A great way to get started on any new app business or project is to use templates. Instead of building apps from scratch, you start with a framework. It’s a prebuilt template that doesn’t have any of the designs. It’s just the guts. If you start with a template, it’s a lot easier than if [...]

Before he sat down for his first class in college, Dan Novaes had already built a $2M business online. By the time he was 25, he was making millions more in the app business. His latest project deployed  a marketing strategy that was so effective the company needed to separate the app in order to [...]

One of the questions that I often get asked is this: Do I need an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for my new app? Some people who have an app idea or have built something, don’t want to share this information and want to protect themselves. So that when they talk to or hire developers, they are legally [...]

As you start any new project, you subconsciously ask yourself one of two questions 1. What should I do next? OR 2. Is what I'm doing the right thing to do? These may seem the same but they are actually very different. In this video, I explain why: Here's what you need to know: We [...]

Today, I’d like to share with you a 3-part system that will help you make effective video ads to get cheaper and better installs for your apps. The first 3-5 seconds of the video is crucial. Make the first few seconds pop to get the viewer’s attention. It could be something simple as someone doing [...]

If you are looking for a profitable app niche, this is where you should start. So many people miss this critical element and end up  wasting a LOT of time and money chasing losing numbers. Are you getting some traction on your paid app but can't seem to get any in-app purchases? Or are you [...]

Many of you have awesome app ideas. Others...well, they could use some work :) Over the last few years I've seen a lot of similarities in what works and what doesn't work in the app store. Like all good things in marketing, they're fundamentals that we so often forget about. Our ideas are different, right?! [...]

If you created a few apps...and they didn't make ANY money...would you keep going? Most people wouldn't. They certainly wouldn't keep going for a few more years. A lot of people will tell you that this perseverance and hard work is what will get you to #1 in the app store. But Paxton Hare quickly [...]

Evan Delaney had been running a successful mobile agency for over 6 years...and never built his own app. In fact, he was pretty down on the idea of building a consumer app for the App Store. Every time he saw one of his clients get positive results with an app, it was because they had some [...]

How do you make a billion-dollar app company? This is for anybody who’s thought, “Hey, this could be a huge app.”   Here are 3 key things that are the foundation of a billion-dollar app business. Even if you’re just getting started and you have big dreams, this is a good set of guidelines. You [...]