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Most developers don’t realize the experience they gain from app development can be applied to any business. That’s why apps is such a solid market, because literally ANYONE can do it no matter what his or her background.

Business isn’t something you can learn overnight, or read a book and have it mastered. Business is a practice. It takes time to understand and constantly evolves.

A business needs to provide a good or service to make money too. At Bluecloud we have coders, designers, product managers, data specialists, writers, and marketers all working in harmony to create a service we believe will be beneficial to our community. All these pieces have costs that must be carefully measured in order to estimate a financial return.

The great news for app developers is the low risk involved with developing apps. Companies like Bluecloud now offer templates that developers can purchase affordably and publish at a reasonable cost. By cutting out the need to develop codes from scratch, hundreds of businesses have flourished and reached the capital they need to take their business to the next level.

Checkout the articles below to read how you can improve your mobile business and start dominating.

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You've built an app, but how much is someone willing to pay to acquire it? If you have a really good app, your app's worth is typically equal to 1 year's revenue (App Value = 1 year's revenue). But don't sell yourself (or your app) short. Below are the 3 tips to guarantee a lucrative sale. The first thing [...]


So you've invested thousands of hours and cash into your app idea or project... And the worst possible thing happens - it bombs. Panic sets in and interest levels go to an all-time low. Is your app salvageable? Is it time to give-up? In this post, I'm going to share with you the “psychological framework” I use to make life-changing decisions in my [...]

5 Tips To Get Motivated And Crush 2018


I don’t know about you, but getting back into the groove of things after the holidays isn’t easy. After eating all those delicious foods and relaxing on the couch, it takes some serious mind-power to get your business and life back on track. If you’re looking for motivation to help dominate 2018, look no further. Below [...]

Get Your Best App Customers With QR Codes


What happens when old school marketing and new school marketing collide? The money pours in! In the fast paced app business, we're all looking to stay on top with the latest trends and marketing strategies. But don't sleep on old school marketing.  Things like: Direct mail Flyer handouts Jingles & slogans T-shirts & stickers Just ask Color Switch developer, David Reichelt. [...]

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One of Warren Buffet's most popular pieces of advice to young people: get better habits. Habits lead to results. If you have good habits, you have good results. Great habits = Great results. Simple enough, yes? Not really. Anyone who has tried to create a new habit knows how hard it can be. Once you've [...]

Forex Trading App – App Audit

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In this app audit, we take a look at a Forex Trading app. We look at: - Demographic targeting - Customer avatar - Unique selling proposition - Engagement loops - Driving to subscriptions Download the app here: See ya, Carter TRANSCRIPT Yo, what's up guys? It's Carter in another day of audits. Sweet. I just [...]


After 6 months of development, has released their app which is projected to boost their customer experience and produce revenue. Learn how the app was developed and the 7 steps used to market the app.

Should I get an office?


Should I get an office? (scroll to bottom to watch video!) This question is on the mind of almost every beginning or veteran entrepreneur. It's an important question that should never be taken lightly. But I've got a pretty definitive answer. Why do I come to the office and work, even on Saturdays? To start, having [...]

Putting In The Work – How To Build Your Business


Today's post is going to be a little different (scroll down to watch video). Instead of digging into the latest app development news or offering up tips on ASO and other app store monetization techniques, I wanted to take a moment to give you some recognition... And some motivation to build your business. See, in [...]


Congratulations! If you're this far, that means you've gone through a majority of the sales and marketing process for B2B apps. Now you're going to fulfill your orders and make your customers wildly happy. This is the heart of a truly successful business. It's so easy as marketers to focus on NEW leads and NEW [...]

B2B App Marketing – Always Be Closing – Part 6


Yes - party time. In this post we are going to talk about my favorite part of business - closing the deal. This can also be the hardest and most adrenaline filled stage of the game, so I want to make sure it's easy to understand and formulaic. It honestly is not that bad. And [...]


Now we're getting into the meat of your B2B app business.  If you have just joined us, make sure you start at the first post of this series here. You've done your research, you know your market and you have a product. Now it's time to get some clients! Lead acquisition is the name of [...]

B2B App Marketing – Creating The Product (Part 4 of 9)


By now you're probably starting to think B2B is looking pretty where do you start? You've learned what B2B is all about (part 1), the mindset required to get started (part 2) and how to identify your market (part 3). The next natural step is learning what exactly you should be be building. And selling :) [...]

B2B App Marketing – Identifying Your Market (Part 3)


Now it's time to really get into the meat of how B2B app marketing works. As you're probably starting to realize, B2B is one of the best ways to build a business, especially as it relates to apps. You get fewer, higher quality clients, you get long term revenue, and you'll be able to scale [...]


Welcome back. If you haven't read Part 1 of the B2B app marketing series, I'd recommend starting there. B2B is the one of the best new models in apps right now (because the competition is still catching up). This model also works with small businesses like restaurants, bars, contractors, real estate companies, etc. It's bee around [...]