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Thanks for checking out the exclusive area of the Bluecloud site. Before you continue - make sure you bookmark this page or write down the URL (you can't get to it anywhere else on the website). When I add anything here, I'll let you know with a link, so never fear if you lose the [...]

$0.51 – This Changes Everything


"In the very beginning, I had this foolish idea in my head that this flood of people would automatically rush to my website, buy my product, and I’d be a millionaire within months. Reality struck when I had a whopping 5 visitors to my site in the first month. At the time, I didn’t understand [...]

iTranslate Decoded – In the Words Of Alex Marktl

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Alexander Marktl is the CEO and co-founder of Sonico Mobile, the team that brought us iTranslate and iTranslate Voice. Alex agreed to give some inside info to the Bluecloud readers. I hope you enjoy! Alex's brother, Gunther, followed me on Twitter and I reached out asking him about the success of  iTranslate Voice. In case [...]