the kids were at home – I had to work crazy hours learning it) and my eyes are now targeted on iOS and the app store.

    Here’s my plan:

    Use the source code alongside the online course I’m going to do to that teaches iOS, app development and reskinning. I aim to get the app reskinned in time for Christmas, probably with a theme to fit in with the time of year. I’ll study the app and see what’s possible.

    I’ll then plan many reskins. I’ll look at trends in the App Store (thanks to Chad Mureta for the ideas in his book about how to do this) and plan out what I’ll release and when.

    The app could be the cornerstone of building a business for myself and my family next year. I’ll flip some apps and keep some apps. I’ll look at more of your source code thereafter to build a portfolio.

    But just brilliant Carter. Keep it coming!


  • Rishi November 7, 2013

    With this code, I will give all the endless runner games a run for their money. Here is what I propose to achieve:
    (a) Create multiple re-skins of various age groups/regions.
    (b) Add features to destroy obstacles with weapons in line with the themes. These weapons can be purchased in-app.
    (c) Add features to brag about personal exploits & invite friends.
    (d) Create Android versions (as the source is Unity, so that should be easy).
    (e) Add localization (language), if my technical/management skills permit.

    I will start by upgrading one version of the code to add new features and then multiply for various themes. I will need 2 weeks to understand the code, next 8-10 weeks for the first one and then have a blast in the next 4-6 weeks with maybe 2 re-skins a week.

  • Dimitris November 7, 2013

    Hey Carter ,

    If i take this code , i will do 4 resins with with great graphics and maybe a few changes in the code to add some things and change some others to be perfect .Also , i plan to release a christmas themed resin. At the end it would be great to have this code because i am starting my own app company (which will have its first app by the end of the month i hope , it went late cause of law and tax unspecified content) and it would be great to have a huge app like this with 4 reskins and both paid and free versions with perfect graphics . It would be great for business and also great for my company’s name.

    In 16 weeks i hope i manage to have up and running about 10 apps in the app store (without mentioning the reskins for every app) and hopefully this will be one of my strong hands.

    Thank you very much ,

  • tasnim ahmed November 7, 2013

    I am a fast 4 weeks i ll know whether the code suits me or not in terms of reskinning,marketing,profit,cost.then i will decide what should i do with this code after 4 weeks.

  • Steven November 7, 2013

    As a developer/publisher who’s been in the entertainment and utilities sections for 3 years I’d finally take the big plunge into the gaming category. I’ve been thinking about the switch but it seems like a hard category to compete in, in terms of competition but also quality level. Dev times for games are also a lot longer than for utility type apps and so they present a riskier investment. So if I had a good game codebase, I’d take take a good look at the viral loops in the game, get them to a good point where marketing spend is strongly amortised by the virally/organically acquired users, remove all clutter from the app if any and just focus the game on it’s gameplay, and then cross promote my existing userbase like crazy and see how far the rabbit hole goes.

  • Joe Clayton November 7, 2013

    I am a software engineer – have been for 35+ years, though never a game developer. But this contest code would NOT be for me, but for my 2 teen age sons.

    One son graduates in June, his brother 2 years behind. My youngest son LOVES games (they both do) and he wishes to design them. (he knows this game – he already plays it!) The elder is JAVA certified and a mathematician in the making. I would use the code for them – to create an APP company for them, starting with this code, whose proceeds would be used to fund their college education (put in jeopardy by the divorce) and build them a (hopefully thriving) business to start their life after college – an APP to teach them business, to teach them game development in real life, etc.

    Our objective for the next 16 weeks would be for them, with my help, to reskin the app – even reprogram it – get it to the marketplace and monetize it, and build an App business. There is no education better than real life, better than DOING.

  • Daniel Lee November 7, 2013

    My 16 Weeks Workout : Hi Carter, I’m pleased to share my Plan with you as it further confirms my commitment to myself , develop group support & increase accountability. I would look at the Flipping Process starting from the Source code (the human skeleton viz exploration phase with my developer), then adding the Flesh (the theme, look & feel, Monetization Model). Next would be designing the Clothings (I call it improving the stickiness ; thereby further engaging the users). Last but not least, I would throw in the Clothing Accessories (robustness test, tweaks, planned pipeline for updates as part of marketing).

    I would use the 16 weeks to produce “one” (yes, you heard me right) Killer App. The Theme in my head is like “Man Versus Food” theme. The backdrop would be the Great Wall of China !! Among the myriad of my wacky Ideas, I would customize the Navigation link in my “Ninja Revinja Re-skin” to bring traffic to a “Chad & Carter Clan of Appreneurs” list of Apps. One of my dream is to be part of your Team, to build a new App World.

    p/s : “We are what we think. All that we are, arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we create our World” – Buddha

  • Brandon Defrancis November 7, 2013

    Well with 16 weeks assuming its an unlimited license I would try and re skin as many ideas as I can come up with different styles maybe and I would distribute them to the app store.
    And if I get lucky and it makes good money I would use it to pay for school and maybe expand the app re skin business.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this have a great day.

  • James November 7, 2013

    I would get a few people to partner with and see how we could leverage the code base into more hot mobile games.

  • Brad P November 7, 2013

    My son (9) and I have been wireframing an app for a while now – the use of this source code would vastly streamline the development of our game as we do not have the resources presently to hire a team of developers to build it for us!

    Many thinks for the link at the very least we can save up to buy it, provided we did not win it.
    Cheers, B

  • Phil November 7, 2013

    I’d integrate to my app control back-office, re-skin the game, tweak some of the game play so it’s not an exact copy, and repeat. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • TinaAngela November 7, 2013

    I would use the source code to make my game that has to do with taking down MONSANTO. I would hope this will create more of an awareness that Monsanto is killing us with their FrankenVeggies.

    Thank you for the opportunity.


  • Nathan November 7, 2013

    Hey Carter.

    I have great plans for this and was looking for source code of this type. I have already been working on 3D Assets for this type of game like this and have made a mind mapping diagram.

    To get a taste, see this.

    Having the code to complete the game and launch it within two months would be tremendous.

    My goal is to make enough money that I can take the actual trek in Belize that I am basing the game on.

    I will release this both to iOS and Android and apply all my skills to promote it.
    I will immediately work on concepts for several more games from the same source.

  • Javier November 7, 2013

    Will complement with What i am learning with chat mureta’s course

  • Bartek November 7, 2013

    If I win the contest, I will hire a developer/designer to reskin it and publish it on iTunes and Google Play. Perhaps I’ll learn Unity myself, since I make mobile apps (although in other frameworks) and I’ve always wanted to get to know how to use it.

  • Randy Julien November 7, 2013

    I would love to have an idea on what you mean by “what would I do with the source code.” The whole app flipping is completely new to me. By your words though it gets me excited in learning about this market.
    I wish the best for whom ever ends up with it.

  • Ron Rovall November 7, 2013

    The re-skin and creative is the easy part. I have done 3 of them and they are all out on the App Store. No matter how good the re-skin is or how good the program is, none of it matters unless you know how to market the app. Since I have not figured that part out yet. I am going to offer Chad and Carter an opportunity to participate on the upside and really teach me this business. I am very interested in Unity and already have my 10 year son figuring out how to program games with it! Let me have it!

  • Opus November 7, 2013

    I will reskin the app 99,000 times into 99,0000 themes, what a load of garbage this shit is! This is the problem with the app store too many talentless people trying to make a quick buck with unoriginal gameplay.

  • Brian November 7, 2013

    Hey Carter,

    I have been working on my first app, thanks to inspiration that you gave me. Living with depression before I decided that I can do this. I want to thank you for that. This source code would bring a new light in my life. I currently have plans to re-skin this app with all new images and themes. I currently have 12 themes planned out, and I know I could get at least 4 out in the next 16 weeks. I am currently getting ready to start a KickStarter Project to launch my own app flipping and app development company where I plan to hire entry level people from our local university (fresh minds equals fresh ideas). I plan on sharing source codes as freely as you hoping to make an impact on people the way that you have impacted me. I have been following you and Carter for a while and since reading Carter’s story last week I have decided to take a kickboxing class and fight some people. I am fighting for my family, for myself, and for the others that I plan on helping in life. I will fight, and I will succeed.

  • Nick Cifonie November 7, 2013

    Like everyone else above, I would re-skin the game and post it as free and paid, as well as in different stores, etc etc etc..

    To give back, I would also take half of my initial profits and create a game with it that I would host a similar contest here with, and give it away as well. (as long as I had your blessing, lol) I don’t want to take without giving.

    I just had Google close one of my accounts that had 1200+ apps in it, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect…


  • Chris Hendrickson November 7, 2013

    I have loved playing this game since JC first showed it to me at the first App Empire live event last December!!! If I won the source code for this game, I would first bust out a Michael Jackson dance to celebrate 😀
    Then I would promptly reskin it based on market research into specific game subcategories, by outsourcing to multiple PRO 3D modelers. After the initial launches to the Apple App Store (with Google Play soon to follow), I would begin making it more viral (Facebook bragging to friends for free upgrades, sharing Achievements on Facebook, give friends free upgrades, etc) as well as considering tweaking gameplay elements depending on the theme of the game (ie. a Pirate would swing from a rope instead of wall run). I would cross-promote the multiple Evergreen-reskinned versions that I make together via the More Apps button. When there is a holiday, EACH version would get a temporary facelift, which could be saved year after year! This would just be the beginning!

  • Rachel Burgon November 7, 2013

    If I had this code it would be my first game code. So far I’ve only done, lifestyle/parenting apps. Step one: get my kids to check it out. Step two: ask them what they would do with it (kids are so much more creative!) Step three: re-skin in line with my kids ideas . Step four: launch in App Store and put any profit into my kids savings account!

    Let’s make two little kids very happy and give them a cool lesson in entrepreneurship! 🙂

  • jacomi Games November 7, 2013

    I’m not sure this code is the type of code that would be ideal for numerous re-skins? If we were to win the source, we would spend the 16 weeks identifying ways to improve upon the already extremely well done concepts and identify the most appropriate themes based on current trends in App Store. We would look to produce 2 or 3 hopefully smash hits in this time frame. Additionally, we are always looking for ways to give back, so we would also be willing to contribute 20 percent of any profits to the charity of JC and/or Carter’s choice.

  • Ben H November 7, 2013

    I have just put together a small team for reskinning/flipping purposes and have been looking for high quality source codes to use with this team. After reading this post, I have already started to brainstorm theme and style ideas for the game. If I win this source code, I would narrow down my top 3 theme ideas for this 3D runner game and pass the details on to my team. I would have them flip this game 3 times in succession, one after the other. The process would take about 12 weeks, but I should be able to create 3 high quality running games each targeted to a different target audience. I would then spend the remaining time marketing the app both pre-launch, launch and post-launch. I hope you can make this happen!! Thanks. –Ben

  • Corey Wadden November 7, 2013

    Wow – what an opportunity! Before I tell you what I will do with the code, I’d like to say what the additional income will do for me. I’ve been on a two year challenge to try and financially retire my mom after she lost her job, and I’ve been getting heavily into apps, in order to make that happen.

    I interviewed Chad a few months back, and he told me to get into the source code , reskinning game, but it intimidated me. I feel like this would be the perfect opportunity for me to start with this strategy.

    With the code, I will re-skin it into 5 more games on the store. I’ll change the character and environments for each re-skinning.

    To be specific, I will create these new games from the code:


    – minecraft inspired game in 8-bit, because minecraft is still huge.
    – dragonball z anime inspired game on planet Namek, because DBZ is big right now with the release of it’s new movie.
    – granny inspired game, with funny sound effects, like her bones cracking when she jumps. she will have either a jet wheelchair that she will be in, or a jet walker, because granny games are in right now.
    – call of duty inspired game, with a futuristic soldier playing in a war environment, because of how big call of duty ghosts is right now.
    – gta v inspired game, with a southern california looking environment and character that resembles one of the characters from the game, without infringing copyrights, of course.
    – make all apps cross platform, including android and amazon.


    – I will have a designer create two icons to split test.
    – I will use your screenshot template (those are awesome, by the way. Thank you so much for making them) to create two versions of screenshots to split test.
    – I will create a network with nag screens to advertise between the games.
    – I will put each of the 5 games in a different sub-category in Games to test which category performs the best with this type of game mechanic.


    – During weeks 5-8, I will keep a close eye on feedback (reviews) to see what to improve on.
    – Based on the feedback, I will add additional features, and repair malfunctioning ones in order to create a better experience for the users.


    – I will gage which style seems to be taking off the most (80/20 rule)
    – Make either a sequel, or another re-skinned app(s) in that same general theme. (ie. Minecraft, have a different player and different environment, because Minecraft has different skins you can play as. Boy, Girl, Hero, Villain, etc.)


    – Advertise the hell out of Blue Cloud, Carter, App Empire and Chad to try and re-pay them for the unreal opportunity they have given me.

  • Adam November 7, 2013

    Hey Carter!

    Very exciting post – I can’t wait to hear more!

    If I were lucky enough to have the code sent to me, it would boost my business to a new level! I have been re-skinning games for a few months using Chad’s course, as well as your blog and other resources as a guide. I have 9 apps (plus a few more games in the works…) and I’m just starting to get some great traction and make some really exciting progress! I am already making games full time now and living the dream thanks to your advice.

    My games are getting better and better, but with source code like this I would definitely be able to step everything up in a big way. In 16 weeks, I would produce 6 versions of the game after thoroughly researching the app store for the best themes. I already have some ideas based on the current top grossing apps – knights and dragons, a Christmas themed version, as well as a very polished Disney/Pixar style character (think Despicable Me – I already have ideas for this…) and that’s just for starters! I have just finished two games with my great new team who are based in Eastern Europe. I could definitely make this happen!

    My main goal is to create really great games – I want to leverage my current games to continue to step up the quality as quickly as possible. I believe the best games will keep users coming back so I want to make sure I provide an awesome user experience – basically, something I would want to play. My latest games have awesome power ups and upgrades that are adding a whole new level for my users. It’s so exciting to be creating games I am really proud of!

    Thanks for the opportunity Carter – and as always, thanks for the great knowledge you’re passing on.


  • Asad November 7, 2013

    Reskinning this code is just the beginning. It is what most of the people here would do. To really succeed with code that is offered to the general public like this, we would go the extra mile to add in a few customizations like multiplayer, social integration scripts, app review scripts, game replays, push notifications etc to turn it into a new game without breaking the bank !

  • Evens November 7, 2013

    Hi Carter,

    This source code opportunity is really awesome. I am currently working to launch my first App and doing the coding part myself, i know exactelly the amount of time and work necessary to produce something of quality. With this source code i will be able to reskin the App with at least 4 other themes within the next 16 weeks. This will greatly help the launching of my App company. I also plan of creating a Group App flipping company erre people Will ne able to invest on Apps in Group with Amy amont that they wish.
    This is a huge opportunity for me and i thank you for giving us this.

  • John November 7, 2013

    If I were to win, this would achieve my next big goal of migrating from 2D games to 3D games. I have some awesome ideas for a 3D runner source code and can’t wait to give em a try! I had been working with a partner up until last month and this would definitely give me some ground to stand on my own. I think the reskin could be done right in about 30 days, 30 days for the submission process and then it is rolling at least one a month out. Different themes and different target audiences.

  • Dustin McKay November 7, 2013

    Oddly enough just before this post came out I was talking with the developer of Ninja Revinja, and he confirmed that it cost between $12000 and $18000 to make!! WOW This is an awesome deal. If I win this code over the next 16 weeks, I think I would reskin it at least 16 times. For 3d codes like this I imagine (so far have only done 3d ones) that getting the artwork takes a bit longer, but since Hiring good designers is easier than hiring good programmers, this would be a huge boost. One failing I have been having is that even though, my downloads are high, finding a game that monetizes well is difficult.

  • Johannes Strydom November 7, 2013

    Hi Chad & Carter,

    I’ve downloaded the game and WOW it really looks good and plays very well. I can see why it’s so popular. With that code the reskinning possibilities are almost endless. I’m sure one can tweak it so that the mechanics looks a bit different for each reskin. That way you could retain the magic of the code and keep people coming back to play more. The big win having this code would be that one could re invent it with each reskin and recreate a revenue stream each time. This is probably THE CODE one must have!

  • Sierra November 7, 2013

    Hi Carter,
    If I won this code, it would provide a great opportunity for me to start my app business. As a newbie with a college student budget, winning this code would allow me to FINALLY follow your advice, start with games, keep costs low, and reskin! This code would be a great tool for starting my business off on the right foot. I am someone who would sincerely appreciate your generosity and execute my plan.

  • Martin Caldwell November 7, 2013

    KARMA LOVES ME!! I was about to buy a similar code and put out an awesome new twist to this style game. But know it is going to come to me. Sweet! I already have the tallent in place, so off to the market and watch it climb to the top. 16 weeks of kid like laughter! Just like in my mind movie.
    Thanks, Carter
    P.S. I love your site, always good info. here.

  • Tim November 7, 2013

    If I were to win the code, Carter, I would do exactly what you have mentioned in all the newsletters that i have recieved and all the information i have seen online coming out of your camp period! and I say that because obviously the formula you have developed is something to be reckoned with! I already have a team of designers ready for anything, so the reskin time would be minimal at best. Then i would have my testers play the game through and through to see what if anything should be added, also what should be replaced or taken out all together. Then off to the app market with a free and paid version, using only your camps ad campaign. And thats how I would spend the next 16 weeks of my boring existence.

    Thanks for reading,
    Tim P.

  • shawn November 7, 2013

    If I received this bad ass code I would start a blog dedicated to documenting the entire process of reskinning this game and starting a high-end game business. Everything from building a team of Unity3D pros to the research, design, development, marketing and launching of multiple reskins. It will be epic.

  • Kerry Powell November 7, 2013

    I have been building business apps for just over 2 years and have a few professional sports franchises that I built successful apps for. They are now wanting to increase their fan interaction by building game apps that are specific to their sport.

    I have never built any game apps at all and so obtaining this source code would give me a great opportunity to understand better the requirements of building successful gaming apps.

    Over the 16 weeks I would not be looking to re-skin too many times but to concentrate on building a quality app/apps that people would want to download and play. Once mastered then look to rinse and repeat.

    I have got some great app game ideas that so far don’t seem to be around in the app stores, that would offer some educational value, in addition to all the usual fun/skill/addictive core requisites for a great game.

    Then the key is monetizing the app and marketing it. I already have over 30,000 downloads to just my sporting apps so would start with them and progress from there.

    I don’t see it as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme but rather an extension of my current business.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Michelle Boguslaski November 7, 2013

    Hello Carter,

    I would absolutely love to get the KILLER Code you are giving away!! I am a straight up beginner in this game of developing and flipping apps! For the last few years I have always thought about developing apps. I just never thought it was for me because I have no programming experience what so ever. One day two weeks ago a “light bulb” went off and I thought there has to be a way to get into building apps and I was determined to find out how this can be done. I browsed amazon to look for inspiration and informative books on the subject. I came across Chad’s book and when I received it I could not put it down. I then took a big financial step for me by purchasing the app flipping program and App Empire. I am now a big two weeks into the program and I’m loving it! This program is exactly what I was looking for and I am happy I came across it! I am driven to succeed but my financial situation may not allow me to go too far to continue to flip apps if I do not earn enough revenue to pay programmers to flip my apps. I am a very determined person to succeed in this business but I just need the right tools and direction that I am finding in your program. If I won this KILLER source code I would flip it and be as creative as possible as many times as I could!! This would give me the advantage I need to start strong, get ahead and start building my own app empire!!

    I appreciate your consideration to share this KILLER source code with one of us!

    Michelle Boguslaski

  • Landon November 7, 2013

    I would do a bruce lee flying ninja jump no one has ever seen before if I won. Then, I would re-skin this bad boy with my new team I just set up here in the Philippines. I would push myself and my team to not only re-skin, but improve this game if possible by making an interesting theme and adding whatever we could to push this source code and this industry further along.

    I would gladly give back any success I have in this blog, my mastermind groups, and with anyone else looking to make a mark in this industry.

  • Lurds LLC November 7, 2013

    I have downloaded the free app and love the features of the game. After viewing the webinar today, I hope to understand what direction to go with this code from Unity3D . Reskinning ideas poppin’…. :))


  • Marcus November 8, 2013

    So far I have been re-skinning only 2D games. Been good so far, but what can I say, a full blown 3D Unity game along the lines of Temple Run will certainly push this over the edge!

    I already have developers who are well-versed in Unity, so re-skinning and adding new characters and levels to this already awesome game will surely knock it out of the park!

    What truly excites me is the potential of this ‘next level’ of re-skinning. It promises to rival top caliber games that take months to develop… and you get to reskin it as yours… just giddy with excitement!

  • Isaac Jaime November 8, 2013

    Hey Carter,

    Not only have you been rockin it in the app flipping business, you are helping this community of app developers grow to great heights! What you have done for the app business is astonishing, congrats on all your success! This is an amazing opportunity you are giving us and I hope to take full advantage of it.

    I plan to hit the ground running with this source code and re-skin it as many times as possible to maximize its value the developer put into it.

    How I plan to use this source code over the next 16 weeks…

    Weeks 1-4: Winning Mindset & App Market Research
    Weeks 5-8: Re-skinning multiple platforms of different games
    Weeks 9-12: Marketing & Monetization
    Weeks 13-16: Re-invest and repeat process

    Once again thank you for this great opportunity!

    Keep rockin,

  • Naresh November 8, 2013

    Hi Carter,

    To make this game to even reach higher . I will add more features to the code on par of temple Run . I will do couple of reskins to get the budget to play royal .

  • George Femic November 8, 2013

    I mostly work on Flash and Unity games.
    If I had the source of this game I’d definitely make one or two re-skins.
    I’d recreate the graphics of course, but I’d also tweak the gameplay to make it a bit different and more unique.

  • Sajid November 8, 2013

    As the app is in Unity, I would look to launch this as a multi-platform indie game.
    In line with this strategy I would pick a theme that is popular across ios, google play,
    Xbox, playstation, PC & Mac.

    My goal would be to continue this model until I can produce enough income to support me and my wheel chair bound brother and our family.

  • Brian November 8, 2013

    Hi Crater and Chad,

    I’m a South African, and would love to start an App business here, and if I won I would re-skin the app to have an African Theme to it, I have already a name for the app game it would be either “zulu nyala” or Zulu spear.

    I would really like to be the first African to have a game in Africa then spread out to the rest of the world.

    This would just be the beginning of my app business journey

  • Andy Dang November 8, 2013

    Hi Carter,

    Thanks for the great post and this fantastic opportunity in this contest.
    I’m staying in another side of the world (Singapore) and have been developing mobile apps for more than a year now. My mission is to build a good business starting with mobile apps that can free me from daily job so that I can come back to my country Vietnam to give back in 2 ways
    1. Use technology and innovation to help people in developing countries
    2. Participate in the NGO that I have been working with to build school and loving house for poor children and family (

    So far, I have been creating game with Gamesalad and planning to migrate to Unity3D pretty soon. Hence, this is a great opportunity for me. Here is my plan if I get the source code

    Week 1-2: Learn about the basic things in Unity. Hire developer(s) to update the code. Do market research to choose the best 3 theme to reskin (maybe for xmas, Chinese new year and valentine)

    Week 3-5: Ask my graphic designer who is working quite close with me to prepare the graphic. At the same time, reskin the first 3 apps. Definite I will promote your game inside app as a thank you for this great help.

    Week 6-8: Publish 3 reskin apps in multiple app store and game like iTunes, Google Play store, Amazon, Samsung store and game stores like steam, marketing for the apps and keep tweaking during xmas and new year.

    Week 9-10: Monitor the result and decide the next step to reskin the for many more (depend on the market research and the result of the first 3 apps)

    Week 11-12: Finish up reskin and publish more apps

    Week 13-14: Monitor and share result with our group here

    Week 15-16: Paying forward time
    Share experience with the app developer forum
    Share 10% profit with the developers and graphic designer
    Share 10% profit to charity
    Develop more awesome code to share with our developers like what you did here

    Looking forward to hearing from you Carter. Thanks for giving me the chance to write out my passion and please forgive my Singlish 🙂

    Stay awesome and keep rocking the app world,
    Andy Dang

  • Brian Ma November 8, 2013

    Hi Carter,

    I’m going to f*cking kill it with this app.

    With this code, I will re-skin it with awesome designers. In the 16 weeks, I will first pump out 1 reskin before the holiday rush.

    From there I will check out the results and tweak the theme to the market which I currently study for 1.5 hours a day (looking at the top charts for both iPhone / iPad and playing the apps). Weekends included =)

    In addition to this, I’m a grinder. I’ve been serious in the app game for a year and have started to snowball successes due to my hard work and the information you, Chad, and Elaine Heney very generously share.

    Thank you for the post and the opportunity!

    Please choose me for the code giveaway!

    – Brian

  • Florian November 8, 2013

    I would improve the source code further and reskin it with a new theme from the top 100 app charts.

  • Sally Sloley November 8, 2013

    First, this is not a get-rich-quick way to anything. This is a really sturdy stepping stone that, if re-skinned properly could be a launching point to a career in app flipping. Which is my goal. I have purchased several of Carter’s recommended codes and am learning a lot. I’m in the midst of my third re-skin and am reworking an app of mine that is going to be great. My goal right now is to build a base of re-skinned apps that’s can fund my dream apps that will fund my dream lifestyle. I finally have a dev and a graphic designer that I trust and I’m so close. I just need that extra push to pull it all together. Hoping this code will be the catalyst to my dream job!

  • Jason November 8, 2013

    Whether I was to win it or not, I’m going to have it 🙂

    In 16 weeks it’ll just be like any other code, reskin it tons, perhaps change things how I see fit to make it unique, better and for it to earn more. Let it make my portfolio even bigger and make me even richer than I already am 😀 Wouldn’t sweat the details or game/success. Just reskin it to the point apple get tired of accepting it and move on, it’s just one more source code I dominated 😉



  • Puneet Kohli November 8, 2013

    I’m already a unity developer, so I can easily break down this code and manipulate/flip it to my advantage.

    I’ve built the game pastry push ( in approximately 12 weeks from scratch, and it’s already in the top paid games of Blackberry’s app world.

    Given 16 weeks, I could make a super hit game out of your source code. Possibly adding multiplayer features, leaderboards, better graphics and animations, etc.

  • Michael R. November 8, 2013

    I got involved in this business in September and have had my finger on the pulse of it for the last few months. This is an epic experience for me, my best friend, and my two younger brothers. It’s given us a chance to make video games for a living!

    We have an awesome idea for using the code to this app 😀

    In 16 weeks we would take the existing code and modify it to utilize the new Goji Play technology and the movement tracking capabilities of the hardware in most mobile devices and turn the game from just an endless runner into a fitness game! This would only take a few weeks (4-7 maybe) and then we can focus on building the marketing sequences for a successful launch. We’ve been doing internet launches (mostly in the Real Estate industry) for years so this part will actually be easier than the reskin lol.

    This market is getting bigger and bigger and right now the competition is lower than in some parts of the App Store since the technology is just getting out there (think the original Wii Sports vs Wii Sports Resort or Wii Fit). We’d probably miss the Christmas season but we’d be ready for the new year and all of the people resolving to get in shape 🙂 and why not use their new mobile device to do it!

    So to sum up if we got this code we would:

    1. We’d reskin & modify the app for the fitness game niche.

    2. Launch it in January (given that Apple approves it quickly enough).

    3. Have a huge jump start in our own App Development business!

  • Omar Amir November 8, 2013

    Hey Carter,

    If I won this, I would start as fast as I can in re-skinning the application and modify it. I’ll launch it on both platforms (Android and iOS). In the 16 weeks, I would create effective updates such as updating graphics, scoreboards, quality and animations. I’ve worked with several game engines before such Unreal Engine and Unity 3D Engine. In addition, I am a coder and I mastered multiple programming languages such as PAWN, CSS, HTML and C#. I will try to populate this application as much as I can and I will work on it to my fullest.

  • waleed November 8, 2013

    hey Carter,
    This looks really promising, i have started one year ago in this business and last week i quit my work to start m own business, you have inspired me a lot 🙂

    i have some apps now and some off them are based on codes from your site, i was looking for something that will take me to the next level in this business and i think i have a good chance with this code. i already flipped one game that was done in unity so i’m familiar with that program and i think it’s a good chance to try to go into the play store too.

    i have played the game and i think it can be re-skinned and polished int0 something really good as this code has good potential.

    for me 16 weeks plan will be:
    1 week to study the code and see which themes that can be skinned to
    1 week to put what enhancements needed
    3 weeks to finish new visuals and first design
    1 week integration and testing
    2 weeks waiting apple approval 🙁
    1 week monitoring and collecting feedback
    1 week pushing an update if needed.
    1 week to register to Play store
    2 weeks to publish the game for Android too 🙂
    then another reskin !

    hope to have the chance to get it

    Thanks a lot!

  • Kurt November 9, 2013

    Hellooo Carter
    This adventure of reskinning apps started just one month ago for our family. After posting our job requirements for a developer we received over thirty applications. Thats the easy part, but finding the right one can be difficult along with searching for the cash to continue. Finally, we came to a decision on a company from India and pooled our money together. What a blessing! Funny thing is this company have built popular codes which make money. Matter of fact, some games were bought by many of you for reskinning. With one game ready for approval we (family members) are excited to continue our efforts to bust free from the chains of conformity and enjoy life as God has intended. Although many complain of lack and how bad the economy is. Were happy to have found this opportunity. We understand nobody is going to give us nothing unless there is effort. We stand tall and are determined to build our own successful economy with a solid foundation. We are going to work smart and plow through obstacles until we reach each goal and help others along our pathway. “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar This is our system and we believe it works. I hope everyone lives a life of happiness and prosperity. God Bless! Kurt
    Be part of the 1% not the 99%

  • Sid November 9, 2013

    My goal is to create a fun education game. This code would be a great platform for that. My passion is language learning. I think this game could be reskinned for that. 16 weeks would be enough time to get new audio and text.

  • Vikas November 9, 2013

    Hi Carter,
    I am almost done with one of your game codes, already looking for a new challenge. I would push my brother and myself to finish this game ASAP and work out the possibility to publish the game in Android. I would go a bit away from Ninja theme and look for something fresh and attractive, already have few concepts in mind 🙂

    Hope to keep up the momentum going and quite my full time job by this time next year.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Michael Copeland November 9, 2013

    Hello there,

    I would take a look at the game to see if anything needs to be changed in terms of functionalities and playability. I’d also look for vitality components and if not there, possibly add them. Also, there needs to me monetization, if it’s not there, add it. Then put it in the Apple and Google app stores and launch a marketing plan around the launch of the game.

  • lukas November 9, 2013

    First, thanks for the opportunity!

    The 16 weeks, with an exception of the first 2 or 3, will look mainly the same.
    In my opinion, it´s not good to stay with a cycle. The appmarket is not a cycle, you have to invent and implement at the same time. So if you have a great idea, you can implement right now.

    Why waiting to complete one “cycle”, when you can research, flip and tweak at the same time. That’s why you outsource things to people who have better technical and artistic skills, so you can research and focus on feedback.

    But if we want to be realistic, the first 2 weeks will be finding themes, testing ideas and hiring. You have a great product, so you have to have great graphics. If you don’t have that, you will ruin everything. If you want a great product, everything has to be great.

    If the cash cow is ramping up the money, you can outsource the feedback process to an assistant and only look for potential themes.

    The first weeks (2 – 3 weeks) will be:
    – Testing ideas we already have
    – Theme research (Magazines, TV, Cinema, www, Game Market (other platform’s))
    – Hiring (hire slow – fire fast), (Odesk, Elance, Dribbble)

    The rest of the 16 weeks we will have multiple things to do. Things we have and want to do to have a sustainable app company:

    – Theme Re- Search
    – Getting Feedback (Live User Testing, Reviews)
    – Tweak, Tweak and Tweak
    – Split Testing (Icons, Nag screens, App Screenshots, App Copy)
    – Creating new IAP´s
    – Tweak IAP Prices
    – Marketing Strategy
    – Looking at other Running Games (why are they successful, emulate Tactics, implement)
    – Looking at other Type of Games/ Apps as well. They are different games/ apps, but that doesn´t mean that we can´t implement their tactics.
    – If we have other Games/ Apps, create a Network to cross-promote every app.
    – Translate the language in your app (Hire translator or use

    Other things you have to do:
    – Launch on other platform’s, just to stay on one is not very smart. Just imagine, if you have a killer game, why just have it on IOS. On windows you will probably rule everything because the market isn’t so overcrowded.
    – Document everything
    – Try using different promoting networks like Chartboost, Revmob, Fiksu, etc.
    – Test other “App Tools” like Sensor Tower, App Annie, Appboy, Flightpath, Tapjoy (you can get the full list if you contact me)
    – Give a share of the profit to developers, graphic designers, assistents



  • Rob Kuh November 9, 2013

    Hi Carter,

    Thank you for putting together this awesome forum/business and allowing us an opportunity to learn from your success and failures.

    I, like a lot of people on this forum, have only recently started with App Flipping. I have transition from doing this on a part-time basis, to now trying to make this a full-time occupation. In early October, I transitioned out (not by choice) from my full time employment. That said, I believe it is probably the best thing that has ever happened to my career.

    Regards, my 16 Week Plan. I would start with identifying which themes and advertisers were prominent within the iTunes store. From there, I would research keywords to determine which ones I could likely rank for. Then I would proceed with creating 4 different themes, which would be used for further market testing, and analysis. Over an 8 week period, I would gather enough data to have identified the strongest theme and kw’s and would then put all of my marketing/advertising efforts into promoting that theme further. In addition, the information I have gather, I would use for a second release with updated features/functionality, new icon’s and screenshots.

    I believe that an oppportunity to recieve a great source code at no cost, would propel my business into generating enough revenue to allow me to conitune down this journey. I would also, be willing to split my revenue with you or donate 50% of the revenue generated in the 16 week period to your charity of choice.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Best Regards,


  • Chris November 9, 2013

    I would use the source code as the jumping off point for starting my app empire. Of course I’d re-skin the application first thing, maybe add a few new twists and get to market within the first 8 weeks. For the remaining 8 weeks I make another variant of the app based on what worked for the top 10 competitors in my market space.
    With 2 successful launches under my belt I would most certainly have confidence under my and belief that I can do this again and again until my goals are achieved. I would begin branching out to see what other opportunities there are in the mobile app space and continue to build the business.
    I think for most people – getting that first application launched and out the door is a really big issue. Once that first application is launched I thing there is a certain confidence that is imparted to the person(s) that launched it. Like the saying goes… You can’t build a reputation/make a living based on what you were “gonna” do.
    Thank you for this most excellent opportunity.


  • Patrick November 9, 2013

    OK assuming I won this awesome source code (yeah it is pretty slick play). Here is what I would do.

    REVIEW every graphic and code for re-skinning, see if I can make it easier for my developers and designers.

    Get my 3 kids to play it and tell me what they like and don’t like about it, so I can make it better.
    Ask my three kids what themes would be most popular with all the kids… even the “cool kids” today, pick the top two and prepare to skin.

    While skinning is in play, I would personally work on the marketing side of the plan. Marketing would include a simple site for status, facebook page, youtube page and cross promote that with my other sites, connect with review sites for advance reviews, run traffic geyser, google hack and other traffic methods, prepare a press release for each version of the game to release 2 weeks apart and circle back. Add the push notification for game two when published and ready for traffic. Have a contest for reviews. Consider adding a Contest Burner to increase viral sharing and downloads.
    PUBLISH the first skin, then wait a few weeks and push notification along with the marketing above to the second version once published to the AppStore, GooglePlan and other Android sites.

    With the revenue realized from these apps, I would have a recurring breakdown as follows;
    -10% gross to charity
    -50% re-invest into my app flipping business
    -20% re-invest into my 3 kids app flipping business (maybe bring my brother into the family business as he has a great idea for a custom app that would go viral for kids and parents as well as some great ideas on sports apps)
    -20% into company savings for larger projects, hardware/software and general business expenses in the future

    I would want to keep the revenues all in the business until we are operating with a minimum $10,000+ per month revenue, then contemplate increasing the charity portion and consider full time app flipping with my kids around the world.

    With the 20% future spend savings, I’d love to host a “hack-a-thon” event with my kids, their friends and locals, with a whole whack of source codes to skin and flip.
    That would be a great investment in the business, kids and the app industry. Not to mention a huge media story to increase marketing ops.

    From there the portfolio would be pretty powerful and enticing for larger corporations for acquisition.

    I think this cycle can be continued for about 12-15 years based on what I have learned so far and where the analysts anticipate things to go with apps.

    This would be my first true game app, so this opportunity is very exciting. Thank you.

    BTW Carter, I just punched out 2 more apps from a purchase on your site recently. Thanks to both, you and Austin Church for the killer source code.

  • Ralph Link November 9, 2013

    Id probably waste the opportunity and do nothing with it. I’d love to be forced to do it though.

  • Chris W November 10, 2013

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity, Carter!

    I’m new to this game and starting with very low budget since I spent most of my money on your/Chad’s App Empire and App Flipping products haha. Since re-skinning a 3D game costs more, my strategy will be a little different:

    Month 1 – Learn the Process
    Use the given tools, resources, and source codes I’ve purchased from you and Chad to get my first 1-3 apps into the App Store. Learn basic Photoshop skills to modify graphics from websites s.a., and learn how to understand XCode just enough to add the new graphics to a game. Publish one app at a time, at sloth speeds, but really learn the process. At this point I’m doing everything myself, so my time investment is maximized, while my money investment is near zero.

    Month 2 – Increase Velocity and Hire a Team
    Now that I know the drill, it’s time to let go of the wheel in 2 of the 3 major areas, development and design. I’ll probably still be doing some graphical tweaks s.a. changing things up on screenshots or logos (as you did with Alpha Combat), but for the most part, my focus should be on the publishing side. In addition, learning how to hire people and delegate work is an important step in the process of growing my app portfolio. By the end of month 2, my goal is to consistently get newly flipped apps into the store at a rate of at least 1 per week. My spending should still be kept at as low as possible at this point.

    Month 3 – 80/20 Analysis, Metrics, and Data
    Not that I’m planning to completely ignore the numbers during the first 2 months, but in the beginning I feel that I should focus on familiarizing myself with the process, just plain doing it, and seeing what works. Once my app portfolio has grown to a size of 10-15 apps, “spreadsheet analysis” will become more and more important, and it will become clearer which apps in my portfolio deserve more attention than others. Likely, 2 or 3 of these will be generating most of my app income. It’s not until this stage that I’m finally ready to flip the killer app you’re providing – Ninja Revinja! Which brings us to the final time period up until week 16…

    Month 4 – Expand and Diversify My App Business
    Now that I’ve mastered the in-and-outs of flipping “basic” source code, it’s time to add another dimension to it, quite literally: Learn to reskin a 3D source code like the Ninja Game you’re kindly providing and take the App Flipping business to the next level. This is where things get really exciting, because by now I’m in a position to be able to quit my job and fully focus on my app business. At this point, only the sky’s the limit.

    Thanks for your consideration and keep on rocking!

  • Yosi November 10, 2013

    If I got the source code… I dibidibi dibidub I´dibibidibidibidub……
    I would finally make my first step into the app business – honestly, I am so full of doubts and fears….
    I would get some time with my iPhone to play and play and play untill I get some great and crazy ideas about the new skin/story I will give to the game.
    Then I´ll start following all the steps you have been teaching here on this blog.
    I´ll develop the game first in Spanish. Yo soy de Barcelona… so first is first, and also expect to do mistakes, learn, improve, and boom!
    When I get the boom, I´ll probably feel so high and euphoric that I´ll start working around the clock and launching more and more…
    But I promess that I´ll take a break, take a plane and come to the US to have a coffee with you (at least…) and thank you personally, then visit other good old friends living in California 🙂
    I dibidibi dibidub I dibidibi dibidub… Oh yeah…!
    Hasta la vista Carter 🙂

  • Jimmy On November 10, 2013

    This opportunity is super! Thanks again.

    I have been developing apps and reskinning for about 2 years and I love the fact that you can be really creative throughout the process of every app from design to development, especially with games. If I were to get my hands on Ninja Revinja, I would bring some of my characters from my 2D games into the 3D level perspective. Based on the themes that I think would be best with the source code but also make sure it aligns with what the market wants. The gameplay is extraordinary and definitely can create some awesome games with the engine. So the following 16 weeks if I do Ninja Revinja, I plan to pay close attention to market research, themes and specific keywords are important not only to the launch of the game but also the longevity that it stays in the charts and can be found through searches. I will be contacting my previous development team because I have built a long term relationship with them, we have had no issues before, and no leaks of important source codes. Being able to develop a great game requires a great team who understand quickly how the game is written but also who will protect your investment. With that, discuss with my list of designers for modeling the characters and scenery for the game. Each process is important and should be paid close attention to. With college complete and more time for apps, I can dedicate most of my time to this business and hopes to developing my own version of Ninja Revinja.

    I love playing ninja revinja and definitely understand the backbone and every aspect of the engine and JC did a great job with this game. With the experience that I already have with apps I think this can create many more opportunities to expand, not only with good quality games but a AAA type game.

  • Jeffrey Chappell November 10, 2013

    Dear Carter:

    My appreneur purpose in using this code would be to sell the business that I would build from its reskins and from the other apps that I am developing. I am ready to make this commitment toward sustainable independence. I have already set up the business framework for this to happen. I just need to fill it in with an irresistible portfolio of apps.

    Putting this code up against a 16-week time frame would provide me with the intensity and focus needed to make gigantic progress toward this goal, carefully following the steps that your powerful training provides.

    Thanks for considering me for this opportunity.


  • Werner November 10, 2013

    Hi Carter
    If I should win this code it would be a big opportunity to start with consoles and computer games.
    Till now I`m doing iOS Apps but my budget isn`t big enough for such 3d codes, so it would really help me step up.
    In the next 16 weeks I would work my ass of to learn how to market such games on different platforms, during that time I would hire a designer. Then release it and repeat those steps.
    With the money and the knowledge I earned during this time I would buy more 3d/unity games.
    Hopefully that dream comes true and I can work from anywhere around the world 🙂

  • John November 10, 2013

    Hi Carter,

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this source code. This type of run games has always fascinated me. Simple, yet so powerful.

    I’m not going to insult you with repeating all best practices you have already thought us, as that is a given if we have paid attention to your valuable articles.

    However, what I will do if I win the source code is the following; I would focus the theme on the Holidays as that is the biggest advantage there is right now. “Running Santa” is a guarantee hit, and is going to be out there, so why shouldn’t that be my app?

    With your help, I believe it can.

    I will apply all the best practices that I have learned from you guys as well as personal experience, and leverage rapport I have worked on building within relevant communities.

    Reskinning and improving the original source code will happen simultaneously with setting up marketing campaign and strategies.

    My primary goal will be user acquisition, and monetization as a second priority (get users first, monetize secondly). This because I see this as a critical source code to scale my app network.

  • Arno November 11, 2013

    Hi Carter,
    Thank your for this unique opportunity

    First of all I would study the code and look for the perfect theme, than I would start my own blog and document every step. On the one hand I think it would be very exciting to see how my skills and life changed after this project, maybe it`s only the beginning of something back and then it would be sweet to look back and see how everything started. On the other hand it`s useful for others to learn from my experience and maybe also from my mistakes.

    Of course I also would hire a badass designer to reskin the app.
    Creating new IAPs
    Localize App
    Change ad networks
    Launch it on the Play Store, App Store and on the Windows Store.

    After that compare the ad networks tweak the prize of IAP and repeat the steps above.

    This would be my first high end game app and I would be very excited if you pick me to try my best.
    And hopefully I´m able to change my life, get out of the rat race and life my dream.

    Thank you.


  • mike November 11, 2013

    Hi Carter,

    With this source code I will reskin it and release it for android and iOS. I will first release for iOS as a opportunity to tune it up for Android release. Android has been a challenge so far but I want to use this code to help me test, iterate and get more success on that platform.

    As for what I will accomplish with it, in the first week I will finalize idea and complete wireframes. In the next 3 weeks I would reskin it and launch iOS version on the fourth week. On week 6 I would update the keywords on iTunes and localize for 5 languages.

    On week 7 I would launch on Android and spend a little on advertising to get a initial boost. Any profit will be good but what will be most valuable would be the stuff I learned from this. The lessons would allow me to have a better launch for my next app.

    Any profit I make will be reinvested back into the business.

    For the last 5 weeks I have a general idea of would I would do but I would first have to complete the challenge that the first 7 weeks will bring to me.


  • Imtiaz November 12, 2013

    The question I have is how do I ascertain that I am the only owner of the source code. If the source code owners sell this to multiple people, it could create issues down the line.

    However, back to the original point, if I win this app I will explore the possibility of creating a free version and a paid version. In addition I would explore the possibility of running a contest for 4 weeks where various players would be able to upload their scores to a centralized website. The layer who gets the highest score would win a prize.

  • Todd Hathcock November 12, 2013


    I would take this source code, re-skin it, optimize it, do a press release and watch it work hard for me in the App Store after that. Oh yea.. then REPEAT the process a few more times.

    Of course I would want to get some localization done for it but that’s pretty much it. One thing I’ve learned about this app game is you can increase your app chances of performing greatly with a few tricks but nothing is guaranteed. I would have this app submitted in week and the re-skins would only take me 2-3 days max after that. Failing faster is how I built my app business up so quickly.

    Thank you for this great opportunity!

  • Douglas Tuft November 12, 2013

    I would use this as my first app re-skinning project. I would focus a lot on the upcoming holidays right now (thanksgiving, Christmas) because I think I could get a lot of traffic with that kind of app. I would be constantly researching the stores to see what marketing would work the best and implement it as fast as I could.

    Thank you for this awesome opportunity!

  • Markus G. November 13, 2013

    Carter –

    This awesome game would be a real treat to re-skin! And no shortage of ideas here 🙂 What I’ve been trying to figure out what you’d be looking for in someone to share this game with as a giveaway prize. You probably want someone that is not only excited about the opportunity, but someone that knows what they’re doing and can actually “deliver”, as well as give back to the community. Yep, that’s me! 🙂

    So guys…Unity 3D isn’t a simple “slip in the new PNGs and upload in 3 days” kind of deal. This is a serious APP! 🙂 I’ve been in Apps since 2012 and I know Unity 3D pretty well. It’s actually funny, I’d already started on this type of runner! LOL. WOW, but talk about saving some serious time—- this would be KILLER! But I digress…;)

    First, you need at least one team that can handle Unity3D projects. Luckily, I’ve got that covered 🙂
    Naturally I have tons of questions about what the re-skin rules will be. For example, if we just need new textures and can reuse the existing 3d models, that’s way different than having to intro a lot of new 3d assets…even if they can be bought in the asset store 😉

    But that’s all the small stuff. We can deal with details later. This is a way cool unbelievable opportunity you are offering. As others have mentioned it would be super cool to document the process and make a part of the app-flipping course…or as a free tutorial type deal. What ever works best Carter!

    16 weeks is a good chunk of time, and it would be cool to see how many variations we could crack open in that amount of time. Sounds like FUN!

  • Michael Lozano November 14, 2013

    Greetings Carter,

    If I am granted this source code, the first thing I would do is open the game, play it, get the feel of it, and understand what demographic I am targeting. Once I understand the game to its fullest, I will come up with better ideas to add value into my existing app. Once I have my ideas set, I will work with my developer, come up with wireframes and a better design to give my game a better life. Before the game is launched, I would test the app with a few people like relatives, friends, and random people. I would like to make sure my game is just right before actually putting it out on the market. If all goes well, and users love my app, its time to choose a platform.

    By the end of week 5 the game should be ready to launch into a platform. The first platform I would use is Apple, iOS because of its quality. The business model would be Freemium because I would want my app to be free for all users first, then add in-app features to start generating a decent income. If i see progress with my app I will continue adding more marketing strategies to generate more money. For example, iAds: because monetization is key, keywords: I will search the market and find other apps like mine and grab 30 keywords for my search so I can bring in more traffic, Nag screens, Notifications, Cross promotion, Linking with other apps that are similar so we can be in the same option box so we both get more visibility from each others apps, Add a MORE button in my app so it leads to other existing apps once they are out in the market as well, etc. I will try to play and add many marketing strategies to generate as much income as I can.

    Once I have my app running in the market, I will have my developer check how many times people hit certain buttons to make sure that it is visible to the user because hitting these buttons can help me generate more of an income. If I see that this app is running well and generating a great income, I will start on another project because I want to create an empire, a business. My main goal is to have my app business and run my business through my phone.

    Finally, I would use this app to help me start a life, and start living my dream with the app industry. Currently Im working part-time, and still looking for a full time position. This game will help me on my feet and give me the motivation to move forward.


    Michael Lozano

  • Kal November 14, 2013

    Hey Carter,

    This is such an amazing opportunity, thank you for providing it. I’d have to say with this source code, I’d head straight to Angela’s App Services and start my reskin ideas. Right, now I’ve got 4 themes that I think would do great. I’ve done the research and I think I got a great marketing plan. I have ideas on where I want to go with the art and some other ideas on expanding the marketing of these specific themes. I’ve got my ad networks chosen and ready to fire with the freemium versions, and also set up IAP for a pro version of each theme.

    I also have some ideas on user experience, because this code is premium, as you said. There’s a lot of directions I’m thinking of going with this. I have some questions about the detail of the code and how easy new UIs would be to implement. Of course waiting to see how all these reacts in the first few weeks of launch would be crucial. If my plan works, than rinse and repeat, if not, do some more research and tweak it until it works. Plus, the flipsourcecode membership would be awesome too. Would love to bounce new ideas and learn from a new community. Thanks again!


  • Mike November 15, 2013

    Hi! I have been enjoying my first re-skin job, based on a recent app sourcecode i have purchased. I’m just getting into IOS dev, so it’s all new and exciting to me.

    This ninja game is pretty cool. I downloaded and played around with it… it definitely has that infinite Temple-Run like excitement thing going on. I really like the new mechanic of the wall-running, i haven’t seen that in a run game before. So i’m thinking about themes i can come up with that are using that same mechanic, so i wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

    Here’s what i’m thinking… a retro-themed skateboarding or bmx game. I would inject some retrotastic 80’s fun into it, the character’s being chased by various people from the neighborhood after jumping over their stuff and being a general nuisance. Think “paperboy”. Instead of ninja stars, he would have slices of pizza. The soundtrack would be suitably cheesy pop-punk-metal from the same era, of course!

    I think it would really go over well. I just think of stuff that i would want to play, that would be fun and humorous. Anyway, thanks for all you do for the app community, and best of luck to the contenders!


  • Luke November 17, 2013

    Hi guys,

    this is what I would do the next 16 weeks:

    I would research the top apps in that category, download them and play around with them. After that I would analyze them and find out exactly, what makes them so successful, their life time value, the core loop, monetization models, everything.

    Based on that I would think of themes that are popular and provide a good value for the player, but also are a good basis for ad networks and especially direct deals considering awesome ways to monetize and a great user retention.

    Next, I’d find top level designers and programmers, going through many interviews to find the very best for the job.

    Once the app is live, I’d track and analyze everything, looking for ways to improve, asking lots of questions and of course then tweak like a freak. 🙂

    Based on what I learned, I would repeat the process over and over, reskinning this code several times.

    And at least equally important I will also focus on the personal level, writing down specific goals on what I want to achieve in the next 16 weeks, setting up stakes that hold me accountable for achieving them, getting up early in the morning to get work done before my actual job, staying up late to learn, work and improve, work on the weekends.

    I’ll go to seminars, meet with like minded people, connect with masterminds, change beliefs that stand in the way, get really excited and hopefully make enough money to start working on building apps full time.

    I’ll basically do whatever it takes to successfully flip apps and getting that source code would really be the icing on the cake.



  • Shreedhar November 18, 2013

    Well Carter, I’m really laughing at the responses people are giving.
    What everyone doesn’t understand is reskinning is not just changing the textures,images,sounds but also a little bit of gaming experience.

    In given 16 weeks of time, I can learn Unity3d, code my own 3D Runner game from scratch.
    Given this code, I would really fail my spirit to do so, assuming something is already present attitude and going lazy.
    I developed my First Windows Phone 7 game on my own by learning XNA in 2 weeks.

  • Jhosehp November 19, 2013

    Hello Carter,

    What about integrating the game with another app? , maybe I do not monetize directly from the game but it increases awareness and push traffic to another app. The big challenge is to create a sharp strategy and know how to do it.
    I would not change the core structure of the game I would just come up with a connection with our other app. This app we are working on has already a sustainable business model and is able to monetize on the short term. You can take a look
    Additionally, we will do marketing, app store SEO, ensure nice design, content management, press releases, integration with social media, etc.

    Thanks for the opportunity, I wish all good luck.


  • hitendra pratap November 19, 2013

    IF I get the code here are the things that I would do.
    1. The code has a bug (maybe a deliberate move by developer) that whenever I connect to internet the game doesn’t show any turns and therefore becomes a very easy game. As soon as I disconnect, the normal game again comes into play.

    2. Facebook connect. Not having it for such a high quality game would be missing the opportunity.

    3. Adding more achievements. One of the key points which makes players come back again and again for endless games. This game has very few and I would therefore add more.

    4. Daily bonus. Definitely a good addition. To give bonus coins each day user returns to the app to increase the retention.

    The reason I would do above mentioned changes is because this is a high level code and definitely has potential to be a big winner and therefore due diligence is needed for this code. Any other UI related changes at this stage are not required. Setting analytics and taking decision based on data would be best.

    This should take maximum of 1 week (mainly for 1st point). Design work is going to take the most time and 2-3 weeks would be a good time estimate for getting it done. I would say in three weeks the first app reskin would be done. Once first reskin is done, I can reuse assets (depending upon theme) and the artists would be having much better idea about the work. Therefore onwards the work time would be further reduced. In 16 weeks, I can create almost 8 reskins of this project. And I plan to release one code with energy mechanism in it, just to see how market responds to it.

  • hitendra pratap November 21, 2013

    btw there’s a bug in the sounds as well. Even when the music and sounds are turned off, the powerup of “increase duration” makes sound. It’s not a big deal but whoever wants to develop the code, could take a note.

  • Joarley November 25, 2013

    Hi Carter,

    If would be blessed with this source code, I would try to hire you to re-skin many versions of this game for me (100% chance for success). If you did not agree with it, here would I do:

    Week 1:
    – Research the hell out of Imangi Studios (creators of Temple Run) and understand how they have marketed such a successful game (and learn everything I can from them);
    – Heavy research on the app store for hot themes on the game/racing categories and come up with a couple of re-skin ideas (probably fantasy-type of game)

    Week 2-5:
    – Prepare graphics and development requirement documents.
    – Take my best 3-D designer to prepare the in-app graphics
    – Take my best programmer to do the necessary changes
    – Invest more than usual on icon and screenshots by hiring specialists on those types of arts;

    Week 6-7:

    – PR buzz and publishing

    Week 8-16 (and 16 to forever)

    – Listen and improve;
    – Do new re-skins after learning a lot from the first one;
    – Watch revenue sky-rocket;
    – Keep coming back at for more amazing staff like this.

    Thank you so much.

  • David December 2, 2013

    I’ve never created an app before in my life – in fact, I haven’t even got an Apple Developer Id yet … in fact, I haven’t even got an Apple computer yet (I got one from an Ebay auction yesterday, and it will arrive in a few days time)

    I only discovered your site a few days ago, and have been enthralled and devouring it constantly for the last few days.

    If I won your source code, I would document the whole process as a case study, going from opening my Apple Developer Account, and the relevant advertisers accounts, like Revmob and Chartboost, creating job adverts to hire developers ad designers … all the way through to approval and release process … to eventually start making money from the app.

    I would continue the case study showing the source code being reskinned additional times and how that can multiply the profits from a single source code.

    This would give new people absolute proof that the system works … as they can follow it from absolutely nothing … right through to a profitable app.

  • Darlington May 16, 2016

    i have being interested in mobile games apps for a long time now but have faced several challenges,mostly financial and coding ability.I have made extensive research and comparism between producing and app from scratch and getting a reskin,which is better and cost effective….i have also made research on games like temple run,where to get the source code,how to get it reskinned ,etc;and really temple run source code has virtually vanished from the internet,even to buy,its not available,i really dont know why its so.But i managed to find a close clone of it,the OZ runner,which was really cool,but sold at $999 for just the code alone,thats really out of league,am just a student seeking for ways to help my family and assist my self in studies…
    i have made several downloads of game creators,like unity,gamesalaad, and stencil, which in have being studying to maybe help me make my first game.
    i also researched on the flip reskin drag and drop software,but i needed to subscribe monthly to use it.
    If you decide to give me this source code,it will really be a life changer for me,since its similar to the tenple run source code i have being looking for everywhere.
    Within the period you specified,i hope to do two things with the source code,1..have it totally reskinned by a professional or employ the services of a graphic designer to help me with the game graphics,after which i can use the flip software to assemple them and change the ad information and game name…
    I hope you give it to me and even guild me in the reskinning process…..thanks

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