Mobile App Marketing

App Marketing is crucial for acquiring new users and retaining them. Before people use apps they have to know how to find them.

Finding out where users hangout will helps developers learn about their audience and direct stronger campaigns towards them. Advertising to people on third-party networks like Facebook and Instagram is critical for successful App Marketing and acquiring new users. We can also earn more revenue and increase engagement with users who area already using our apps.

App Marketing also helps boost the user experience. We can market our apps to be masculine/feminine through metadata items like icon, title, keywords, screenshots, and description areas.

There are tons of free ways to market apps. Websites, metadata, and social campaigns or some basic strategies that help drive in users. Once developers are familiar with their users, they can also launch paid campaigns to give an enhanced look at a product and better capture new users.

We’ve written tons of free articles that will help our readers learn more about acquiring new users, engaging current users, push messages, in-app messages, metadeta setup, targeting specific demographics and more.

Checkout Bluecloud Solutions articles below and learn how you can improve your App Marketing and start crushing.
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Hey guys - here's a new style of post that overviews a topic I've been getting a lot of questions about. Check it out! What's up ladies and gentlemen, this is Carter Thomas and I am doing a blog post video about market research versus keyword research. Now, very quickly, this is not a sales [...]


Learn how important (and addictive) Facebook Ads are for buying traffic to digital products like apps. This post features Manol Georgiev, an app expert who has managed over $7M in advertising spend to acquire new users. He also runs his own app business with a game portfolio of over 4 million downloads. Included in the post is a link to the Bluecloud podcast interview featuring Carter Thomas and Manol Georgiev.

Portrait of a Serial Entrepreneur With Ted Nash


Ted Nash is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs in the app space.  The way he approaches mobile ads, data science, and optimizing monetization to extend the lifetime value of customers, is mind-blowing. Ted is a serial entrepreneur who has been creating online companies from the age of 12. He setup his first online business, under his [...]


If you're going through the trouble of developing apps, of course you want them to be downloaded - that's the whole point, right? If you want your apps to have some traction in the app store, then you need to be aware of app store keyword optimization - generally referred to as ASO (app store [...]

How to Use App Reviews for Market Research


If you're considering developing an app (or if you have an app already), reviews are your bread and butter. Why? Glad you asked! To start, apps with a high review volume are indexed higher on the app store.  Meaning, the more reviews your app gets -> the greater the exposure. The second reason reviews are so vital, is because they will tell [...]

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85% of people aged 18 to 24 own a smartphone. They have money, they have phones, and they spend over 37 hours a month using apps. What else could a developer ask for?!?!? Check out these 5 tips to learn how to capture the BIGGEST mobile audience.


iOS 9 will bring more ASO opportunities (and complications) for app developers. In this post, learn about how the new APIs work, why they are beneficial and who they will benefit. If you have a content-based app, you need to understand how the new search functions work, or you will miss out on a ton of organic traffic.

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When you are building an app as an indie developer, understanding where you should focus your energy can be very confusing. It helps to see what successful development studios are doing and borrow a few pages out of their playbook. That is where this interview with my buddy JP Sanday comes in. Learn how he first got started in mobile, how he buys mobile app traffic and what he would do if he was starting from zero. This interview is full of real-world lessons and reveals strategies that you can implement right now.

Scaling An App Business: Are You Philz or Starbucks?


On my way to work, I saw this: Philz Coffee. They are a regional California company and are known for having delicious blends and pour over style service. They focus on customization and experience.  Here's a closeup of the line outside of Philz: That line would be approximately 12-15 minutes wait time. It's about 9am on [...]


Increase your app business knowledge while you are at the gym, in your car or hanging out at the beach. These top app podcasts will give you valuable insights into how to market apps, how to outsource work and what is working in the industry right now.


Tired of waiting 5 days for your shiny new app icon to appear on the iOS App Store? We feel ya. The approval process makes it almost impossible to get accurate split testing data on which app icon is the most effective. These A/B testing platforms can help you optimize your app's meta data and creatives. An app icon is one of the biggest reasons that people download your app...don't leave it to chance.

App Store Optimization Tips – 15 ASO Case Studies


When it comes to App Store Optimization (ASO), app developers will say one of three things: 1) I tried it and it doesn't work. 2) Does it really work? 3) Of course it works! If you are in the first two categories, this post is for you. It will give you 15 case studies that show you that ASO totally works. But only if you do these things...


Ever wonder how app developers make six figures a year? This post will show you exactly how we did it and the process that we went through to get there. We broke down our success in to 9 steps that you can follow to improve your chances of creating the income that you want.

20 ASO Examples for App Developers


Let the WORLD see your app by increasing your downloads with ASO. Follow these simple 20 strategies to compete with the best and make more money with your apps. Tired of bad revenue and download numbers? Put a stop to it TODAY! Seriously, read this blog so you can start showing everyone how cool your app really is.


Facebook ads help exponentially increase downloads and revenue, and hardly anyone is taking advantage of these services! This is EXTREMELY easy to do. Anyone can do it.

This post walks through everything you need to know step by step. From adding Facebook's SDK, creating app on Facebook, I've even provided an email template you can use to send to your developer.

Facebook ads offers tons of services besides just cranking out more users and revenue. For example, use Facebook to get a ton of traffic to test an app and get data quickly. This helps if you're soft launching a product or just looking for more data than the organic users are providing.

Take the initiative and start using Facebook ads today! No more reading and research, go out and do it!