Getting Started with Apps

These 3 Tips Will Explode Your ASO Results In iOS 11


With the new more sophisticated App Store comes new ways to gain exposure to your apps. More than 60% of apps are discovered through app store searches, making ASO the #1 method for app discovery and installs (TechCrunch). If you are just getting started with ASO and wondering: What is App Store Optimization? App Store Optimization [...]

The RIGHT WAY To Get App Reviews, Testers & Feedback


There is a right way and a wrong way to ask someone to test or provide feedback for your app. Learn the 6 steps to get app reviews and how to get your app in someone else's hands before your app is even released.


If you have always thought that creating your first app would be too complicated, then this tutorial is for you. Even if you know absolutely nothing about apps, this post will take you from zero to playing your first customized game. This is exactly how many app entrepreneurs got started and you can use it to take your first step towards publishing your own apps.


Learn the key differences between the Apple Watch and iPhone. The Apple Watch is taking consumers by storm, but functionality is still limited. Don't miss out on the next wave of apps, learn what's different about the Apple Watch and how to develop Apple Watch apps TODAY!


Andrew is a 15 year old App Developer from Utah who has already released coded apps and created his own company. Guy is simply a machine! What does Andrew do when he needs a calculator application to help with his Chemistry homework? He builds one! Andrew is a great inspiration of someone who puts his mind towards something and will knock down walls until it's done. Read his article that talks about what he has already learned as an app developer, the hidden mentality of coders, and why he loves development so much.


Are you wondering why your users are dropping off from your apps? Or why you keep getting negative reviews? Don't make the same mistakes thousands of other have. Make sure you have these User Experience items dialed before . Listen to your users, they are your most valuable resource! Check out this article for more info.

Apple Watch Development Sneak Peeks & Secrets


Apple rewards those who are first. That's why classic apps like Fruit Ninja are still dominating the market. Apple's algorithm takes in consideration an app's history, relevance, and quality.

The Apple Watch has opened up a new market that is going to hit big with new development strategies and unlock tons of revenue. We don't even fully know how this technology works yet. One simple idea could be revolutionary and lead to buckets of money.

The best news is, Apple is pushing developers to create simple 'lightweight' apps. There's no need for intense resources or heavy functionality. This reduces costs and makes updates more affordable as well as other development strategies (skinning?).

If you have some extra money lying around, look into the Apple Watch. Be one of the FIRST developers to create or recognize trends that can be taken advantage of. Already have a successful app? Great! Lets upgrade it to sync with the Apple Watch.

Put your thinking cap on and figure out how to take advantage of this technology!


Sometimes it feels like developers popped out ahead of the game and in the know-how of everything. Not true. It takes years to develop traits needed to be a solid developer. Bluecloud is in a small bucket of companies that knows how to drop the hammer on developing apps, but also know how stressful it can be for beginners. Checkout some of the biggest errors and 'duhs' that some developers are missing. Don't miss out on these deadly traits, they could be game-changers.

Does Your Company Need a Mobile App?


An app is a piece of software that people can download onto their mobile device. This would include either mobile phones or even tablet computers. It allows integration with the device’s features which can include the GPS system or even camera functions. Apps are very popular these days because they can be updated easily to [...]