Carter Thomas

5 Lessons Learned In 2016


First, happy holidays! Wishing you a safe and fun season. Remember - don't talk about politics at the dinner table :) Second, I wanted to share the 5 most important lessons I learned this year as it relates to business. I found that it's important to reflect every few months and it's also REALLY important to [...]


A few years ago, all of us relied heavily on the app store for downloads. Paid traffic simply wasn't an option, harnessing the web was impossible to measure. Now we have Facebook Ads and can purchase installs for (literally) pennies on the dollar. Awesome right? Sort of. This solves our customer acquisition costs but failed [...]


After the first day of our SF Summit, I was walking to the local pub with one of the youngest members of our community. He asked me if I had any advice for someone in his position - young, eager and fresh off a few recent failures. When you're between the age of 18 and [...]


Here in Silicon Valley, we are biased around venture capital. The explosive potential of startups is the equivalent of intellectual cocaine, something that virtually all business people are attracted to. Slower growth, on the other hand, is all but shunned in this ecosystem of IPOs and 5,000% returns. The idea of compounding interest is a [...]

How To Pre-Launch Your App & Get 100,000 Seed Users


This past week I attended an event all about launching and scaling your business. It was cool. Definitely had a San Francisco flair to it as most of the talks were from founders who didn't get into the details the way many of we do in the app business. My favorite talk was by Alex [...]

How To Make An App Go Viral During The Holiday Season


It's no secret that the holidays hold larger than usual search + download volume. Many of us developers spend a lot of time trying to leverage the spike so that we can ride the wave of Q4 revenue like everyone else! Historically, a lot of people would use Christmas and Hanukkah themed apps to nail [...]

Using Analytics To Make More Money With Apps

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Whenever I say the words "analytics" I usually see a lot of eyes glazing over. Most people in the app business associate analytics with thousands of data points, the kind of information that only scientists can decipher. What many people DON'T realize, however, is that analytics are much easier to implement and measure than they [...]

Using Instagram to Drive Cheap App Installs


Did you know that over 500 million people are using Instagram? And over 100M people are using the Instagram Stories function every day? It's crazy. What's also crazy is the amount of traffic some of these accounts can move. Large accounts (100,000+ followers) can easily drive thousands of clicks to different websites every single day. [...]

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One of Warren Buffet's most popular pieces of advice to young people: get better habits. Habits lead to results. If you have good habits, you have good results. Great habits = Great results. Simple enough, yes? Not really. Anyone who has tried to create a new habit knows how hard it can be. Once you've [...]

Using Vine Content Creators For Viral App Video Marketing


Any time you see displacement in a marketplace, opportunity is abound. There is an inherent movement from one sector to another. This happens all the time in the financial world and is often when riches are made. The same is true for the marketing world. Last week Twitter shut down the popular video sharing service Vine leaving [...]