Chad Mureta Interview

I spoke at Chad Mureta's Conference with some other great entrepreneurs.  Check out this interview and hear some insights about app flipping and all around app crushing.



  • Dustin McKay April 23, 2013

    Hello Carter,
    Thanks for posting this video, I actually watched it over on Chads blog, but thought it was great content. I had a question for you, as someone who is just restarting in the app market. You mentioned selling your first game company, and I wondered, who is buying game companies. If you think of your process as the product, not the apps, who is the target customer, and what metrics are they interested, how do you find them or how do they find you? I love apps, and creating them, but also want to know I am building something I can sell. Mainly for the experience of it.

  • HD April 27, 2013

    Great vid Carter. Can you provide some more specifics about how the re-skinning works? Which parts of the original game are you keeping and how much additional graphic work needs to get done to be effective? Thanks much.

  • Bart Goldman May 1, 2013

    I’ve been following both you and Chad and have read your books. My background is in digital illustration and animation. Regarding the business of making apps, I see the virtue of creating a business model that keeps expenses per app down and looks toward creating a growing collection of apps be they games or niche interest apps. This understanding did not come to me until I had focused a great deal of time and money in creating a game which is about 50% done. I love the product (and maybe that’s the problem!), but it was not created with any of the marketing principles you guys discuss. I just went for it, as many first-timers do I guess. Right now, I’m stepping back to create a strategy with the goal of how I might make actual money in the app market: 1) Should I put aside the game I’ve created and start fresh making either niche apps or building on existing game code? 2) Or Should I somehow go forward with the game and get it to work for me? 3) Perhaps another possibility is to find a publisher for the game while restarting with a better business model developing smaller assets 4) Or some other approach? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bart

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