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4 Things You Need To Know About Facebook’s Latest Update


Facebook's latest update has businesses freaking out. And guess what, YOUR marketing strategy is effected too. The new algorithm change is cleaning house on advertisers that are abusing the platform, and leaving more room for you - the "Good" marketer. Before you spend one more dime on marketing your app or business, learn about the new changes in the Facebook platform and [...]

16 App Landing Page Hacks For Profitable Conversions


Turn web traffic into app downloads with an unstoppable landing page. Unfortunately, most app developers overlook landing pages or create pages that are just plain ugly. But not you! An app page can make a big difference to your app's downloads. On average, website visits account for 20% of app customers from our app network. Don't miss out [...]


Learn how important (and addictive) Facebook Ads are for buying traffic to digital products like apps. This post features Manol Georgiev, an app expert who has managed over $7M in advertising spend to acquire new users. He also runs his own app business with a game portfolio of over 4 million downloads. Included in the post is a link to the Bluecloud podcast interview featuring Carter Thomas and Manol Georgiev.


Now we're getting into the meat of your B2B app business.  If you have just joined us, make sure you start at the first post of this series here. You've done your research, you know your market and you have a product. Now it's time to get some clients! Lead acquisition is the name of [...]

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Are you ignoring your app's descriptions? Descriptions are ASO, it can make the difference between hundreds and thousands of downloads. Make sure you're utilizing everything descriptions have to offer. This article will walk you through how to use descriptions to engage with users, cross-promotions, sales language, support, and much more. You don't want to miss this, start maximizing your apps today!


I just completed a cool mastermind event with some amazing app entrepreneurs. We talked about business, mobile, strategy, and opportunity. Among the hundreds of million dollar ideas, one model stuck out. It's something I have done a few times, but never really thought about. Looking back, I was sitting on a goldmine and never realized [...]