Customer Satisfaction


Are you still using dumb-links? What if you could generate one universal link for your app that can do everything hundreds of dumb-links do + a lot more? Introducing Smart-links. "Smart-links" autodetect your user's platform/device and autodetects your user's installed apps so you navigate them to exactly where they need to go. All with one link. [...]


I'm about to head out to Hawaii for our annual Bluecloud Live Event. YES. Before I go, I wanted to share something that's been on my mind. I thought about this on the way to work today and edited this when I got to the office. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we have a responsibility. [...]


Are you reading all your Support emails? Or are you guilty of archiving your customer mail? Customers satisfaction can make or break your apps and mobile business. Support Automation is essential no matter what size your business is. Learn how companies like Bluecloud Solutions handle and automate their support with these easy strategies.

How to Fight Back When iPhone Hackers Attack


Remember your old PC constantly getting infected with viruses? Well, hackers haven't disappeared. They're still out there stronger than ever and the damages they can cause are monstrous!

Creating apps is a lucrative industry, but it takes a lot of work. Don't have your hard work and time sabotaged by a hacker. Here are some tips to keep your devices, customers, and business safe!

Real Talk About Hitting The Wall


I get a ton of email and Facebook messages. Totally cool though, because I ask people to directly respond to me in the follow up series of my newsletter. I do my best to respond. Every once in a while I get one like this. I think it's important to put this kind of thing [...]