Revmob’s New Dashboard – A Quick Walkthrough

In case you are living under a rock and don't use Revmob or haven't heard of it, they just re-vamped their dashboard. And it looks sweet!

The whole process happened quickly and these guys are so busy they haven't had a chance to lay out what you need to know. Because I want to make sure everyone out there makes mad money and uses the dashboard most effectively, I asked Gui if I could walk everyone through what's going on while he's getting a tan down in Brazil (kidding – that dude works his ass off).

This is pretty straightforward. I just want to make sure everyone goes through and sees it all.



Boom! Look at that thing. Smooooooth and silky. The new dashboard layout is pretty much the exact same, just with a cleaner design.

App Page


Once you're in the app page, there are a few small changes besides the new layout.

1. You can easily copy the app ID to your clipboard. Just click that little icon next to the ID below your app name.

2. This is where you now access reporting. When you click that blue button on the right side, the following opens up. See below:


Here you can export pretty much anything to see the information you want to see. This was available before, but they cleaned up the data pulls.

3. The placement stuff. Some people use this, some people don't. If you don't, you should. What it does is allow you control where the RM ad is shown and also to see which places produce the best results in your game. Opening of the game, Game Over, Pause screen, etc.


If you want to check out the daily metrics, just click the link above-right the red box and it will show you a display similar to the previous dashboard. With this one, however, you can just see the roll up and averages easily. Definitely a shift that Revmob is stressing using placements because it can make you so much more money.

OTHER RANDOM TIP: This is a good thing to correlate to your mobile analytics like Flurry. If you can match the ad placement to where the users are jumping out of the game, you can test how much of an effect the ad has on people leaving the game.



Campaigns are for advertisers. If you're not looking to advertise your apps, you don't need to worry about this.

What is interesting is that this is showing us that Revmob is starting to open up CPC bidding (previously they were all CPI) which may help increase fill rate and smooth out eCPM curves.

For any advertisers out there, you should poke around and see how they offer it. Lots of control, especially with the callback URL, so the tracking is a lot easier. You can target by OS version, location, devices, the works.


revmob_sitesPersonally, I think this is the most exciting stuff to offer. The site SDK was available on the previous dashboard, but wasn't really used. They're still getting the kinks out, but I see HUGE possibility here. What this does is display the Revmob full screen ad on a website when it's loaded via mobile device. Web traffic becomes mobile install traffic. If you can get the conversion funnel down, it's going to be party time.

While Revmob tweaks that eCPM and gets the install rates higher, all of you should be thinking about how you can drive monster traffic to mobile websites. Hint: You can't use google adwords. But you can use other traffic methods.


The SDK section hasn't changed. You can still use Revmob while coding in:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Amazon
  • Unity
  • Corona
  • Adobe
  • Phone Gap
  • Titanium
  • Mobile Websites
  • Gallons of ice cream (joke, bad one)

Payment Schedule


This is a new one – showing when the payments will be delivered. This is SO helpful. There's also some stuff about how they payout under the Payment details section that may be helpful (like you need a $250 threshold before they pay you + there is a wire fee). You can choose between wire and PayPal. This page is still in production (from what I hear) to take into account minimum payment information and status.


That's it! Maybe nothing too different, but clearly a step in the right direction. Thanks Gui and team!

If anyone has any suggestions or questions, leave a comment here so I can pass them along. If you haven't checked out Revmob for yourself, go do it now by clicking here!

Keep rocking,



  • tasnim ahmed February 28, 2013

    they forgot to show total impression,ctr,ir of a day in report page which was in the previous version

  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas February 28, 2013


    That data is all there. As I mentioned under section 3, you can access all the daily metrics by clicking the link right above the red box in my screen shot. That will give you everything you’re looking for.


  • Marc Jordan March 1, 2013

    I love the new dashboard… However I seems like they are already removing features, the “Payment Schedule” area is not on my dashboard anymore. Is anyone else seeing this problem.

  • Mo March 1, 2013

    Fantastic post! I look at the dashboard every day and never noticed the payment schedule for instance. Without your post I will have probably never checked it out.

    Thanks Carter!


    Ps: please, please a post about ASO!

  • kris March 3, 2013

    Your first screenshot, how did you get it to display zero for everything? Did you Photoshop it? lol

  • kris March 3, 2013

    Tasnim is right, in the old version at the bottom they used to have the totals of every column.

    Kinda miss it too.

    Also you still can’t sort by name, impressions, clicks, etc.

  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas March 3, 2013

    Yeah Kris – my new app projects are a total flop! I’m making no money 🙁

    Haha jk I just used a new account. Thanks for the feedback. I know these guys will check the comments next week so they’ll see it for sure.


  • kris March 5, 2013

    I see.

    Also when you add a new app, it doesn’t show up on the list, you have to refresh first to see it, and it sucks that the copy to clipboard is done using flash.

    Even if they leave it with flash, it should still be possible to double click to highlight the ID and just do a copy.

  • kris March 5, 2013


    The Chocolate Lab Apps link under resources is messed up. It has too many http//

    Check it out.

  • Huan March 14, 2013


    Been reading your stuff since the beginning of the year. Congrats on your recent milestone and thanks so much for the frank and honest discussion about your business. It’s been super helpful and inspiring for me.

    Quick question re: Revmob, Chartboost and Flurry. What’s your ballpark guide on $$ to implement those SDKs into your apps? I’m currently building 3 apps (using your reskin approach) and based on going through each respective site, I thought it was fairly turnkey. But it’s been running me several hundred per app (using separate developers for various reasons). One of them is even the same fruit slayer code you used for Planet Slayer. It’s frustrating and will clearly affect my ROI.

    Appreciate any insight you can give. Email if you prefer to keep it private.


  • Carter Thomas Carter Thomas March 14, 2013

    Hey Huan,

    Honestly it’s super easy to do. You shouldn’t be paying for than 50 bucks to get it implemented. You should watch Elaine’s video on this – learning to do it yourself will pay for itself many times over.

    Kick some ass man!


  • Huan March 14, 2013

    Carter –

    Thanks, I figured as much. Knew I’d be wasting $ on the first few apps like you said. But I’m learning. Thanks for the udemy tip, just signed up. I think I know a lot of it but the stuff I don’t know will be worth gold.

    Can’t wait to see what you’re cooking next.


  • Hemant December 2, 2013


    Can you please provide me the steps how to integrate revmob with my website ?


  • Jigar January 31, 2014

    Hi Carter,

    How do I filter in RevMob?
    And How do I export the full report application wise?


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