Mobile App Marketing

App Marketing is crucial for acquiring new users and retaining them. Before people use apps they have to know how to find them.

Finding out where users hangout will helps developers learn about their audience and direct stronger campaigns towards them. Advertising to people on third-party networks like Facebook and Instagram is critical for successful App Marketing and acquiring new users. We can also earn more revenue and increase engagement with users who area already using our apps.

App Marketing also helps boost the user experience. We can market our apps to be masculine/feminine through metadata items like icon, title, keywords, screenshots, and description areas.

There are tons of free ways to market apps. Websites, metadata, and social campaigns or some basic strategies that help drive in users. Once developers are familiar with their users, they can also launch paid campaigns to give an enhanced look at a product and better capture new users.

We’ve written tons of free articles that will help our readers learn more about acquiring new users, engaging current users, push messages, in-app messages, metadeta setup, targeting specific demographics and more.

Checkout Bluecloud Solutions articles below and learn how you can improve your App Marketing and start crushing.
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How To Use Digital Storytelling To Hook Your App Audience

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Sometimes we get so caught-up with the development side of our app projects that we forget to build the most important piece of our business, the buyer-seller relationship. The message you project and relationships you build with your audience will decide whether your app is a success or failure. Over the years, I've talked and worked alongside a [...]

4 Things You Need To Know About Facebook’s Latest Update


Facebook's latest update has businesses freaking out. And guess what, YOUR marketing strategy is effected too. The new algorithm change is cleaning house on advertisers that are abusing the platform, and leaving more room for you - the "Good" marketer. Before you spend one more dime on marketing your app or business, learn about the new changes in the Facebook platform and [...]


How do you find hot trends and the best app opportunities in 2018? Tune in for a live walkthrough of app market research tips using the App Store and other free tools + how to validate your app idea. The first step is to get in the App Store. The App Store will naturally guide you through your market research. Check the [...]

16 App Landing Page Hacks For Profitable Conversions


Turn web traffic into app downloads with an unstoppable landing page. Unfortunately, most app developers overlook landing pages or create pages that are just plain ugly. But not you! An app page can make a big difference to your app's downloads. On average, website visits account for 20% of app customers from our app network. Don't miss out [...]

How To Beat The Facebook Algorithm For Cheaper App Installs


App developers have made MILLIONS advertising on Facebook. But... Are Facebook Ads as effective as they used to be? The short answer is - No. The great news is, you're going to see a major price drop on your campaigns come January 1st once Q4 is over. Keep reading to learn why Facebook Ads are getting more expensive [...]

3 Ways To Increase App Downloads With Search Rankings


Looking to push your app to the Top Charts? Wondering how many downloads you need for your app to hit #1? If you're looking for consistent downloads and revenue, you will be far better served improving your app's Search Rankings than focusing on hitting the Top Charts. Here's why... Browsing the Top Charts to download apps is not as popular [...]

Get Your Best App Customers With QR Codes


What happens when old school marketing and new school marketing collide? The money pours in! In the fast paced app business, we're all looking to stay on top with the latest trends and marketing strategies. But don't sleep on old school marketing.  Things like: Direct mail Flyer handouts Jingles & slogans T-shirts & stickers Just ask Color Switch developer, David Reichelt. [...]


Are you still using dumb-links? What if you could generate one universal link for your app that can do everything hundreds of dumb-links do + a lot more? Introducing Smart-links. "Smart-links" autodetect your user's platform/device and autodetects your user's installed apps so you navigate them to exactly where they need to go. All with one link. [...]


Stop wasting time and money paying for app installs! There are other ways to get traffic and scale your app business. Like... Letting others market your app for free in return for paying them a percentage of all sales made. Who are these magical traffic minions? They're called affiliates. Affiliates are influencers, brands, and everyday people who promote your app [...]


Hi!  My names Mark and I've worked on over 2,500 apps the last 5 years (including the #1 app on the paid App Store). In that time, I've developed a lot of killer apps, but my biggest obstacle has been successfully marketing my apps to get the downloads and revenue they deserve. In the beginning, I relied on ASO for app exposure. Next, I [...]


A lot of you are getting into Facebook advertising for your apps, or you have heard a lot about Facebook advertising for your apps. It’s an incredible way to get traffic and downloads for apps. That’s why people do it. Of all the platforms, it’s by far the most effective, and also has the best [...]

The 3 Step System For Winning Facebook Video Ads


Today, I’d like to share with you a 3-part system that will help you make effective video ads to get cheaper and better installs for your apps. The first 3-5 seconds of the video is crucial. Make the first few seconds pop to get the viewer’s attention. It could be something simple as someone doing [...]

App Market Research – Front End Vs Back End


If you are looking for a profitable app niche, this is where you should start. So many people miss this critical element and end up  wasting a LOT of time and money chasing losing numbers. Are you getting some traction on your paid app but can't seem to get any in-app purchases? Or are you [...]


Today I’m going to talk about the number one reason why most app developers are not getting many downloads. I’ve been getting lots of emails from app developers, the people who’ve built a few apps and are having a hard time getting downloads. It’s clear that there’s one principle that isn’t being widely used yet [...]


A few years ago, all of us relied heavily on the app store for downloads. Paid traffic simply wasn't an option, harnessing the web was impossible to measure. Now we have Facebook Ads and can purchase installs for (literally) pennies on the dollar. Awesome right? Sort of. This solves our customer acquisition costs but failed [...]