November 12 & 13th, 2016 - San Francisco, California

The Premier Live Event For App Entrepreneurs

In today's mobile app world, you need every advantage you can get.

If you are like most app entrepreneurs, you are moving one step at a time...slowly testing new marketing techniques, watching your daily metrics with fingers crossed, hoping that today will be the day your iTunes Connect account goes viral.

Even if you're a hungry business person, you're falling victim to these devastating habits.

You're doing "everything" that you read online...yet the results never seem to materialize the way you want.

Over the last few years, we've seen thousands of entrepreneurs come and go from the app business. Like any market, there are winners and losers - what works one season doesn't work the next - and that clears out a lot of people. The "wantprepreneurs" don't stick around to reap the benefits. 

There's no question that the app store is not what it used to be. Many people refer to the 2012 app store as the "Good Old Days". They wax poetically about how easy it was to get apps into the store...and how the money magically kept coming.

When they try to succeed in the 2016 market, they don't see results. They complain and shout, making enough noise to cloud the waters for everyone else.

"Is the app business still legit?" people ask us. "I heard it's impossible to do well now."

There's only so much we can take. Instead of trying to CONVINCE people of somthing, it is always better to SHOW them. 

That's why we're hosting the Bluecloud Live Summit.

Ask yourself - are you capitalizing on the new opportunities? Specifically, are you adapting to the new app store strategies that get massive results and shedding the tired, old techniques that don't work anymore?

For most people, the answer is no. Even the smartest, most talented people in the app business run into road blocks. They can't seem to wrap their arms around the current get control of the firehose of revenue they know exists.

What would happen if you could sit down for an hour with someone who is having HUGE success in the app business in late 2016 and they told you exactly what they were doing? 

What would happen to your business if, all of a sudden, you learned specificly what you were doing wrong...and how to immediately change it?

All that effort, all that focus, all that stress that you have been pouring into your projects...finally starts getting results.

We curated the best of the best in the app entrepreneur world to come share their unique insights with the community.

This is not a pitch fest from corporate brands who see the app store from 10,000 feet - these are real hustlers who have their finger on the daily pulse of iTunes. They're the people getting featured, getting published and seeing what's really going on behind the curtain.

You will not find a group of people like this anywhere else - both the presentations and the attendees are focused on real, actionable information that is proven to get results.

This event is for you if:

You're an indie developer looking for ways to grow your user base using the latest strategies

You're in the venture capital or startup world and want to connect your business to the app explosion

You're an app entrepreneur looking for the latest opportunities in the mobile app space

You're in the internet marketing world and want to learn how to leverage your skills into mobile apps

If any of these describe need to be there!

Speakers & Presentations (more to come)

Carter Thomas - Founder, Bluecloud Solutions 

Carter has built, purchased and sold over 1,500 mobile apps and 5 separate app portfolios in the last four years. His blog, Bluecloud Solutions, has been visited by over 3.3M people and helped build one of the largest communitis of app entrepreneurs on the web. Learn the latest opportunities in the app business, specifically those that fuse the scale of the web with the impact of mobile. 

David Reichelt - Creator, Color Switch

One of the most viral games in App Store history, clocking in over 100,000,000 downloads. David will be giving a one-of-a-kind presentation about the principles behind his game sensation...from app publishing to color theory. Oh - did we mention David is a professional magician?

Matt Clark - Founder,  

After founding and growing 3 separate multi-million dollar businesses in the past 4 years, Matt is aiming to disrupt the app store education space with his latest mobile platform. Hear the entire case study - from build to launch - live and in person.

Ed Aten - Founder, Merchbar

Ed has turned the niche market of brand merchandise into a mobile empire through his company Merchbar. Leveraging venture capital, industry connections and a hustler's work ethic that would make Gary V blush, Ed will show you how he scaled a passion project into 35 app store features and a growth curve that defies the laws the physics.

Manol Georgiev - Facebook Mobile Install Specialist

Manol is a paid traffic consultant specializing in mobile app user acquisition on Facebook and Instagram. In the past 2 years he has worked with companies like GameAcademy, and other top social gaming and mobile app companies., managing over $7Mil in advertisers spend to acquire new users on Facebook.

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What Does An Average Day Look Like?

9am: Opening Remarks + Keynote Presentations

10am: Breakout Sessions & Workshops on the most popular topics you want to learn about (from your pre-arrival survey). Paid traffic, ASO, raising capital, finding developers...we'll over it all in small curated groups.

12pm: Fully catered Lunch

1:30pm: Presentations and Q&A Panel with top mobile app company leaders in Silicon Valley. We've already locked in commitments from some of the top ad networks and software providers to give you the laest and best information possible so you can be one step ahead of the competition.

3pm: Mini Mastermind Tables and Curated Workshop Sessions - pair up with the people that can help you solve any issue you're facing. We'll help you find and learn from the top performers in the app space for any topic so you can get the answers you need. 

5pm: Reception - Casual drinks and snacks to connect and network with the attendees!

Aaaaand...we're including 2 BONUSES!


App Business Strength (ABS) is a 4-week program with weekly assignments, instructional videos, and live webinars.

The ABS program is a BONUS we are including to all attendees of the Bluecloud Summit event in November.

The goal of the program is to complete the weekly assignments so that you have a clear idea of who your customer is, how to market to them, and where you need to pump-up your efforts.

Every Monday leading up to the event, we will email an assignment and an instructional video.

Ever Wednesday leading up to the event, we will hop on a live webinar and discuss our results and any questions you have.

The ABS program will help pinpoint weaknesses in your business and get you on track to fix them. 


Receive video recordings from not just the San Francisco live event, but also our most recent event in Europe (footage never released before).

You will get access to video footage with speakers and Q&A, from both events.

Watch videos over and over to take full advantage of the presentations and lessons. 

Even if you are across the world and can’t make it to the event but want to be involved, you well get access to the event videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is this going to be held?

We are renting out The Box event space in San Francisco, California. This multi-story facility has hosted TED talks, large corporate events and tech conferences. 

2. Where do I stay?

There are plenty of hotels nearby. We'll email you recommendations as we get them from the events coordinator. The event will be in the SOMA/Mission area of San Francisco.  

3. Who is going to be speaking and on the Q&A panels?

We are in the process of confirming all speakers. Stay tuned!

4. Can I bring a guest?

Absolutely. On the checkout page you'll see a box for adding someone to your ticket at a large discount. 

Still on the fence? Watch this video from our last event:

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