App Entrepreneur Inspiration – Crushing It With Apps

I've been reading a lot of blog posts about how hard it is to make in the app business and I wanted to record a quick video to tell you why I disagree with this. Yes, it is true that it is becoming more and more difficult to be successful on the app stores.

But it is not as impossible as many of these academics and journalists say it is. In this video, I share my experiences as an app entrepreneur and show you how you can beat the odds.


Here's Your Weekend Entrepreneur Inspiration

So if you have been believing the hype in the media and are a little down, then this video and blog post are for you.

Let's start with my story. I haven't had one huge success, like most people think you need to have.

I did have an app that did pretty well, but for the most part, I have just been grinding it.

…and it works.

Don't think that you have to have one huge mega app to make this a full-time endeavor.

Hang Out With Inspiring Entrepreneurs

One way to stay positive and realistic, is to hang out with people who have real entrepreneurial skills.

I talk to people like Chad all the time and this really helps me get some real perspective about what is possible and what is simply the usual media doom and gloom.

Seriously, turn off the TV news and stop reading mass media blogs. Talk to people who know what is really going on in this business. Start reading about real entrepreneur success stories, and not theoretical nonsense.

The best way to do this is to join Bluecloud Select and get access to some of the best entrepreneurs in the app business. This story is one of my favorites.

But that is just an introduction to what you will get in the video. Be sure to watch the video above to hear my entire message to you. I hope that it keeps you going if you are a little down. Have a great weekend and catch you in the next blog post.


Keep Rocking!


It's me, Carter, with your weekend entrepreneur inspiration


  • Bill March 8, 2013

    Really what many developers need to hear.

    Don’t give up, there is more than enough market share for all of us.


  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas March 8, 2013

    Thanks for reading, Bill. Amen – lots of pie for everyone!


  • Lat March 8, 2013

    Thanks, Carter..that was an awesome post. Very encouraging to this indie newbie game developer!!

  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas March 8, 2013

    Glad you liked it, Lat. The beginning is the hardest part so stick with it!


  • JC March 8, 2013

    Awesome, couldn’t agree more.

  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas March 8, 2013

    Hell yeah JC. You are a great example of everything I talk about. To the top!

  • Iain March 8, 2013

    Great video Carter, thank you.

    Very inspiring and, I’m sure I speak for all of us on the same path, your help and encouragement is more than welcome, it’s just what we need.
    Thank you.

    Keep Rocking!


  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas March 8, 2013

    Iain – I’m glad I can help. We’re all on the same team and all looking for the same thing. Just happy to be in a position to do what I do.

  • Kevin March 8, 2013

    Great stuff Carter – it’s all true folks 😉

  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas March 8, 2013

    Thanks Kevin!

  • Festival March 8, 2013

    Like your positive attitude .

    Just one think:

    Reskinning Treys game source code does not will workout
    For ages.

  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas March 9, 2013

    Hey Festival – thanks for the note. I have to disagree – I know a lot of people who have used Trey’s source codes and they made a ton of money. Strikes and balls, I guess.

  • Upallnight March 9, 2013

    Hey Carter,

    I am having the toughest time finding a reputable app development team. I’ve heard of these chatrooms and message boards where developers post to find work but I don’t want a dud. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks a bunch.

  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas March 10, 2013

    Just sent you a message with some info!


  • Henry Palma March 10, 2013

    Thanks Carter! Perfect timing. Was feeling a bit discouraged recently. This definatelty gave me a boost.

  • Vlad March 11, 2013

    Thanks for the post, agree on all counts! Keep up the great work.

  • Tom March 11, 2013

    Been doing this for 3 years, have 15 apps and zero success….

  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas March 11, 2013

    Hey Tom – what do you mean zero success? Have you been using the freemium model with ads, doing all games, and making a hard push on internal ASO/publishing? I looked at your site and it looks like you’re trying to make money on simple games/apps by selling them for $1 USD. I don’t think I’ve met an indie dev who’s making a living with paid apps unless they’re really top shelf apps.


  • Franc March 12, 2013

    Hey Carter – Thanks for all the info and the kick-ass. After reading your guide I decided to jump into the wagon. Already searching for a designer to re-skin my first game.

    It’s soo easy to lost yourself in the little things that you want to re-skin, to make it perfect. Fuck that, I’ve to keep reminding myself to KISS (Keep It Supid Simple) and that this is not a one hit, you have to keep publishing.

    Anyway, thanks for all and I’ll keep you informed 😉

  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas March 12, 2013

    Bad ass man. That’s some awesome input. Keep kicking ass – you’re going to be big time!


  • Nate March 12, 2013

    Yep! Right on Carter. Started my app journey with an app idea that I spent entirely too much time and money on. I eventually got introduced to the re-skin game model and am jumping on board.

    With 1 game live and 2 on their way I’m staying motivated to grind til I shine. Hopefully I can get to a point where I can go back and finish up my original app idea. Thanks for the positive thoughts and words of wisdom ~much needed during this appventure.

  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas March 12, 2013

    Glad to hear it Nate. The re-skin model is a powerful one. Good luck to you!


  • Fred March 13, 2013

    Great post, i was really glad i found your blog throuh Appreneur Magazine. My first app that is coming out this week was a nightmare to build. My coder was slow, and i had to do all the graphics because he sucked at it.

    I just find out about this whole re-skinning through your article in Appreneur Magazine and i must admit that it is my next move.

    I wok for one of the biggest video game company in the world as a 2d and 3d artist so this buisness model was like a punch in the face for me…thanks for the punch 🙂


  • James March 17, 2013

    Thanks man. I have been fiddling with apps since October, 2011. I just now am starting to gain a little from the re-skin method. This video helped me to continue. My plan is 100 apps by the end of 2013.

  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas March 17, 2013

    BOOM. Awesome man.

  • Alex March 20, 2013

    Hi Carter.
    That was very inspiring, just what I needed right now.
    I’ve spent the last 6-7 months learning Objective-C and iOS development and I think I am finally getting to a point where I’m pretty confident about my abilities (in fact I was even asked to tutor a seminar at my university next month about iOS game dev). I am about to release my second game, and I really want to try to monetize it through in-app purchases if possible and include only a very small number of ads, if any. If that doesn’t work out though I will probably just put some ads in there though and move on to my next idea.

    The re-skinning model seems to be geared primarily towards someone with very little to no development experience. Do you think that the strategy of re-skinning games is the best choice for a developer as well? I kinda feel that I can dramatically decrease the amount of competition by building something for which there is no source code around. But then again I also think that tweaking existing source code will be even more effective if you know how everything works and are able to take a basic game mechanic and improve it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.


  • Brian April 30, 2013

    Question from an app newbie here : If I bought somebody’s app and had a developer on my team, would I be able to look at their source code and see how they did certain things? or does buying an app not allow such things?

    I’d like to be able to say “wow this guy (or gal) uses X affiliate network, or Y widget to allow multi player.”

    Back in my website creation days I could “view source” and get a small idea of how things worked. Does that apply to apps if my tech people have all the usual developer tools or no?


  • Brian April 30, 2013

    Love the blog by the way Carter. So much honest information and frank talk here. I don’t think I have to tell you how hard it is to find that sort of thing on the internet, particularly once the subject of “do this and make alot of money” comes into play. Awesome blog man, thanks for sharing so much.


  • Denny July 1, 2013

    Hey, Carter…
    Like what you know and the way you think. We could certainly use someone like you as a partner. If you contact me I’ll tell you about an offer you hopefully won’t refuse.


    -Denny Johnston-

  • Ferrari Watts October 5, 2013

    Had to watch this again, Great post Carter. lets do this!

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