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Looking to get into apps? Maybe you’re a longterm developer looking to tone your skills. The ‘App Development’ sector is a great place to start. In the articles below you will find content pieces that will help funnel you to exactly where you want to be. We’ve developed over one thousand apps and know a thing or two about the process. Take a look at Bluecloud’s Mobile App Development Guide for a solid place to start.

When developing, every move you make will take tons of work to undo. You want to get it right the first time. Thats why we’ve written dozens of app development articles to make sure you don’t make mistakes that could cost you later. Checkout Bluecloud Solutions articles below and start crushing app development.

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Deliver Free Content To App Users In 5 Easy Steps


Looking to use data from a website or 3rd party source in your app? Parsing data in your app provides value and depth to your users. One of the biggest apps Bluecloud worked on (Grail), is a data news aggregator that delivers the most shared articles and videos from across the internet on live trending topics.   But are app developers allowed [...]

6 Ways to Dominate iOS11 Before Anyone Else


The new App Store is HERE accompanied by iOS 11 and the iPhone X.  This wave of fresh energy marks a new starting point for all of us to maximize our potential and reach our dreams. If you're like me, you want to jump in and be the first to capitalize on these new opportunities and hot trends. But [...]


Worried Apple will reject YOUR app? If you're hearing whispers that Apple's new Review Guidelines make it IMPOSSIBLE to get an app approved... Don't panic.  They're simply not true. Today's developer forecast is 🌞 with a good chance of 💰💰💰 What Apple IS doing, is cleaning house and rejecting apps that don't meet their standards. "The App Store has enough fart, burp, flashlight, [...]

The RIGHT WAY To Get App Reviews, Testers & Feedback


There is a right way and a wrong way to ask someone to test or provide feedback for your app. Learn the 6 steps to get app reviews and how to get your app in someone else's hands before your app is even released.


Trey Smith is a legendary game developer with over 55,000,000 downloads, has been all over the top charts, featured in The New York Times, has built multiple 7-figure companies, and is the creator of Buildbox, the indie drag and drop game making software that has changed app development forever. In this post, Trey and I talk about Apps, gaming, Buildbox, and creating top tier products while sustaining a balanced life.


After 6 months of development, has released their app which is projected to boost their customer experience and produce revenue. Learn how the app was developed and the 7 steps used to market the app.

How I Turned My First App From Epic Fail to 400K Downloads


If you want to learn how to make an app yourself, but you think that learning to code will be too much trouble, this story might change your mind. Nick Walter came back from a Mission in Japan and wanted to learn how to create apps. His first app failed miserably, but then he turned it around. Find out how...

The Complete Guide to App Beta Testing


Beta testing is your final opportunity to give your app the best chance of success, so take full advantage of it. In this post, I will show you the simple three step process for beta testing your app and some easy ways to find quality beta testers.


Use the App Dictionary to quickly browse or search through hundreds of popular mobile terms and phrases. Stay on top of the mobile industry with this constantly updated and free tool. The App Dictionary is a necessary resource for elite developers or if you are just starting out as an App Developer. This mobile glossary covers Apple and Android markets as well as common acronyms. Enjoy!

Buildbox Review: Exposing the Mobile Video Game Creator


Buildbox is one of the leading game creation software solutions on the market today. But is it worth getting? In this post, I will get into why I recommend it and how to figure out if it is for you or not. If you don't know how to code, or don't want to code, you will definitely want to check it out because it makes the process super simple. I also give you other resources that you will need to use in conjunction with Buildbox to make a successful game.