Getting App Reviews: Best Practices [WINDY]

A terrific example of how to get consistent 5-star reviews for your app in the app store. Watch video below:



Get App reviews

For more information and sources on topics like “App Reviews,” checkout our Mobile App Development Guide.  It has everything you want to know.


– Carter


  • Mario September 13, 2014

    Hello Carter.

    Thanks for this Blog. you gave me a new and amazing idea to lead users to give better reviews on my games..


  • Jane van Honk September 17, 2014

    Hi Carter, Great user response tip! Am implementing it in all my new games going forward… also very awesome app! Beautiful meditative peace bringer! Many Thanks as always!

  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas September 18, 2014

    @Jane – Awesome! Yeah those apps are really great. I use them daily. If you haven’t already make sure you try listening with headphones on.

  • John October 31, 2014

    Hey Carter,
    I created something similar to this in of my games called 10 Levels. When you complete the 10 levels I have an alert view asking the user if they enjoyed the game. If they click yes, then I ask for a review, if they click no that they didn’t like it I ask them if they want to contact me and let me know why.

    The game looks pretty shitty and didn’t get many downloads, so no one probably even reached the end, but the idea is good.

    Anyway, that’s my story.

    Cheers Mate

  • Doug Harper December 25, 2014

    Carter great tip. I’ll be adding something like this in a couple updates soon & any new apps moving forward. Thanks.

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