Check out the first daily news video all about the app business! In this video you'll get the latest on: - App Store trends - ARKit Ideas for B2B - Emoji Day releases and how to use it for market research - Golf Clash App Makes $1.1M in 24 hours - Apple Pay being pushed [...]

How to Make Money With Apps – 50 Easy Ways


You don't need to know how to code to make money with apps.  You can make money right from your couch by simply downloading a few applications. Did you know that people will pay for your grocery receipts? Or that you can make money by simply walking? Yeah, it's true!  Bitwalking is an app that converts your steps into [...]


Do you hate coding? Luckily, you can outsource any task that you do not want to do. This means App Store Optimization, graphic design or any other skill that you don't have, is now available to you. Learn how to outsource this process and hire the right

Things to Consider Before Building An App


The best entrepreneurs are usually the ones who are willing to take risks and to take a big leap of faith. They are not hindered by pessimism, instead they thrive on optimism. They perceive challenges to be opportunities for growth and they do not let small problems get in the way of their success. The [...]

The Challenges of Start-up Apps


Shopping while babysitting, signing off documents while traveling, completing bank transactions while enjoying your pina colada by the beach shore--you can do everything as long as you have the immeasurable power of the Internet. But then again, gone are the days when you have to find a desktop, or a power outlet for your laptop. [...]


A product launch, a new offer, or an enhanced service—every company dedicates a substantial amount of resources and budget for every new product or service that they offer. The company’s marketing arm may be equipped with everything that a traditional marketing plan needs to have. However, today’s market has evolved from using traditional platforms to [...]

How to Make an Exceptional Mobile App


In a world where almost everyone relies on online transactions, where purchases can already be made through online accounts, and where businesses have become more aggressive with their accessibility, there is no excuse for you to not join this marketing bandwagon. More than being a bandwagon, developing mobile apps has become a very effective marketing [...]

Mobile App Marketing Tips


Creating a marketing plan for a new business can be pretty overwhelming. Imagine the toil of going through revisions for a print advertisement, the number of storyboards you have to make for your television advertisements, and the amount of money you need for these placements. A business can not succeed and grow without a solid [...]


Annual budgets, monthly salary, order forms—every entrepreneur faces the dilemma of juggling multiple balls of stress and tasks every single day. It takes a great man or a woman to be able to efficiently run a business, watch out for competitors, think of an effective marketing strategy, devise a new plan to beef up a [...]

DIY App Building Tools

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Who says professionals and developers are the only ones who can create apps? Having an app developed by a team or a developer can be really expensive. If you just want to create an app for fun, or if you want to see if it will work for your small business, you can always research [...]