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<span “>First and foremost, happy holidays.<br ” /><br ” /><span “>This time of year is always special – there is some sort of electricity that happens for the two weeks between Christmas and New Year’s Day that seems to light up everyone who feels it. Maybe it’s just because I grew up in the cold Northeast corner of the USA, but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for a white snowfall and soft lights peppered throughout the trees. All my stress and all the “problems” I think I may have go away. It reminds me that life is about more than downloads, revenue, and Facebook likes. So, so much more.<br ” /> <br ” /><span “>Carter on The MaldivesAs some of you may know, I’m currently traveling around the world. In fact, I’m in the Maldives right now. THE MALDIVES. Are you kidding me?! I remember back in college when my friend told me he was going there on a family holiday and I thought “wow, that must be amazing to go to a place so exotic.” I never, in a million years, pictured myself going there. And yet here I am. One of the most humbling realizations I’ve ever had.<br ” /> <br ” /><span “>This trip is a celebration of sorts. I’m with my brother and two friends, hopping from country to country in a month long sprint that spans the globe. We’re all doing it for different reasons. Some we talk about openly, like how I made an app to share the travel experiences, but some we don’t talk about so openly, and that’s cool. Everyone’s got their reasons to do stuff, and I dig that. For me, I’ve always tried to be open and honest, but this trip is deeply personal. I didn’t even know it until I landed in Hong Kong for the first real kickoff. I woke up in a small apartment in Wang Chai and almost lost it (in a good way).<br ” /> <br ” /><span “>Carter on The MaldivesI realized that I’m finally living my dreams. Like, really living it. I worked hard, figured some shit out, and made some money. Awesome. But what is infinitely more awesome is the self awareness that the past two years has given me. If nothing else, I’ve realized the importance of balance in my life. Being someone who is borderline maniacal in my desire to produce and grow in business, I have learned that I need to give back with an equal fire. Without that release back to the world, I’ll never be happy. Apps have brought me riches and popularity….but with that karma comes responsibility. I’d rather share a small home filled with people I love than have an empty mansion. That applies to virtually everything in my life.<br ” /> <br ” /><span “>And that brings me to why you’re reading this. I’m sitting here on the other side of the world enjoying the ultimate apex of success (in my mind) and have realized that it will not be complete without a gift to match. So I want to give you something special this holiday season, something that will help all of you as much as you have all helped me. I don’t care if I leave this world without a penny to my name – if I am proud of my life, that’s all that matters.<br ” /> <br ” /><span “>Over the next few weeks I’m going to send out a series of discounts on source codes. Massive discounts. Like, fire sale type prices. I’m going to release stuff that I’ve never shown anyone before. I’m going to do all the codes I can, both new and old, and provide solutions for any price point or experience level. I just want to make this holiday season special for all of you, to thank you for being part of this community and being in the app business with me.<br ” /> <br ” /><span “> I’m going to blast this out in the hopes that the sheer amount of gratitude I feel can spread across the world. I’ve reached over a million people on my blog from virtually every country. As I move across the wonderful world we live in, I am realizing how widespread of an impact we can all make if we just try. We just need to try.<br ” /> <br ” /><span “>So, as you all toast to 2013, know that I am sending some positive vibrations (and low priced source code) your way. Here’s to 2014 and all your dreams coming true.<br ” /> <br ” /><span “>Life is short. Make something happen.

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Carter Thomas



  • Benson Sung December 26, 2013

    Hey Carter,

    Great blog post Carter, Its been a great time following you on your website and learning about the App business from you through various resources. It’s great to hear that you are traveling the world and living life to the fullest. Also I would love to connect with you through email.

    All the Best,


  • Assaf December 29, 2013

    I think it is great that you can take time and enjoy your hard work. Most of the people just keep going and never stop to think who am I and what I want to do and how I can help.

    These questions are quite important and give meaning to our life. Enjoy your time, it is important to take long breaks sometimes

  • Nick December 30, 2013

    Hey Carter,

    Thanks for this stuff! Quick question I posted in one of the sub pages, but trying here in hopes you may see it. What is the ad mediator you are using in the screenshots you supply that show revenue and impressions?


  • Dimitris January 7, 2014

    Thanks to this site i finally have my first app up and running !!! Thx Carter and Alex!!!

    Check my app INstography : Slow Motion Cam here

  • Tyler Kessler January 9, 2014

    Very happy for you dude, thanks for sharing your stories with the world. Though it may not be obvious, every time you share how awesome you life is, you are giving the rest of us permission to life an awesome life as well.

  • Patrick January 13, 2014

    Congrats on your success Carter!

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