App Monetization


Stop wasting time and money paying for app installs! There are other ways to get traffic and scale your app business. Like... Letting others market your app for free in return for paying them a percentage of all sales made. Who are these magical traffic minions? They're called affiliates. Affiliates are influencers, brands, and everyday people who promote your app [...]

How To Make An App Video Preview


Should you make a video app preview? (scroll to bottom to watch video!) Well let's start off by defining what a video app preview is. A lot of people picture something like a 1 to 2 minute YoutTube, Vimeo, or even Facebook video, but that format is more about telling a story. It's more about branding [...]

How to make more money with In-app Purchases


Everyone knows you can turn a profit selling your app, but you can make a lot more money with in-app purchases. (scroll to bottom to watch video!) We're talking all about the ways to make money with in-app purchases. This is not a new concept; in fact, the topic that comes up all the time. But [...]

App Store Conversion Rate Optimization – AIDA


Conversion Rate Optimization is something you've probably heard a lot about. (scroll to bottom to watch video!) It's important to know exactly what we're discussing before going forward. Conversion Rate Optimization is, generally speaking, a method of analyzing traffic and user feedback to improve the performance of your app. The idea can be used for improving [...]


If you're going through the trouble of developing apps, of course you want them to be downloaded - that's the whole point, right? If you want your apps to have some traction in the app store, then you need to be aware of app store keyword optimization - generally referred to as ASO (app store [...]

[VIDEO] How Do Free Apps Make Money?


How do free apps make money? (scroll to bottom to watch video!) This important question can be answered in a quick and easy breakdown. The hard work is, of course, up to you. The great news is that the work itself really isn't that hard. Of all the myriad ways of making money with an [...]

How To Make Money In The App Store


  Generating income from apps happens in essentially two ways: ad revenue and in app purchases (IAP). For app developers of all stripes, whether they've got one big hit app or a smorgasbord of free games throughout the app store, the money they earn is generally coming from one (or both) of those two places. [...]

13 Apps That Are Making More Money Than Hedge Funds


Ever wonder how much apps on the top grossing charts make? In this post, I will show you the revenue estimates for each app and you can see how close your guesses are. Yes, this even includes Clash of Clans. More importantly, it will show you how to use this information to improve your apps.


It's no surprise that celebrities have taken notice of the app store. Last year Kim Kardashian's app minted (ahem) $200 million bucks for Glu Mobile.  Not bad. Of course, sister Kylie Jenner had to out-do the older sibling once and for all with her own app (that is now more popular than Facebook and Instagram [...]


I have received a ton of questions about how to create a $1 million app business this year. So for the first time ever, I will share a small part of a presentation that I did for Bluecloud Select members. It goes through how I would research, start, scale and find a buyer for an app business. I will even reveal the niche that I feel would work best.