How do you know your app investment will payoff? I wish someone had sat me down 6 years ago and taught me the realities of app development.  The secret recipe to app downloads and the actual revenue I could expect to make from my investment. A simple phone call could have saved me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning [...]


High-level organization and productivity skills are the #1 factors for huge profits and losses. Over the last decade, I've developed thousands of apps, managed million dollar businesses, and found a way to take care of my own health and sanity in the process. Below is my personal regiment for building motivation, focus and discipline + the daily success habits I perform [...]

Putting In The Work – How To Build Your Business


Today's post is going to be a little different (scroll down to watch video). Instead of digging into the latest app development news or offering up tips on ASO and other app store monetization techniques, I wanted to take a moment to give you some recognition... And some motivation to build your business. See, in [...]

Do The Work – Life Lessons And Flight Tickets


Here's an email I got from a Bluecloud student this week: Hello Carter,  My name is Anonymous Student and I recently joined your Bluecloud community. I'll try to keep this story short, but today I traveled from XYZ, to San Francisco to present an App idea to you. I went to the Twitter building first, then galvanized, [...]

10 Epic Books To Read This Year


“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.” - Toni Morrison Ahh, books. When I was a kid I remember doing a summer program where you try to read as many books as you can. You get stars for each book and at [...]


Three days a week, here's what I was doing: Wake up 6am Stretch, coffee, write, wake up Go to gym + exercise Walk to local breakfast spot Get breakfast burrito Walk to office Total time (wake up -> office): 2.5 hours That may seem like a long stretch, but it's how much time it takes me [...]

Theory Of Relativity – What’s Possible In Two Years


Living the App Developer lifestyle

5 Ways To Live Your Life Like A Shutterstock Image


My Secrets to a Happy Life

6 Entrepreneurial Ways To Make Money This Summer


Yo! Yo yo yo yo yo!! No, I am not obsessed with the Yo app, but I probably will be once I download it. In other news, it's summer time! Living's easy! Yes! Right? I remember when I was younger and looking at each summer with both excitement and dread. On the one hand I [...]

How To Defeat Anxiety – The Unofficial Playbook


I met Charlie Hoehn back at the first App Empire event. Super smart guy with a resume that spoke for itself. Impressive to say the least. About a month later I was messing around with the idea of writing a book. For no other reason than his being a great guy who wanted to help, [...]