Mobile App Analytics

Data is crucial to the success of any business. If you’re not measuring, then you could be missing out on big money. With apps, we have the fortune of being able to go into depth with analytics. Whether you’re A/B testing, collecting data on user behaviors, or measuring traffic campaigns, the information you get from data is whats going to help you exponentially increase your revenue.

Analytics are what separate the average developer from the deadly developer. A majority of developers are not checking simple reports that could be the difference between $10 and $10,000. We’ve developed thousands of apps and know that to most analytics is the boring part. But when you develop an eye for where you’re missing out on buckets of money, analytics gets exciting real quick

There are tons of data services to choose from out there, but how do you know which one is right for you? Confusing dashboards and big numbers thrown right in front of you can be overwhelming. Checkout Bluecloud Solutions articles below for first hand experiences of how we use analytics to dominate.

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3 Ways To Increase App Downloads With Search Rankings


Looking to push your app to the Top Charts? Wondering how many downloads you need for your app to hit #1? If you're looking for consistent downloads and revenue, you will be far better served improving your app's Search Rankings than focusing on hitting the Top Charts. Here's why... Browsing the Top Charts to download apps is not as popular [...]

9 App Analytics Tools Every App Developer Must Know About


App analytics is a vital part of making a successful app. Yet, some app developers don't install an analytics SDK until much later in the development process, or they don't choose a solution that is right for their situation. This list of app analytics tools will give you the best options on the market and help you choose the one that help take your app to the next level.

BIG Data! New Apple App Analytics


Apple added some serious firepower to its App Analytics program. New metrics allow developers to track Sales and Usage data including App Store Views, Traffic Source, and Device Information. Don't miss out on this critical information! Read to find out what data Apple has unveiled and how you can use it to maximize your app's potential.

What Happened in Apps in Q1? | Quarterly Report 2015


Mobile Development has been kicking ass in Q1 of 2015! New devices, technology and software are all on the rise making developing an app easier than ever.

App developers are making more money too. Both indie and enterprise developers have shown a spike in revenue. Entrepreneurs are turning to apps more than ever before. And with good reason. Developers are making more and costs are reducing. What cost thousands of dollars a couple years ago can be done 'Swift'ly and affordably. So we've created an infographic to help breakdown where the moneys at and give you a general idea of costs.

We've hooked you up with an infographic that will breakdown all the need-to-know data to create your next big hit. So read through this brief post to learn the LATEST data and costs for developing apps. It's easier and cheaper than you think.


Over the last six months, I've had the privilege to work with a whole range of app companies, app developers, and marketers. They range from indie beginners to full blown, $30M venture funded app studios. I've worked with people making $10/month and I've worked with people making $1,200,000/month. In the gaming world, I get to [...]

Estimating the Cost of App Development


Creating your own app allows you to include features that will help you boost its selling proposition in the market. It also gives you an edge over other apps, since you are already familiar with the apps that you can use as benchmark. While there might be a hundred more apps from various categories, including [...]

How to Secure Your Company’s Website Data


On the Internet, it's really easy to have your content stolen. With a simple click or two, thieves can have all of your valuable content at their disposal. For that reason, it's incredibly important to secure the data on your company's website. The challenge, though, is to implement a way that makes it difficult for [...]

Google Analytics Explained


What's the deal with Google Analytics? If you are wondering why I'm so into Analytics, this post will explain the four primary reasons why GA is awesome. Many website owners do not understand the power of this free software, but if you do, you will understand that it unlocks so much valuable information.