Golf Clash Marketing Strategy - How They Did A $1M Day - BCTV Episode 5 Subscribe here: In today's video I do a deep dive into uncovering how Golf Clash was able to have such massive growth and revenue in a relatively short amount of time. What's fascinating about this is that it's not very [...]

[Cross Promo Strategies, $100M Game Breakdown, Niche Marketing Mistakes (And Solutions!) Subscribe here: In this episode we take a quick look at the Productivity charts and how big, cross-promo companies can make "simple" apps look wildly successful. We'll also check out the latest Deconstructor of fun blog post all about how Fire Emblem Heroes uses [...]

[NEW] Hot Categories, AR Goggles for iPhone 7, Building App Software, Snap Glasses What's the hottest category now? What opportunities are the big companies pointing to? How can you make big money in the app business without building apps? Will Snap make a comeback? Resources: App Annie: $99 AR Headset for iPhone 7: Samsung Releases [...]

[NEW] BCTV Episode 2 - Market Analysis on Sarahah | صراحة top free app - How did they do it? - What impact does the category make? - Where do you find out? - Should you beta launch and what happens if it fails? - Amazon's new messaging app App research: How Critical Force [...]

How do you look for new, upcoming trends? Here’s a walkthrough on how I identify hot trends and do market research. The first step in market research or trend identification is going to Google Trends. See or extrapolate. Is this a flash in the pan? Why is this trend happening? A hot trend now is [...]

Today I want to talk about the Augmented Reality kit that Apple released recently and what it means for you, the app and indie developers, marketers, entrepreneurs, appreneurs. Augmented Reality is and will continue to be very big. That is a proven thing, with Pokemon Go probably the best example of the first real big [...]

Today I want to talk to you about finding a co-founder for your app business. Here are a few things you can do, not only to attract co-founders, but also to create a great partnership with them so that you have a great relationship and more importantly, create something great that achieves what you are [...]

Today I want to talk to you about how to make successful video Facebook ads. Here are 3 tips and strategies that can make a huge difference in what you’re doing. So that as you build on your Facebook ads, try to get downloads, as you market your app, you’re doing it in the most [...]

Today I want to talk to you about whether or not you should start by reskinning apps or if you should start by building apps from scratch. Reskinning means taking a template and applying new graphics to it, instead of trying to build something from the ground up. What a lot of people have realized [...]

Today, I want to talk to you about whether or not you should localize your app. Localizing your app means that you translate it into other languages. You can make your iTunes or your Google Play page, and you can rewrite it in the language of a particular country. Another thing is that you can [...]