Mobile App Publishing

You only get one shot at launching or publishing an app. Much like orchestrating a symphony, every piece has to be in harmony with the next in order to create a successful launch.

A lot of developers are clueluess to major publishing items that play a huge roll. Things like an app’s Content Rating can make or break an app. Content Ratings define what genre of app is published and who it is suitable for. In most cases the coder will set an app’s Content Rating without putting any thought into it and the developer has no idea. This is one of many examples that developers need to be aware of.

When launching an app, there are several main parts that need to be flawless. Everything from the date of release to social media campaigns should be taken into heavy consideration. You wouldn’t fly a plane without checking all the meters and putting in a course right?

Not knowing the size of an app is another crucial mistake. The App Store only allows certain sized apps to be downloaded without Wifi. In addition, having promotional copy and resources in another area that is commonly overlooked.

The good news is successfully launching an app is easy with the right Systems Of Protocols (SOPs) set in place. Over the years Bluecloud Solutions has mastered these SOPs to launch and push traffic synchronously for a successful launch.

Checkout the articles below to tidy up your launches and crush app publications.

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App Fields that Require an Update to Change

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An app's Metadata consists of the text and images that are visible on the App Store. (Icon, title, description, keywords, screenshots, and so on...). While developers can fully customize their app's metadata when submitting an app, we are limited to what we can edit once an app is live. The Big Takeaways Are... There is very little [...]

Google Play or Apple? Where Should I Publish My App?

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It's natural to think - the more eyeballs you get, the more money your app will make. But developing for multiple platforms can be expensive and risky. However, there is an easy and safe way to decide whether you should develop your app for Apple, Android, or BOTH. In this post you will learn which app store [...]


Wondering how to maximize your emoji app to get the most usage, downloads and revenue? I've developed over 100 emoji apps and am always looking for new ways to bring in more money to my apps and business. If your goal is to be making 6 figures a month in ANY business, you need to be [...]


Worried Apple will reject YOUR app? If you're hearing whispers that Apple's new Review Guidelines make it IMPOSSIBLE to get an app approved... Don't panic.  They're simply not true. Today's developer forecast is 🌞 with a good chance of 💰💰💰 What Apple IS doing, is cleaning house and rejecting apps that don't meet their standards. "The App Store has enough fart, burp, flashlight, [...]


Trey Smith is a legendary game developer with over 55,000,000 downloads, has been all over the top charts, featured in The New York Times, has built multiple 7-figure companies, and is the creator of Buildbox, the indie drag and drop game making software that has changed app development forever. In this post, Trey and I talk about Apps, gaming, Buildbox, and creating top tier products while sustaining a balanced life.

Connecting Your Product To Celebrities With Billy Bones


Learn how to work with celebrities and influencers. Billy Bones is the founder of, a celebrity and influencer database that provides businesses with a gateway to connect with celebs on a multifaceted level. His mission is to help businesses work with celebrities.

Simon Crack And The Art Of The Publishing Deal


What do you do when things get bad?  When you lose a job and get pushed into something where you have todo something different and new?  Meet Simon Crack.  Simon took a chance on something new to stay ahead of the curve and you won't believe what happened. Along with being a longtime Bluecloud member, Simon has been featured [...]

How To Get Your App Published


How do you get your app published? (scroll to bottom to watch video!) The answer involves getting a publisher for your app or game and discussing some strategies to make it a success. I had an important question recently that I'm going to kick off with: What are your top tips for releasing an app through a [...]


Get your FREE Casino code and follow along as I show you how to create an app. It’s easier than you think, and ANYONE can do this. If you want to develop an app but don’t know where to start, this blog post is for you. We recognized the demand in the market for casino apps early on and were very successful. Actually, a majority of our casino apps are STILL killing it and even on the Top Charts. Get your hands on one of our best source codes and follow along as I walk through how to publish an app.

How Many Downloads Should My App Get?


Want to improve your download numbers? Don't stress, we've got you covered! Learn the strategies Bluecloud Solutions uses to hit top download numbers year after year with both Apple and Android apps. We know how tiring it can be to put all your energy and money into a project only to see a small return - don't let this happen to you! Checkout our killer download methods that work. Learn key analytics, publishing trends, and simple rules to follow to master downloads. We'll introduce you to case studies and help you get your download numbers up!

Venture Capital and Mobile Apps – A Case Study


 "It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle." - Richard M. DeVos First - download the app by clicking this link: When I first moved to San Francisco two years ago, my good buddy (and room mate) Ed was fresh off his [...]

Things to Consider Before Building An App


The best entrepreneurs are usually the ones who are willing to take risks and to take a big leap of faith. They are not hindered by pessimism, instead they thrive on optimism. They perceive challenges to be opportunities for growth and they do not let small problems get in the way of their success. The [...]

App Publishing – Lessons Learned


If you want to be successful, double your rate of failure." - Tom Watson I apologize for my lack of correspondence this past month - I've been going full throttle on developing my first real iPhone game. I decided to do this for two reasons: 1. I love doing it 2. I want to have [...]

iPhone App Publishing – Overview


It will work. I'm a marketing genius. - Paris Hilton Wanted to do a quick post on iPhone app publishing in order to let everyone know that this option is out there. There are hundreds of people putting apps in the store every day and hundreds of people not making any money on their apps. [...]