Photo Frame App Audit – Frame-It PIP


Check out today's app audit! In this video I discuss: - Being clear about your customer - Cleaning up the description - Screenshot improvements - Pricing improvements - Content improvements - Much more! You can check out this app here: See ya! Carter TRANSCRIPT All right, what's going on, everybody? Carter here and we're doing [...]

How To Create A Virtual Reality Game – with Michael Amerson


Interested in learning about virtual reality apps? In this post, I interview Micael Amerson, an experienced game developer with over 7 million downloads on the app store. We talk about the rise of VR, the requirements for developing a VR game, converting existing apps to VR, and why this is such a perfect time for indie developers to jump into this new market. Michael also puts the goggles on to show us a first-person sneak peak of his new virtual reality app (it's pretty dope).


Jason is a Bluecloud member and has over a decade of experience working with digital products. In addition to being featured in Forbes and The New York Times, his app MileBug, has repeatedly hit #1 in the App Store. Learn what has kept Jason around apps and what his plans are next.


Learn the 7 phases to create a top charts emoji app.