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15 Essential Resources: How to Make Graphics for Games


You don't need to know how to do graphic design to make an app. Here is an extensive list of graphics resources for your next app project. Get stock images, icons, handy online tools and places to find designers to do it for you. But if you still insist on doing everything yourself, we also provide educational resources that will help you learn graphic design.


If you have always thought that creating your first app would be too complicated, then this tutorial is for you. Even if you know absolutely nothing about apps, this post will take you from zero to playing your first customized game. This is exactly how many app entrepreneurs got started and you can use it to take your first step towards publishing your own apps.


Learn the key differences between the Apple Watch and iPhone. The Apple Watch is taking consumers by storm, but functionality is still limited. Don't miss out on the next wave of apps, learn what's different about the Apple Watch and how to develop Apple Watch apps TODAY!


Bluecloud has developed hundreds of games and made a chunk of change in the process. New technologies have erupted along with development strategies that can make or break your game. Think the games market is too competitive? Don't be put off by the number of games and competitors in the gaming market. There's a reason why developers continue to pour into the gaming sector. Smartphones, marketing companies, and ad networks are hotter than ever and paying out billions of dollars a year to developers.
More and more indie developers are stepping up to the plate and making it hard for powerhouses like Clash of Clans to own the market. Think you've got your games on lockdown? Read to learn about breaking technologies, development strategies, and tools that are essential for your games to hit the Top Charts.


It's been a while since I've given away free stuff. We can't have that, can we? The other day I released this new source code that kills it with these gold coin Chartboost frames that I've been using on my casino games. With some of the support emails, a handful of people emailed me asking if [...]

Analyzing the Free-To-Play Market


Do Consumers Prefer Games That Are Free? Research shows that at the end of last year, there were approximately 6.8 billion mobile subscribers all around the world. Of this 6.8 billion, at least 1.2 billion were subscribed to mobile applications. In fact, analysts are estimating that this number will grow to 4.4 billion mobile app [...]

The Free-To-Play vs. Paid App Debate


Is it Better to Make Apps People Driven or Revenue Driven?  The Experts Debate. Mobile usage is widely available in the entire world. Research shows that there were 6.8 billion mobile subscribers in the world as of December 2012. That is a huge figure considering that there were only 5.4 billion mobile subscribers in 2010 [...]


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve surely heard at one point or another mention of games like World of Warcraft, Dota or League of Legends, and other games that allow gamers to play online with their friends. Games like these used to charge for a monthly subscription, but recently developers have come across [...]

Why is Freemium So Powerful?

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These days there are a lot of apps, games or programs being offered free of charge.  They are easy to download and easy to use, in all likelihood you already have some in your smartphone, android, iPad or any mobile electronic device you own. As these apps are free you would not expect that some [...]

How Much Do Ads Pay On Apps – Free vs Paid Apps


This is the first question that most people ask when they are developing their first app. Getting a little cash upfront can be very appealing, but is it really the best way to make the most money from an app? In this post, I will show you exactly what I'm seeing and why a paid app probably isn't the way to go.