App Fields that Require an Update to Change

Apple just announced that starting in April, you'll need to submit a new version of your app in order to edit the support URL, marketing URL, and “What’s New in This Version” text.

An app's Metadata consists of the text and images that are visible on the App Store.

(Icon, title, description, keywords, screenshots, and so on…).

While developers can fully customize their app's metadata when submitting an app, we are limited to what we can edit once an app is live.

The Big Takeaways Are…

  1. There is very little you can change once your app is live without an update and approval from Apple.
  2. Having a developer who is available and can quickly submit an update is extremely important.
  3. Learning the steps to submit your own app can save you a ton of time and money.

Below is a list of the fields you CAN change when your app is live, and what fields require an update.

Apple's Announcement

After April, you will no longer be able to edit these 3 fields unless you submit an update:

1. The “What's New in This Version” section

The “What's New in This Version” section is located right below your app's icon/title/subtitle/ratings, and right above an app's video previews/screenshots/description.

app-store-update (1)

2. Support URL

The Support URL is displayed as the “App Support” in the Information section of your app's listing.  Your app's Support URL is only shown on specific devices and platforms.

3. Marketing URL

The Marketing URL is displayed as the “Developer Website” in the Information section of your app's listing.  Your app's Marketing URL is shown on all devices and platforms.

These Fields Do NOT Require An Update to Change

Developers can still easily edit the items below without an update:

  • Promotional Text (text shown above the app Description)
  • Price
  • Availability by territory
  • Ability to remove from sale
  • Privacy Policy
  • Volume Purchase Plan (discounts)
  • Copyright (seller display name in the “Information” section of your app)

These fields Require An Update to Change

App developers cannot update any item below without submitting a new version and getting approved by Apple:

  • Icon
  • App Title
  • Subtitle
  • Keywords
  • Category
  • Video Previews
  • Screenshots
  • Description
  • Support URL
  • Marketing URL
  • The “What’s New in This Version” text
  • Version
  • Rating

To Sum Up

When I published my first app, developers could change almost anything on the fly, including keywords and screenshots.

However, we didn't have nearly the metadata-firepower we have now.

Apple's latest news locks edits to the Support URL, Marketing URL, and “What’s New in This Version” text without the submission of an update.

This means if you want to change those fields, you will need to submit an update to your app.

All the other fields (icon, title, subtitle, keywords…) will require an updated version of your app just as before.

Why did Apple do this?

To keep developers from misusing fields and providing malicious links.

How can you shift this news to your advantage?

First, stay ahead of your competitors by having an available development team who can quickly submit updates.

Second, take the time to learn how to submit an app update yourself, or have your development team show you.

I don't know how to code, but I can submit updates for my app projects.  Its saved me thousands and allows me to make immediate changes to my app.

If you're looking for a free step-by-step tutorial that walks through How to Submit a Basic App, Click Here.

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